Places that are approx. 5 km away from Altmärkische Höhe (object_153505)

name type GOV-Id
Boock settlement BOOOCKJO52SS
Boock filial church BOOOC1JO52SS
Hagenauer Mühle settlement HAGHLEJO52SS
Hagenau filial church HAGNA1JO52SS
Rathsleben settlement RATBENJO52SU
Rathsleben filial church RATBE1JO52SU
Kossebauer Ziegelei settlement KOSLEIJO52ST
Kossebau settlement KOSBAUJO52ST
Kossebau church object_160939
Gladigau settlement GLAGAUJO52SS
Gladigau church object_160944
Neue Welt settlement NEUELTJO52ST
Einwinkel filial church EINKE1JO52ST
Einwinkel settlement EINKELJO52ST
Einwinkel manor (building) EINKE2JO52ST
Ziegelei settlement ZIELEIJO52TT
Schmersau settlement SCHSAUJO52TS
Lückstedt filial church LUCED1JO52TT
Lückstedt settlement LUCEDTJO52TT
Schmersau church object_160927
Orpensdorf filial church ORPORFJO52TS
Orpensdorf settlement ORPORF_O3541
Orpensdorf manor (building) ORPOR1JO52TS
Wohlenberg settlement WOHERGJO52TT
Wohlenberg filial church WOHER1JO52TT
Dewitz filial church DEWIT1JO52TU
Dewitz settlement DEWITZJO52TU
Geldberg settlement GELERGJO52TS
Bretsch manor (building) BRESC1JO52TU
Bretsch church object_160429
Bretsch settlement BRESCHJO52TU
Stapel settlement STAPELJO52TT
Stapel filial church STAPE1JO52TT
Rönnebeck manor (building) RONEC2JO52TS
Klein Rossau settlement ROSSAUJO52TS
Rönnebeck filial church RONEC1JO52TS
Klein-Rossau filial church KLESAUJO52TS
Groß Rossau settlement ROSSAUJO52TT
Rönnebeck settlement RONECKJO52TS
Groß-Rossau church object_160950
Vorwerk Altenhof settlement ALTHOFJO52TT
Flessau settlement FLESAUJO52US
Flessau church object_160942
Röthenberg part of place ROTERG_O3541
Schliecksdorf settlement SCHORFJO52UT
Schliecksdorf filial church SCHOR1JO52UT
Krevese manor (building) KREES1JO52UT
Dequede church DEQED1JO52UU
Dequede settlement DEQEDEJO52UU
Storbeck settlement STOECKJO52US
Krevese/Klosterkirche church object_160934
Storbeck church object_160938
Krevese settlement KREESEJO52UT
Billerbeck settlement BILECKJO52US
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