Places that are approx. 5 km away from Hügelland/Täler (object_153758)

name type GOV-Id
Obergneus municipality part of place OBEEUSJO50UU
Rausdorf municipality RAUORFJO50UU
Untergneus municipality part of place UNTEUSJO50UU
Trockenborn village TROORN_O6541
Trockenborn/St.Marien church object_183252
Rothehofsmühle settlement ROTHLE_O6541
Wolfersdorf part of place TROORNJO50US
Geisenhain municipality GEIAINJO50UU
Stanauer Mühle building STAHLE_O6711
Meusebach municipality MEUACH_O6541
Tröbnitz part of place TROITZJO50UU
Roda, Stadtroda town STAODAJO50UU
Tröbnitz church object_183500
Breitenhainer Mühle settlement BREHLE_O6711
Stanau municipality STANAUJO50US
Waltersdorf municipality WALORFJO50VU
Tissa municipality TISSSA_O6540
Tälermühle settlement TALHLE_O6541
Ulrichswalde municipality part of place ULRLDE_O6540
Weihertalmühle settlement WEIHLE_O6540
Quirla municipality QUIRLAJO50VU
Bremsnitz municipality BREITZJO50VT
Rattelsdorf municipality RATORFJO50VT
Möckern municipality MOCERNJO50VU
Erdmannsdorf municipality part of place ERDORFJO50VT
Patschmühle settlement PATHLE_O6541
Weißbach municipality WEIACHJO50VT
Pillingsdorf part of place PILOR1JO50VS
Pillingsdorf church object_182918
Karlsdorf church object_183258
Karlsdorf municipality KARORFJO50VT
Lippersdorf municipality part of place LIPORF_O6541
Ölsnitzmühle settlement OLSHLE_O6541
Burkersdorf municipality part of place BURORFJO50VS
Ottendorf municipality OTTORFJO50VU
Ottendorf church object_183242
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