Places that are approx. 5 km away from Buckow (object_165068)

name type GOV-Id
Ahrensdorf church object_165065
Friedhof Ahrensdorf cemetery FRIORFJO72AE
Ahrensdorf village part of place AHRORFJO72AE
Friedhof Glienicke cemetery FRICKEJO72BF
Glienicke village part of place GLICK1JO72BF
Lindenberg Grundmühle mill LINHLE_O1231
Glienicke church object_165059
Friedhof Premsdorf cemetery FRIORFJO72BD
Görsdorf b. Beeskow village part of place GORKOWJO72BD
Görsdorf b. Beeskow church GORKO1JO72BD
Premsdorf settlement part of place settlement PREORFJO72BD
Mühle beim Dorfe settlement MUHRFEJO72BF
Kirchhof Wulfersdorf cemetery KIROR1JO72BD
Wulfersdorf church WULOR1JO72BD
Wulfersdorf village part of place village part of place settlement WULOR2JO72BD
Lindenberg village part of place LINER1JO72BE
Kirchhof Herzberg cemetery KIRERGJO72BF
Kirchhof Lindenberg cemetery KIRERGJO72BE
Lindenberg church LINER2JO72BE
Mühle auf dem Berge settlement MUHRGEJO72BF
Herzberg church HERER1JO72BF
Herzberg village part of place HERER2JO72BF
Lindenberg Observatorium building LINIUMJO72BF
Neue Herrlichkeit settlement NEUEITJO72BE
Falkenberg village part of place FALERGJO72BD
Friedhof Falkenberg cemetery FRIERGJO72BD
Rietzer Grenze settlement RIENZEJO72BF
Tauche church object_165057
Kirchhof Tauche cemetery KIRCHEJO72BD
Buckow church object_165069
Georgshöhe settlement GEOOHEJO72BE
Kirchhof Buckow cemetery KIRKOWJO72BE
Tauche village part of place TAUCH1JO72BD
Buckow village part of place BUCKOWJO72BE
Vowerk Buckow Vorwerk VOWKOWJO72CE
Rietz-Neuendorf place settlement part of place Gemeindeteil NEUORFJO72CF
Bornower Ausbau Vorwerk BORBAU_O1230
Klein Rietz settlement part of place settlement part of place settlement KLEETZJO72CF
Friedhof Birkholz (Rietz-Neuendorf) cemetery FRIORFJO72CE
Birkholz church BIROL2JO72CE
Bornow church BORNO1JO72CE
Kirchhof Bornow cemetery KIRNOWJO72CE
Birkholz village part of place BIROL1JO72CE
Bornow village part of place BORNOWJO72CE
Friedhof Kohlsdorf cemetery FRIORFJO72CD
Kohlsdorf village part of place KOHOR1JO72CD
Kirchhof Groß Rietz cemetery KIRETZJO72CF
Groß Rietz church object_165071
Groß Rietz village part of place GROETZJO72CF
Kummerow village part of place KUMRO1JO72CD
Vorheide Vorwerk VORIDEJO72CE
Kolonie Vorheide settlement KOLIDEJO72CE
Weinberge settlement WEIRGEJO72CE
Friedhof Beeskow cemetery FRIKOWJO72CE
Neuendorf b. Beeskow, Neuendorf village part of place NEUKOWJO72CE
Beeskow (Heilig Geist) church BEEISTJO72CE
Friedhof Neuendorf cemetery FRIOR1JO72CE
Charlottenhof settlement CHAHOFJO72CE
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