Places that are approx. 5 km away from Ober-Ramstadt (object_168003)

name type GOV-Id
Frankenstein castle FRAEIN_W6101
Nieder-Beerbach church object_167994
Nieder-Beerbach place NIEACHJN49IS
In der Mordach place object_281349
Traisa place TRAIS1JN49IU
Mühltal municipality MUHTALJN49IT
Dippelshof part of place DIPHOFJN49IT
Nieder-Ramstadt church object_167992
Nieder-Ramstadt place NIEAD1JN49IT
Waschenbach place WASACHJN49IT
Frankenhausen place FRASE1JN49IS
Nieder-Modau place NIEDAUJN49IT
St. Pankratius (Nieder-Modau) church STPDAUJN49IS
Niedermodau church object_167998
Ober-Modau place OBEDA1JN49IS
Ober-Ramstadt church object_168004
Roßdorf place ROSOR1JN49JU
Ober-Ramstadt place OBEADTJN49JT
Roßdorf church object_168006
Rohrbach place part of place ROHACHJN49JT
Hahn place object_281344
Wembach place part of place WEMACHJN49JT
Zeilhard place ZEIARD_W6101
Rodau place RODDA1JN49JS
Stetteritz part of place STEITZ_W6101
Dilshofen settlement DILFEN_W6101
Georgenhausen church object_168444
Georgenhausen place GEOSE1JN49JU
Groß-Bieberau town GRORAUJN49JT
Spachbrücken place SPAKENJN49JU
Spachbrücken church object_168456
Reinheim town REIEIMJN49JT
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