Places that are approx. 5 km away from Pampow (object_169931)

name type GOV-Id
Mühlenbecker Bauern settlement MUHERNJO53PM
Sudenmühle settlement SUDOPMJO53PM
Kothendorf municipality part of place KOTORFJO53PN
Stralendorf Hof Gutsbezirk part of place STRHOFJO53PN
Dorfkirche/Stralendorf church object_169916
Stralendorf Dorf municipality part of place STROR1JO53PN
Dorfkirche/Warsow church object_169870
Warsow municipality part of place WARSO1JO53PM
Rogahn Ausbau settlement ROGBAUJO53PO
Groß Rogahn Hof Gutsbezirk part of place GROHOFJO53PO
Groß Rogahn municipality part of place ROGAHNJO53PO
Lehmkuhlen municipality part of place LEHLENJO53PM
Pampow Schlingen settlement PAMGENJO53QN
Pampow Ausbau settlement PAMBAUJO53QN
Hof Pampow municipality settlement HOFPOWJO53QN
Klein Rogahn municipality part of place KLEAHNJO53QO
Holthusen municipality part of place HOLSENJO53QM
Dorfkapelle/Holthusen church object_169932
Ev. Kirche/Pampow church object_169890
Pampow part of place PAMPO1JO53QN
Bahnhof Holthusen part of place BAHSE1JO53QN
Fasanenhof settlement FASHOFJO53QO
Bahnhof Holthusen part of place BAHSENJO53QN
Schwerin Süd place SCHRINJO53QN
Görries part of place GORIESJO53QO
Neu Pampow settlement NEUPOWJO53QN
Buchholz part of place BUCOLZJO53QN
Wüstmark part of place WUSARK_O2750
Boldela municipality part of place BOLELAJO53QM
Krebsförden Neubau place KREBAU_O2750
Krebs-Förden, Krebsförden municipality part of place KREORF_O2750
Göhren manor (building) GOHRENJO53QO
Ostorf municipality part of place OSTORFJO53QO
Gartenstadt settlement GARADTJO53RO
Neue Gartenstadt settlement NEUADTJO53RO
Haselholz settlement HASOLZJO53RO
Großer Dreesch part of place GROSCH_O2750
Stern place STEERNJO53RN
Göhrener Tannen settlement GOHNENJO53RN
Stern Buchholz settlement STEOLZ_O2750
Neu Zippendorf part of place ZIPORF_O2750
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