Places that are approx. 5 km away from Plattenburg (object_293401)

name type GOV-Id
Ponitz part of place Gemeindeteil PONITZ_O2911
Sigrön Gemeindeteil SIGRON_O2901
Arnoldsruh settlement ARNRUHJO52XW
Haaren, Vorwerk Haaren Vorwerk part of place Gemeindeteil HAAREN_O2901
Plattenburg Forsthaus forester's house PLAAUS_O2901
Grube village part of place GRUUB1JO62AX
Grube church GRUUB2JO62AX
Groß Werzin village part of place Gemeindeteil GROZI1JO63AA
Groß Werzin church GROZINJO63AA
Viesecke church object_166457
Viesecke village part of place VIECK1JO63AA
Plattenburg part of place Gemeindeteil PLAURG_O2901
Klein Welle settlement part of place settlement KLELL1JO63AA
Kletzke church object_166477
Kletzke village part of place KLEZK1JO62AX
Groß Leppin church object_165831
Groß Leppin village part of place Gemeindeteil GROPINJO62AW
Zernikow part of place Gemeindeteil ZERKOWJO62BX
Groß Welle church object_165839
Groß Welle village part of place GROLLEJO63BA
Neu Schrepkow settlement Gemeindeteil NEUKOW_O1901
Welle-Kurier settlement WELIERJO63BA
Klein Leppin settlement part of place Gemeindeteil LEPPINJO62BW
Schrepkow village part of place SCHKO1JO62BX
Schrepkow church object_166619
Friedhof Schrepkow cemetery FRIKOWJO62BX
Kunow village part of place KUNNO1JO62BX
Kunow church KUNNO2JO62BX
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