Places that are approx. 5 km away from Stavenhagen (object_307648)

name type GOV-Id
Reutershof settlement REUHOFJO63KQ
Kittendorf village KITOR1JO63KO
Dorfkirche/Kittendorf church object_169586
Jürgenstorf village JURORFJO63KP
Dorfkirche/Jürgenstorf church DORORFJO63KP
Neu Jürgenstorf settlement NEUORFJO63KQ
Neu Bredenfelde settlement NEULDEJO63LO
Stavenhof municipality settlement STAHOF_O2044
Oevelgünde part of place OEVNDE_O2041
Krummsee municipality part of place KRUSEE_O2041
Bremsenkrug settlement BRERUGJO63LP
Sülten municipality part of place SULTENJO63LP
Dorfkirche/Sülten church DORTENJO63LP
Dorfkirche/Bredenfelde church EVKLDEJO63LO
Bredenfelde municipality BRELDEJO63LO
Bredenfelde Ausbau settlement BREBAUJO63LO
Sülten Hof municipality part of place SULHOFJO63LP
Dorfkirche/Ritzerow church DORROWJO63LP
Ritzerow municipality part of place RITROWJO63LP
Glashütte settlement GLATTEJO63LQ
Wackerow municipality part of place WACROWJO63LQ
Karlshof part of place KARHOF_O2021
Briggow municipality part of place BRIGO1JO63LO
Ev. Kirche/Briggow church EVKGOWJO63LO
Eierhof settlement EIEHOFJO63LQ
Briggow Abbaue settlement BRIAUEJO63LP
Tarnower Mühle settlement TARHLEJO63MP
Ev Kapelle/Galenbeck church EVKECKJO63MP
Galenbeck municipality part of place GALECKJO63MP
Grischow part of place GRIHOWJO63MQ
Tarnow municipality part of place TARNOWJO63MO
Dorfkirche/Tarnow church DORNOWJO63MO
Goddin part of place GODDINJO63MQ
Ev Kapelle/Goddin chapel EVKDINJO63MP
Rosenow municipality part of place ROSNO1JO63MP
Rosenow church ROSNO2JO63MP
Siedlung Kleeth settlement SIEETHJO63MO
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