Places that are approx. 5 km away from Strelitz (object_333747)

name type GOV-Id
Broda Ausbau settlement BROBAUJO63ON
Lindmannshof settlement LINHOFJO63ON
Brodaer Höhe settlement BROOHEJO63ON
Broda Weitiner Straße settlement BROSSEJO63ON
Lebbin part of place LEBBI1JO63OO
Woggersin municipality WOGSINJO63OO
Ulhof settlement ULHHOFJO63OP
Broda municipality part of place settlement object_282181
Woggersin church WOGSI1JO63OO
Belvedere place BELEREJO63ON
Neukrug settlement NEURUGJO63ON
Hopfenburg settlement HOPURGJO63ON
Am Oberbach settlement object_282229
Klöterpottsweg part of town object_282237
Jahnviertel settlement object_282230
Kulturpark part of town object_282247
Neubrandenburg town NEUURGJO63PN
Neubrandenburg /Marienkirche church object_169988
Reitbahnweg settlement object_282236
Am Bahnhof settlement AMBHOFJO63PP
Brauereiviertel settlement object_282232
Eschengrund settlement object_282233
Katharinenviertel borough KATTEL_O2000
Eschenhof settlement ESCHOFJO63PO
Podewall municipality part of place PODALL_O2001
Ihlenfelder Vorstadt settlement object_282240
Datzeberg settlement object_282231
Hellfeld settlement HELELDJO63PO
Papiermühle abandoned place PAPHLEJO63PM
Warliner Straße part of town object_282239
Trollenhagen municipality part of place TROGENJO63PO
Industriegelände part of town object_282241
Oststadt settlement object_282243
Trollenhagen Süd settlement TROSUDJO63PO
Kruses Hof place KRUHO1JO63PN
Buchhof municipality part of place BUCHOFJO63PO
Monckeshof settlement MONHOFJO63PO
Burgholz part of town object_282242
Fritscheshof settlement object_282244
Küssow municipality settlement object_282183
Ihlenfeld municipality part of place IHLELDJO63QO
Neverin municipality part of place NEVRI1JO63QO
Glocksin municipality part of place municipality part of place GLOSINJO63QO
Bahnhof settlement BAHHOFJO63QO
Sponholz municipality part of place SPOOLZJO63QN
Neuenkirchen church object_169966
Neuenkirchen municipality part of place NEUHE1JO63QO
Ausbau settlement AUSBAUJO63QN
Sponholzer Mühle settlement SPOHLEJO63QN
Magdalenenhöh part of place MAGHOH_O2001
Ausbau settlement AUSBAUJO63QO
Warlin municipality part of place WARLINJO63QN
Warlin church object_169944
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