Places that are approx. 5 km away from Рижская губерния, Riga Gouvernement, Лифляндская губерния, Livländisches Gouevernement (object_333857)

name type GOV-Id
Polli place POLLLIKO28SC
Õisu place ISUISUKO28SE
Tiri part of place TIRIRIKO28SD
Pärsi place PARRSIKO28SD
Kalvre place KALVREKO28SE
Musta place MUSSTAKO28SE
Oti place OTIOTIKO28TD
Kadrina part of place KADINAKO28TD
Kaali part of place KAAALIKO28TD
Morna place MORRNAKO28TD
Muri place MURURIKO28TE
Hirmuküla place HIRULAKO28TD
Kulli part of place KULLLIKO28TD
Suuga place SUUUGAKO28TE
Liivaku part of place LIIAKUKO28TD
Paluküla part of place PALULAKO28TE
Tuhalaane place TUHANEKO28TE
Pali part of place PALALIKO28TE
Soldati part of place SOLATIKO28UE
Orjatu part of place ORJATUKO28UE
Pahuvere place PAHEREKO28UE
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