Places that are approx. 5 km away from Erbach (object_406913)

name type GOV-Id
Steinbach place STEAC1JN49JP
Krumbach place KRUAC1JN49JP
Kröckelbach place KROAC1JN49JP
Gumpen, Groß-Gumpen part of place GROPENJN49JQ
Brombach place BROAC1JN49JP
Klein-Gumpen part of place KLEPENJN49JQ
Hammelbach church object_169288
Ober-Ostern part of place OBEERNJN49KQ
Hammelbach place HAMAC1JN49JP
Hammelbach (Hl. Familie und Hl. Walburga) Pfarrkuratie object_211782
Weschnitz place WESIT1JN49KP
Bockenrod part of place BOCRODJN49KQ
Frohnhofen part of place FROFENJN49KQ
Unter-Ostern part of place UNTERNJN49KQ
Gras-Ellenbach place GRAAC1JN49KP
Erzbach part of place ERZACHJN49KQ
Hiltersklingen part of place HILGE2JN49KP
Ober-Hiltersklingen place HILGENJN49KP
Rohrbach part of place ROHACHJN49KQ
Unter-Mossau part of place UNTSAUJN49LP
Ober-Mossau part of place OBESAUJN49LQ
Mossautal municipality MOSTALJN49LP
Elsbach part of town ELSACHJN49LP
Steinbuch part of town STEUCHJN49LQ
Rehbach part of town REHACHJN49LQ
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