Андрушівка, Andruschewka, Andruszówka, Андрушевка, Андрушовка, Andruschowka


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GOV id http://gov.genealogy.net/ANDWKAKN49LU
  • Андрушівка (ukr)
  • Andruschewka (deu)
  • Andruszówka (pol)
  • Андрушевка (rus)
  • Андрушовка (rus) (1906)
  • Andruschowka (deu) (1906)
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Geographic Position
  • 50.0167°N 29.0167°E


Die Stadt Andruschewka hat die Bedeutung eines Rayons.

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 political administration

Superordinate objects

Superordinate objects

name Timespan type Source
Stadtrat Andruschewka, Андрушівська м.-р. gorsoviet Source Stand 1.6.2017
Wolost Andruschowka, Андрушовская волость (1906) Volost Source
Житомирская область, Житомирська область, Obwód żytomierski, Oblast Schitomir oblast Source Stand 1.6.2017

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	 TEXT: Die Stadt Andruschewka hat die Bedeutung eines Rayons. :TEXT,
	has 1795 population 1058 says source_301432,
	has 1798 population 1046 says source_301432,
	has 1850 population 1367 says source_301432,
	has 1864 population 1417 says source_301432,
	has 1888 population 2132 says source_301432,
	has 1899 population 2180 says source_301432,
	has 1906 name (in deu) Andruschowka,
	has 1906 name (in rus) Андрушовка,
	has 1906 population 2705 says source_390660,
	has 1911 population 2359 says source_301432,
	has 1941 population 5243 says source_301432,
	has 1970 population 10000 says source_301432,
	has 1979 population 12235 says source_301432,
	has 1989 population 12830 says source_301432,
	has 2001 population 12900 says source_301432,
	has 2006 population 9700 says source_301432,
	has from 1991 postal code UA-13400..13405 says source_301456,
	has name (in deu) Andruschewka,
	has name (in pol) Andruszówka,
	has name (in rus) Андрушевка,
	has name (in ukr) Андрушівка,
	is 1906 part of object_393857 says source_390660,
	is from 1683 until 1859 (in deu) Ort says source_301432,
	is from 1859 until 1937 (in deu) Flecken (Siedlung) says source_390660,
	is from 1938 until 1974 (in deu) Siedlung städtischen Typs says source_301432,
	is from 1975 (in deu) Stadt (Siedlung) says source_390583,
	is part of object_1143531 says source_390583 (Stand 1.6.2017),
	is part of object_278485 says source_390583 (Stand 1.6.2017),
	located at 50.0167°N 29.0167°O;
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