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GOV id http://gov.genealogy.net/OCHRUPJO32OF
  • Ochtrup (deu)
  • Stadt
postal code
  • W4434 (- 1993-06-30)
  • 48607 (1993-07-01 -)
web page
municipal id
  • 05566068
external id
Article about this place in the genealogy.net wiki
Geographic Position
  • 52.1984°N 7.181°E calculated center position of the place
  • Number of the German 1:25,000 map sheet: 3809
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Superordinate objects


 political administration

Superordinate objects

Superordinate objects

name Timespan type Source
Steinfurt (1969 - 1975) rural county
Steinfurt (1975 -) county

Subordinate objects

name type GOV-Id Timespan
Helker place HELKERJO32OE
Heuing place HEUINGJO32NF
Hewing place HEWINGJO32NE
Heying place HEYINGJO32NE
Hillen place HILLENJO32NF
Jordan place JORDANJO32OE
Krumme place KRUMMEJO32OE
Tillmann place TILANNJO32NF
Möllenkotte place MOLTTEJO32NF
Feldevert place FELERTJO32OF
Volbert place VOLERTJO32NE
Hüging place HUGINGJO32PE
Janning-Grotegerd place JANERDJO32NF
Woltering part of place WOLINGJO32PE
Schwering place SCHIN2JO32OE
Pliete place PLIETEJO32NE
Löcker place LOCKERJO32OE
Lücker place LUCKERJO32NE
Schultejann place SCHANNJO32NE
Rausse place RAUSSEJO32OE
Roters place ROTERSJO32OE
Elingmann-Kauling place ELIINGJO32OE
Möhring part of place MOHINGJO32OF
Möllers place MOLERSJO32NE
Selker place SELKERJO32OE
Heufert place HEUERTJO32NE
Hülsken place HULKENJO32NE
Uphoff place UPHOFFJO32OE
Bültbrune place BULUNEJO32NE
Schulze Iking place SCHINGJO32OE
Schultealbert place SCHER2JO32NE
Hillers place HILERSJO32NG
Wolter place WOLTERJO32OF
Speckblanke place SPENKEJO32NF
Sünker place SUNKERJO32OF
Schulze Elshoff place SCHOF3JO32OE
Wiggenhorn place WIGORNJO32OF
Merselt place MERELTJO32OE
Alte-Holtmann place ALTANNJO32NG
Ostkotte place OSTTTEJO32OG
Follenbröcker place FOLKERJO32OE
Rottmann-Hannekotte place ROTTTEJO32NE
Mieling place MIEINGJO32NF
Wessendorf place WESORFJO32NE
Renkert place RENERTJO32PE
Homölle place HOMLLEJO32OG
Schlattmann place SCHANNJO32PE
Waldhof place WALHOFJO32OE
Zürich place ZURICHJO32NE
Gauxmann place GAUANNJO32NE
Feldschulten place FELTENJO32NE
Rickert place RICERTJO32OE
Oelerich place OELICHJO32NG
Mohring place MOHINGJO32PE
Wesbuer place WESUERJO32NG
Wessels place WESELSJO32PE
Wieling place WIEINGJO32OE
Rohling place ROHINGJO32NE
Stegemann place STEANNJO32OE
Nienkötter part of place NIETERJO32OF
Ruhkamp place RUHAMPJO32OF
Demandt place DEMNDTJO32NE
Reinermann place REIANNJO32NE
Schulze Althoff place SCHOFFJO32OE
Schulze Bilk place SCHILKJO32PE
Hölscher place HOLHERJO32NG
Uhlenkotte place UHLTTEJO32OG
Wittmund place WITUNDJO32NG
Lambertimark place LAMARKJO32NE
Wesbur-Helling place WESINGJO32OE
Steingrove place STEOVEJO32OE
Schwartkotte Bügener place SCHNERJO32OE
Holtevert place HOLERTJO32PE
Ostkotte-Rabbert place OSTERTJO32OE
Langenhorst municipality part of town LANRSTJO32OE (1969 -)
Brüggenkamp place BRUAMPJO32OE
Herbening place HERINGJO32OF
Wellmann place WELANNJO32NE
Lastering place LASINGJO32OE
Schulte Albert place SCHERTJO32NE
Brinkmann place BRIANNJO32OE
Hannekotte place HANTTEJO32NF
Janning place JANINGJO32PE
Hagemann place HAGANNJO32PE
Stücker place STUKERJO32NF
Eithoff place EITOFFJO32PE
Brüffer-Leuster place BRUTERJO32NE
Lohlammert place LOHER2JO32NE
Roß place ROSROSJO32OF
Arns place ARNRNSJO32NF
Hils place HILILSJO32OE
Kock place KOCOCKJO32OE
Pohl place POHOHLJO32PE
Post place POSOSTJO32NG
Rolf place ROLOLFJO32OE
Ochtrup municipality part of town OCHRU1JO32OF (1969 -)
Rottmann place ROTANNJO32OF
Köllmann place KOLANNJO32NE
Dirks part of place DIRRKSJO32OF
Dolle place DOLLLEJO32OE
Ermke place ERMMKEJO32OG
Evers place EVEERSJO32OE
Focke place FOCCKEJO32PE
Feldhues place FELUESJO32NE
Hörst place HORRSTJO32NE
Meier place MEIIERJO32NE
Mense place MENNSEJO32OE
Patte place PATTTEJO32OE
Lütke place LUTTKEJO32OF
Elfering place ELFINGJO32PE
Sahle place SAHHLEJO32NE
Tewes place TEWWESJO32NE
Wiers place WIEERSJO32NE
Wigge place WIGGGEJO32OF
Nagelsmann place NAGANNJO32PE
Kappelhoff place KAPOFFJO32PE
Lindemann place LINANNJO32OE
Dinkhoff place DINOFFJO32OF
Kockmann place KOCANNJO32OE
Brinkschmidt place BRIIDTJO32PE
Schulte Sutrum place SCHRUMJO32PE
Nadicksbernd place NADRNDJO32NG
Ewering place EWEINGJO32PE
Ostendorf place OSTORFJO32NE
Ostendorp place OSTORPJO32NE
Schwartbeck place SCHECKJO32OE
Pröbsting part of place PROINGJO32PE
Thörner place THONERJO32OE
Grotegerd place GROERDJO32NE
Bründermann place BRUANNJO32NF
Grüter-Herding place GRUINGJO32OE
Laurenz, Gut Laurenz place LAUENZJO32OE
Vollenbröker place VOLKERJO32OE
Schulze Elfringhoff place SCHOFFJO32NE
Kauling place KAUINGJO32PE
Bierbaum place BIEAUMJO32OF
Holtmannspötter place HOLTERJO32NF
Pöhlker place POHKERJO32NE
Haus Welbergen place HAUGENJO32OE
Alteepping place ALTINGJO32NF
Bahlinghorst place BAHRSTJO32OE
Schulze Mieling place SCHINGJO32NE
Elingmann place ELIANNJO32PE
Lohenrich place LOHICHJO32NF
Thihatmar place THIMARJO32OG
Ruhwinkel place RUHKELJO32OE
Schulze Bründermann place SCHAN2JO32NE
Viefhues place VIEUESJO32OF
Münstermann place MUNANNJO32OE
Kuhmann place KUHANNJO32OF
Selker-Schmoor place SELOORJO32PE
Springenheide place SPRIDEJO32NE
Heinenbernd place HEIRNDJO32NE
Berlage part of place BERAGEJO32PE
Bügener place BUGNERJO32NF
Dahlmann place DAHANNJO32NE
Welbergen municipality part of town WELGENJO32PE (1969 -)
Freermann place FREANNJO32NF
Gerling place GERINGJO32NE
Müntemann place MUNANNJO32PE
Isinghoff place ISIOFFJO32OF
Lenfert place LENERTJO32NE
Bothorn place BOTORNJO32PE
Leuster place LEUTERJO32NE
Kappelhoff-Kauling place KAPINGJO32OE
Schulze Beikel place SCHKELJO32NE
Lenderich place LENICHJO32NF
Hinkenlammert place HINERTJO32OE
Brüffer place BRUFERJO32NE
Brüning place BRUINGJO32OE
Brüning part of place BRUINGJO32OF
Averbeck place AVEECKJO32PE
Bröker place BROKERJO32NE
Bröker place BROKE2JO32OE
Duesmann place DUEANNJO32NF
Eilers place EILERSJO32OE
Eilert place EILERTJO32NE
Engels place ENGELSJO32PE
Franke place FRANKEJO32OE
Büning place BUNINGJO32NE
Gering place GERINGJO32PE

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	has 2004 population 19370 says source_290471,
	has 2005 population 19380 says source_290473,
	has 2006 population 19389 says source_290472,
	has URL  http://www.ochtrup.de,
	has external reference  geonames:2858245,
	has external reference  opengeodb:22052,
	has from 1993-07-01 postal code 48607,
	has municipal id 05566068,
	has name (in deu) Ochtrup,
	has until 1993-06-30 postal code W4434,
	is (in deu) Stadt (Gebietskörperschaft),
	is from 1969 until 1975 part of adm_135566,
	is from 1975 part of object_1138173;
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