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GOV id http://gov.genealogy.net/RAEELDJO31KS
  • Raesfeld (deu)
  • municipality (1844 -)
postal code
  • W4285 (- 1993-06-30)
  • 46348 (1993-07-01 -)
web page
municipal id
  • 05554040
external id
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Geographic Position
  • 51.7673°N 6.8219°E calculated center position of the place
  • Number of the German 1:25,000 map sheet: 4206
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ist bis 1843 Kirchspiel

Superordinate objects


 political administration

Superordinate objects

Superordinate objects

name Timespan type Source
Lembeck (Herrlichkeit) (- 1589) dominion
Borken (1811 - 1832) Mairie Bürgermeisterei Source 1832
Borken (1975 -) county
Raesfeld (1811 - 1858) Mairie Bürgermeisterei Amt Amt
Marbeck-Raesfeld (1938 - 1969) Amt
Raesfeld (Herrlichkeit) (1589 - 1811) dominion

Subordinate objects

name type GOV-Id Timespan
Hadder place HADDERJO31JS
Honsel place HONSELJO31JS
Jacobs place JACOBSJO31KR
Specking Bauerschaft SPEINGJO31KS
Haselhoff place HASOFFJO31JS
Haselhoff place HASOFFJO31JT
Krampe place KRAMPEJO31KR
Gülker place GULKERJO31JS
Leiers place LEIERSJO31KS
Hüging place HUGINGJO31JS
Hüning place HUNINGJO31KS
Vorholt place VOROLTJO31JS
Niebur place NIEBURJO31KS
Hamborg place HAMORGJO31JS
Oesing place OESINGJO31KR
Schwering place SCHIN2JO31KS
Küpers place KUPERSJO31JS
Löchte part of place LOCHTEJO31JS
Ridder place RIDDE2JO31KS
Roring place RORINGJO31KS
Möllers place MOLERSJO31JS
Hetkamp place HETAMPJO31JS
Starke place STARKEJO31KS
Jedamzik place JEDZIKJO31KS
Pötter place POTTERJO31JR
Schmidtkamp place SCHAMPJO31JS
Hoffjan place HOFJANJO31JS
Freiheit part of place FREEITJO31JS
Rickert place RICERTJO31KS
Wehling place WEHINGJO31JS
Wenning place WENINGJO31JS
Wülfing place WULINGJO31JS
Wilting place WILINGJO31JS
Hußmann place HUSANNJO31KS
Oestrich place OESICHJO31KS (1975 -)
Terhardt place TERRDTJO31JS
Möllenbeck place MOLECKJO31JT
Pennekamp place PENAMPJO31JS
Wallmeier place WALIERJO31JS
Neuhaus place NEUAUSJO31JT
Möllmann place MOLANNJO31JS
Groß Isselmann place ISSANNJO31JS
Schlüss place SCHUSSJO31KS
Schwane place SCHANEJO31KS
Hörnemann place HORANNJO31JS
Nienhus place NIEHUSJO31JT
Nießing place NIEINGJO31JT
Nießing place NIEINGJO31JS
Südholt place SUDOLTJO31JS
Bushuven Nienhaus place BUSAUSJO31JT
Schmäing place SCHINGJO31JS
Baumeister place BAUTERJO31JS
Schäpers place SCHERSJO31KS
Vinnepand place VINANDJO31JS
Schulze-Terhart place SCHARTJO31JS
Meyering place MEYINGJO31JS
Stegger place STEGERJO31JS
Stenert place STEERTJO31JS
Stenken place STEKENJO31JS
Overkämping place OVEINGJO31KS
Westrich place WESICHJO31KR (1975 -)
Honvehlmann place HONANNJO31KR
Buß place BUSBUSJO31KS
Kaß place KASKASJO31JT
Paß place PASPASJO31KS
Bone place BONONEJO31JS
Erle municipality part of place ERLRLEJO31KR (1975 -)
Fork place FORORKJO31JS
Hoff place HOFOFFJO31JS
Kock place KOCOCKJO31JT
Mues place MUEUESJO31KS
Pels place PELELSJO31JR
Sens place SENENSJO31KS
Suer place SUEUERJO31KS
Rottbeck place ROTECKJO31KS
Löchteken place LOCKENJO31JS
Bente place BENNTEJO31KS
Brink part of place BRIINKJO31JS
Cluse place CLUUSEJO31JS
Dirks place DIRRKSJO31JS
Eming place EMIINGJO31JS
Fuest place FUEESTJO31JS
Funke place FUNNKEJO31JS
Böing place BOIINGJO31JT
Hater place HATTERJO31JS
Homer municipality part of place HOMMERJO31JS (1969 -)
Raesfeld village RAEEL1JO31KS
Raesfeld Schloss RAEELDJO31JS (1939 -)
Föing place FOIINGJO31JT
Klaus place KLAAUSJO31KS
Kruse place KRUUSEJO31KR
Loker place LOKKERJO31JS
Feldhaus place FELAUSJO31JS
Grömping place GROINGJO31JS
Hellenkamp place HELAMPJO31KS
Nienhaus place NIEAUSJO31JS
Temminghoff place TEMOFFJO31JS
Temmler place TEMLERJO31JR
Terbeck place TERECKJO31JS
Terhart place TERARTJO31JS
Frauenberg place FRAERGJO31JS
Tücking place TUCINGJO31JT
Hinzelmann place HINANNJO31JS
Grotendorst place GRORSTJO31JR
Klein Ridder place RIDDERJO31KS
Brockmann place BROANNJO31KS
Heselhaus place HESAUSJO31JS
Heselhaus place HESAUSJO31KS
Beckershoff place BECOFFJO31KS
Fischer place FISHERJO31KT
Kempken place KEMKENJO31KR
Potthoff place POTOFFJO31JS
Küppers place KUPER2JO31JS
Sümpelmann place SUMANNJO31JS
Hessefort place HESORTJO31JT
Lehmbrock place LEHOCKJO31JS
Seggewiß place SEGWISJO31JT
Klümper place KLUPERJO31JS
Polhoff place POLOFFJO31KS
Klostermann place KLOANNJO31JS
Langenhoff place LANOFFJO31JT
Schulte Greving place SCHINGJO31KS
Garries place GARIESJO31JT
Stenkamp place STEAMPJO31JS
Lagermann place LAGANNJO31JS
Bischop place BISHOPJO31JS
Triptrap place TRIRAPJO31KS
Strothmann place STRANNJO31JS
Punsmann place PUNANNJO31KS
Heistermann place HEIANNJO31JS
Lanvermann place LANANNJO31KS
Bresser place BRESERJO31JS
Böckenhoff place BOCOFFJO31KS
Engelkamp-Arlinghaus place ENGAUSJO31KS
Brömmel place BROMELJO31JS
Bröring place BROINGJO31KT
Grewing place GREINGJO31KS
Askamp place ASKAMPJO31KR
Becker place BECKERJO31JS
Bleker place BLEKERJO31KS
Blüker place BLUKERJO31KT
Brings place BRINGSJO31KS
Ciroth place CIROTHJO31JS
Droste place DROSTEJO31JS
Ebbert place EBBERTJO31JR
Elbert place ELBERTJO31KR
Epping place EPPINGJO31JS
Euting place EUTINGJO31JS
Bölker place BOLKERJO31KS
Büning place BUNINGJO31JS
Garriß place GARRISJO31JT
Gesing place GESINGJO31JS
Giroth place GIROTHJO31JS

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	 TEXT:ist bis  1843 Kirchspiel:TEXT,
	has 1828 population 1631 says source_1251995 (1832),
	has 1838 population 1782 says source_1251995 (1840),
	has 1851 population 1744 says source_1251995 (1852),
	has 2004 population 11166 says source_290471,
	has 2005 population 11177 says source_290473,
	has 2006 population 11070 says source_290472,
	has URL  http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raesfeld,
	has external reference  geonames:2850942,
	has external reference  opengeodb:22754,
	has external reference  wikidata:Q200247,
	has from 1993-07-01 postal code 46348,
	has municipal id 05554040,
	has name (in deu) Raesfeld,
	has until 1993-06-30 postal code W4285,
	is from 1589 until 1811 part of object_1169876,
	is from 1811 until 1832 part of object_1140308 says source_1251995 (1832),
	is from 1811 until 1858 part of object_1140347,
	is from 1844 (in deu) Gemeinde,
	is from 1938 until 1969 part of object_1140462,
	is from 1975 part of object_1256663,
	is until 1589 part of object_1160560;
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