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GOV id http://gov.genealogy.net/adm_136631
  • Fulda (deu) (1821 -)
  • rural county (rural) (1821 -)
external id
  • NUTS1999:DE732
  • NUTS2003:DE732
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Geographic Position
  • 50.2132°N 9.6747°E calculated center position of the place
  • Number of the German 1:25,000 map sheet: 5724
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Superordinate objects


 political administration

Superordinate objects

Superordinate objects

name Timespan type Source
Fulda (1852 - 1866) province province
Fulda (1821 - 1848) province province
Cassel, Kassel (1866 -) administrative district

Subordinate objects

name type GOV-Id Timespan
Bieberstein place BIEEIN_W6411
Bernhards municipality object_1048495 (- 1972-08-01)
Untertannenhof place UNTHO4_W6411
Niederkalbach municipality object_1335590 (- 1972-03-31)
Unterwehl place UNTEHL_W6411
Memlos place MEMLOS_W6411
Thomashof place THOHOF_W6401
Sennhütte place SENTTE_W6419
Neuhof municipality NEUHOFJO40TK
Neuhof civil registry object_1145000 (1883)
Schwashof place SCHHOF_W6411
Vorderstellberg, Vorder-Stellberg part of place place VORERG_W6411 (1971-12-31 -)
Viethmühle place VIEHLE_W6419
Ostend place OSTEND_W6400
, Wasserkup, Wachtküppel place WACPE1_W6412
Unterleimbachshof place UNTHOF_W6418
Mühlhansenmühle place MUHHLE_W6401
Petersberg municipality PETERGJO40UN
Petersberg civil registry object_1145001 (1883)
Unterrückersbach place UNTACH_W6411
Steinküppel place STEPEL_W6401
Rodges municipality object_1048486 (1937)
Heubach municipality object_1335595 (- 1971-12-30)
Sulhof place SULHOF_W6403
Hünfeld town HUNELDJO40VQ
Hünfeld Stadt object_1333407
Marbach municipality part of place MARACH_W6411 (- 1971-12-31)
Marbach civil registry object_1144997 (1883)
In den Fellen place INDLEN_W6411
Salzrinnerhof place SALHOF_W6411
Leidenmühle place LEIHLE_W6401
Hilders municipality HILERSJO50AN (1932 -)
Zwickmühle place ZWIHLE_W6406
Oberkemmetenmühle place OBEHLE_W6491
Künzeller Höhe place KUNOHE_W6400
Rasdorf municipality RASORFJO40WR
Neuwirtshaus place NEUAUS_W6419
Salzschlirf, Bad Salzschlirf municipality SALIRFJO40SP
Ziegel place ZIEGEL_W6411
Rommersrain place ROMAIN_W6414
Istergiesel municipality object_1335622 (- 1972-07-31)
Mittelreppich place MITICH_W6411
Remmerz place REMERZ_W6411
Waldhof place WALHOF_W6419
Krackhof place KRAHOF_W6401
Tann (Rhön) Stadt object_1333376 (1932 -)
Schnegelsberg place SCHERG_W6411
Ripphof place RIPHOF_W6401
Mühlfeldshof place MUHHOF_W6491
Mittelleimbachshof place MITHOF_W6418
Kirschenhof place KIRHOF_W6419
Armenhof municipality object_1048493 (- 1972-08-01)
Neustädtges place NEUGES_W6411
Völlmerau place VOLRAU_W6419
Almendorf municipality object_1048490 (- 1968-08-31)
In den Rödern place INDERN_W6419
Rodholz municipality object_1048487 (1937)
Kohlgrund municipality object_1048528 (- 1972-08-01)
Bimbach (Ober), Ober Bimbach civil registry object_1144879 (1883)
Katzenberg place KATERG_W6491
Schlagberg place SCHERG_W6401
Danzwiesen municipality object_1048517 (- 1971-12-31)
Dörmbach b. Fulda, Dörmbach municipality object_1048525 (- 1972-08-01)
Zahnmühle place ZAHHLE_W6419
Burghaun municipality BURAUNJO40UQ
Stellberg place STEER1_W6401
Königsmühle place KONHLE_W6419
Hommelmühle place HOMHLE_W6401
Dietges municipality object_1048522 (- 1971-12-31)
Dipperz municipality object_1048523
Dipperz civil registry object_1144884 (1883)
Kiliansberg place KILERG_W6491
Weiherhof place WEIHOF_W6411
Wissigau place WISGAU_W6411
Mittel Kalbach civil registry object_1144451 (1883)
Rabennest place RABEST_W6416
Motzküppel place MOTPEL_W6411
Unterdörnbachshof place UNTHOF_W6419
Unterdassen place UNTSEN_W6411
Neufeld place NEUELD_W6416
Neuwart place NEUART_W6416
Steinbruch place STEUCH_W6491
Steinbruch place STEUCH_W6412
Nüsttal municipality NUSTALJO40WP
Dörmbach an der Milseburg, Dörmbach b. Milseburg municipality object_1048561 (- 1971-12-31)
Hintereselsbrunn part of place place HINUNN_W6416 (1971-12-31 -)
Statenmühle place STAHLE_W6430
Seeshof place SEEHOF_W6411
Blankenau municipality object_1048499 (- 1971-12-31)
Blankenau civil registry object_1144882 (1883)
Sandenhof place SANHOF_W6414
Schalmei place SCHMEI_W6411
Kleinmoor place KLEOOR_W6419
Lauersmühle place LAUHLE_W6491
Reidelmes place REIMES_W6411
Meindrothhof place MEIHOF_W6419
Melzdorf municipality part of place settlement MELORF_W6411 (- 1968-08-31)
Lanneshof place LANHOF_W6411
Ritterhof place RITHOF_W6411
Kiebitzgrund municipality object_1333411
Buchenrod municipality object_1048510 (- 1972-04-01)
Maulkuppe place MAUPPE_W6416
Hubertus, St Hubertus place HUBTUS_W6418
Nordend place NOREND_W6400
Valentinsruh place VALRUH_W6411
Sömgeshöfe place SOMOFE_W6419
Maienstein place MAIEIN_W6411
Rodenbach municipality object_1048485 (1937)
Oberrückersbach place OBEACH_W6411
Mollartshof place MOLHOF_W6411
Kaltenhof place KALHOF_W6411
Kaltenhof place KALHOF_W6491
Hohe Geis place HOHEIS_W6411
Stellberg, Unter-Stellberg place STEERG_W6401
Mitteldörnsbachshof place MITHOF_W6419
Oberrainmühle place OBEHLE_W6419
Lappensteinermühle place LAPHLE_W6401
Margretenhaun municipality object_1048500 (- 1971-12-31)
Margretenhaun civil registry object_1144998 (1883)
Wachshaus place WACAUS_W6411
Wachtküppel, Gem Poppenhausen, Wasserkupp place WACPEL_W6412
Hünkelshäuptchen place HUNHEN_W6411
Reinhards place REIRDS_W6401
Rückgrund place RUCUND_W6403
Sommerberg place SOMERG_W6411
Ortmannsruh place ORTRUH_W6403
Reulbach place part of place REUACH_W6411 (1937)
Unterbienhof place UNTHOF_W6411
Unterbimbach place UNTACH_W6401
Wisselsrod municipality object_1048529 (- 1972-08-01)
Engelhelms civil registry object_1144886 (1883)
Mittelhof place MITHOF_W6411
Ehrenberg (Rhön), Ehrenberg municipality EHRERGJO50AM
Rendelmühle place RENHLE_W6412
Wolferts municipality object_1048527 (- 1972-08-01)
Haimbach civil registry object_1144454 (1883)
Haimbach municipality object_1335841 (- 1972-07-31)
Höf und Haid place HOFAID_W6491
Haunedorf municipality Ortsteil HAUORF_W6411 (1968-09-01 - 1971-12-31)
Kleinfischbach place KLEACH_W6411
Oberkalbach municipality object_1335593 (- 1972-07-31)
Rex municipality object_1048502 (- 1968-10-01)
Oberhof place OBEHOF_W6411
Ried municipality object_1048484 (1937)
Gersfeld, Gersfeld (Rhön) Stadt object_1333401
Teufelstein place TEUEIN_W6416
Brandlos municipality object_1048506 (- 1971-12-31)
Brand municipality object_1048504 (- 1971-12-31)
Fulda Stadt FULLDAJO40UN (1974 -)
Fulda Stadt FULLDAJO40UN (- 1927)
Fulda civil registry object_1144889 (1883)
Fulda Stadt object_1333398
Eichenried municipality object_1335592 (- 1969-08-31)
Eichenzell civil registry object_1144885 (1883)
Eichenzell village municipality EICELLJO40UM (1821 -)
Kuppe place KUPPPE_W6411
Unterhof place UNTHO2_W6411
Sämig place SAMMIG_W6411
Tauschmühle place TAUHLE_W6419
Rübenhof place RUBHOF_W6401
Schweidhof place SCHHOF_W6413
Weikardshof place WEIHO1_W6411
Ober-Kohlgraben, Kohlgraben place KOHBEN_W6411
Finkenhain municipality object_1048526 (- 1972-08-01)
Mahlertshof place MAHHOF_W6419
Mittel-Stellberg, Stellberg place STEER3_W6401
Hauswurz civil registry object_1144891 (1883)
Kämmerzell civil registry object_1144896 (1883)
Uttrichshausen municipality object_1335594 (- 1972-07-31)
Kiliansmühle place KILHLE_W6401
Köhlersmoor place KOHOOR_W6419
Knottenhof place KNOHOF_W6411
Wasserkuppe place WASPPE_W6411
Wallings place WALNGS_W6419
Horstberg place HORERG_W6411
Neunhards place NEURDS_W6418
Teufelsäcker place TEUKER_W6411
Öttersbach place OTTACH_W6416
Weihersmühle place WEIHLE_W6400
Friesenhausen municipality object_1048530 (- 1972-08-01)
Hinterstellberg, Hinter-Stellberg part of place place HINERG_W6411 (1971-12-31 -)
Straßenhaus place STRAUS_W6411
Altenfeld municipality object_1048491 (- 1972-01-01)
Oberleimbachshof place OBEHOF_W6418
Kleinheiligkreuz place KLEEUZ_W6401
Mittelkalbach municipality object_1335589 (- 1972-03-31)
Mittelkalbach municipality object_1335596 (1972-04-01 - 1972-07-31)
Thiergarten place THITEN_W6411
Stetenmühle place STEHLE_W6430
Johannismühle place JOHHLE_W6411
Poppenhausen, Wasserkuppe municipality POPSENJO40WL
Nüsterrasen place NUSSEN_W6419
Wanderhof place WANHOF_W6401
Kalbach municipality KALACHJO40UK (1972-08-01 -)
Kalkhof place KALHO1_W6411
Karnhof place KARHOF_W6419
Döllbach municipality object_1048532 (- 1971-12-31)
Bronnzell municipality object_1048507 (- 1971-08-01)
Bronnzell Hauptort part of town BROELL_W6411 (1821 - 1848)
Bronnzell Hauptort part of town BROELL_W6411 (1851 - 1968-08-01)
Dietershausen municipality object_1048521 (- 1971-12-31)
Dietershausen civil registry object_1144883 (1883)
Hockenmühle place HOCHLE_W6419
Veitsteinbach municipality object_1335591 (- 1972-03-31)
Oberbimbach place OBEACH_W6401
Kemmete place KEMETE_W6491
Vorderreppich place VORICH_W6411
Künzell municipality KUNELLJO40UN
Wiedigshof place WIEHOF_W6411
Hosenfeld municipality HOSELDJO40RN
Hosenfeld civil registry object_1144894 (1883)
Unterschafhof place UNTHO3_W6411
Flieden municipality FLIDENJO40SK
Flieden civil registry object_1144888 (1883)
Rothemann civil registry object_1145002 (1883)
Kieshof place KIEHOF_W6400
Sinswinden place SINDEN_W6413
Rengersfeld place part of town RENELD_W6411 (1937)
Stellberg, Ober-Stellberg place STEER2_W6401
Steinhäusermühle place STEHLE_W6491
Unterreppich place UNTICH_W6411
Spatzenhof place SPAHOF_W6491
Eiterfeld municipality EITELDJO40VS
Ruhrgrund place RUHUND_W6411
Kirschenmühle place KIRHLE_W6430
Klausmarbach place KLAACH_W6419
Rudolfshof place RUDHOF_W6411
Johannesberg civil registry object_1144453 (1883)
Veitenhof place VEIHOF_W6411
Poppenrod place part of place POPROD_W6401 (1937)
Büchenberg municipality object_1048513 (- 1971-12-31)
Böckels municipality object_1048501 (- 1968-10-01)
Mathesbergerhof place MATHOF_W6411
Öchenbach place OCHACH_W6411
Paulsand part of place place PAUAND_W6411 (1971-12-31 -)
Weihershof place WEIHOF_W6400
Stöckels municipality part of place settlement STOELS_W6411 (- 1968-08-31)
Dorfborn municipality object_1048562 (- 1971-12-31)
Vockenmühle place VOCHLE_W6419
Ilmesberg place ILMERG_W6411
In der Säufen place INDFEN_W6491
Lindenborn place LINORN_W6411
Unterrainmühle place UNTHLE_W6419
Salzschlirf civil registry object_1145003 (1883)
Steinhof place STEHOF_W6411
Stendorf place STEORF_W6418
Ruppelsmühle place RUPHLE_W6401
Sauerbrunnen place SAUNEN_W6411
Dietershan municipality object_1048519 (- 1972-08-01)
Lüder (Grossen) civil registry object_1144996 (1883)
Bimbach municipality object_1333393
Oberdassen place OBESEN_W6411
Stillerz place STIERZ_W6491
Dalherda municipality object_1048516 (- 1972-08-01)
Ebersberg municipality object_1048591 (- 1971-12-31)
Ebersburg municipality EBEURGJO40VK
Sippelsmühle place SIPHLE_W6419
Oberdörnbachshof place OBEHOF_W6419
Abtsroda municipality object_1048488 (- 1972-08-01)
Huhnmühle place HUHHLE_W6416
Scheerhof place SCHHOF_W6403
Holenbrunn place HOLUNN_W6411
Motzhauck place MOTUCK_W6411
Ziegelhütte place ZIETTE_W6411
Allmus municipality object_1048489 (- 1972-08-01)
Batten municipality object_1048494 (- 1972-08-01)
Besges municipality object_1048496 (1937)
Gersfeld town GERELDJO40XK (1932 -)
Oberreppich place OBEICH_W6411
Teufelsgraben place TEUBEN_W6411
Dassen municipality object_1048518 (- 1971-12-31)
Dirlos municipality object_1048531 (- 1972-04-01)
Sandberg place SANERG_W6419
Großenlüder municipality GRODERJO40SO
Töpfenmühle place TOPHLE_W6411
Untereichenmühle place UNTHLE_W6403
Altenhof municipality object_1048492 (- 1972-08-01)
Schafstein place SCHEIN_W6411
Rauschelbach place RAUACH_W6416
Sparbrod place SPAROD_W6411 (1972-08-01 -)
Sparhöfe place SPAOFE_W6491
Hofbieber municipality HOFBERJO40WO
Hofbieber civil registry object_1144893 (1883)
Giesel civil registry object_1144890 (1883)

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	has 1880-12-01 population 47901 says source_1091743 (p. 257),
	has 1900 population 53438 says source_265044,
	has 1910 population 63199 says source_265044,
	has 1995 population 212072 says source_284814,
	has 2000 population 217710 says source_284814,
	has 2005 population 219813 says source_284814,
	has external reference  NUTS1999:DE732,
	has external reference  NUTS2003:DE732,
	has from 1821 name (in deu) Fulda,
	is from 1821 (in deu) Landkreis,
	is from 1821 until 1848 part of object_275303,
	is from 1852 until 1866 part of object_275303,
	is from 1866 part of adm_369066;
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