Westerwald, Westerwaldkreis


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GOV id http://gov.genealogy.net/adm_137143
  • Westerwald (deu) (- 1974-07-31) Source
  • Westerwaldkreis (deu) (1974-08-01 -) Source
  • rural county (rural)
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external id
  • NUTS1999:DEB1B
  • NUTS2003:DEB1B
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Geographic Position
  • 50.5468°N 7.8609°E calculated center position of the place
  • Number of the German 1:25,000 map sheet: 5413
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Superordinate objects


 political administration

Superordinate objects

Superordinate objects

name Timespan type Source
Coblenz, Koblenz (1974 - 2000) administrative district
Rhineland-Palatinate, Rhineland-Palatinate, Rhénanie-Palatinat, Rheinland-Pfalz, Rijnland Palts (2000 -) federal state

Subordinate objects

name type GOV-Id Timespan
Steineckermühle place STEHLE_W5431
Selters (Westerwald) Verbandsgemeinde object_152728
Selters (Westerwald) Ortsgemeinde town SELERSJO30VM
Im Strüdchen place IMSHEN_W5419
Bad Marienberg Verbandsgemeinde object_152722
Neuhof place NEUHOF_W5239
Untermühle place UNTHLE_W5419
Osmose place OSMOSE_W5431
Kleinmühle place KLEHLE_W5411
Marienstatt, Abtei Marienstatt place MARATTJO30VQ
Schwedenhaus place SCHAUS_W5411
Hüthern place HUTERN_W5434
Wiesenmühle place WIEHLE_W5431
Wirges Verbandsgemeinde object_152731
Wirges Ortsgemeinde town WIRGESJO30VL
Marienmühle place MARHLE_W5411
Westertmühle place WESHLE_W5439
Atzelgift Ortsgemeinde ATZIFT_W5239 (1974-03-16 -)
Kehrwieder place KEHDER_W5434
Hermoltermühle place HERHLE_W5431
Kautenmühle place KAUHLE_W5419
In der Mauschel place INDHEL_W5411
Kutscheid place KUTEID_W5419
Westert place WESERT_W5439
Hoffmannsgrube place HOFUBE_W5434
Marzauermühle place MARHLE_W5239
Forellenhof place FORHOF_W5431
Lützelau place LUTLAU_W5239
Heimborn-Ehrlich, Ehrlich place EHRICHJO30VQ
Steinchen place STEHEN_W5431
Zechenhaus place ZECAUS_W5439
Mehlinger Mühle place MEHHLE_W5419
Tongrube place TONUBE_W5439
Lotzenheck place LOTECK_W5431
Pütschbach place PUTACH_W5431
Wallmerod Verbandsgemeinde object_152729
Hinterdorf place HINORF_W5419
Seeburg place SEEURG_W5239
Westerburg Verbandsgemeinde object_152730
Westerburg Stadt WESURGJO30XN (1974 -)
Lützelauermühle place LUTHLE_W5239
Rennerod Verbandsgemeinde object_152727
Rennerod Ortsgemeinde Stadt RENRODJO40AO
Ritzmühle place RITHLE_W5434
Hohenborn place HOHORN_W5419
Stöffel, Westerw place STOFEL_W5239
Burg, Alte Burg place BURURG_W5439
Margrafs Mühle place MARHLE_W5439
Eng place ENGENG_W5239
Bach place BACACH_W5439
Schöne Aussicht place SCHCHT_W5434
Oberdorf place OBEORF_W5431
Oberdorf place OBEOR1_W5431
Fuchsmühle place FUCHLE_W5412
Pfuhl place PFUUHL_W5439
Scheyer Mühle place SCHHLE_W5412
Krambergsmühle place KRAHLE_W5239
Unterste Mittelahr place UNTAHR_W5431
Kuhmichelsberg place KUHERG_W5419
Quarzitbruch place QUAUCH_W5241
Grünkaut place GRUAUT_W5419
Hardt (Westerwald) Ortsgemeinde HARRDTJO30WO (1974 -)
Mühlental place MUHTAL_W5239
Ransbach-Baumbach Verbandsgemeinde object_152726
Ransbach-Baumbach Ortsgemeinde town RANACHJO30UL
Nadelkauter Mühle place NADHLE_W5418
Brückenmühle place BRUHLE_W5439
Sophiental place SOPTAL_W5239
Oberste Mittelahr place OBEAH1_W5431
Morgensonne place MORNNE_W5239
Schultheißen Mühle place SCHHLE_W5431
Montabaur Verbandsgemeinde object_152725
Montabaur Stadt MONAURJO30WK
Watzenhahn place WATAHN_W5439
Alsbach Ortsgemeinde ALSACH_W5411 (1974-03-16 -)
Steinebach-Schmidthahn, Schmidthahn place SCHAHNJO30VO
Ascheid place ASCEID_W5439
Schneidemühle place SCHHLE_W5239
Hüttenmühle place HUTHLE_W5412
Farrenau place FARNAU_W5231
Marienhof place MARHOF_W5419
Schützenhaus place SCHAUS_W5410
Hachenburg Verbandsgemeinde object_152723
Hachenburg Stadt HACURGJO30VQ
Höhr-Grenzhausen Verbandsgemeinde object_152724
Höhr-Grenzhausen Stadt HOHSENJO30UK
Wittgerterhöfe place WITOFE_W5419
Stendebachs-Mühle place STEHLE_W5430
Concordia place CONDIA_W5412
Hammermühle b Selters, Westerwald place HAMHLE_W5418
Sauerborn place SAUORN_W5438
Hammermühle b Westerburg, Westerw place HAMHLE_W5438
Knochenmühle place KNOHLE_W5231
Zinhain Ortsgemeinde part of town ZINAINJO30XP
Neumühle place NEUHLE_W5431
Neumühle place NEUHL1_W5439
Neumühle place NEUHL2_W5439
Neumühle place NEUHLE_W5439
Neumühle place NEUHLE_W5239
Kellershof, Westerw place KELHOF_W5239
Im Rötchen place IMRHEN_W5411
Hirsenmühle place HIRHLE_W5431
Fuchskauten place FUCTEN_W5439
Schneidmühle place SCHHLE_W5419
Arnshöfen Ortsgemeinde ARNFEN_W5419 (1974-03-16 -)
Josefsheim, St Josefsheim place JOSEIM_W5439
Kempfsmühle place KEMHLE_W5239
Düringen place DURGEN_W5419
Stunzenmühle place STUHLE_W5430
Hammermühle place HAMHLE_W5231
Astert Ortsgemeinde ASTERTJO30VQ (1974-03-16 -)
Alpenrod Ortsgemeinde ALPRODJO30WP (1974-03-16 -)
Stromberg part of place STRERGJO30TK (- 1974)
Boller place BOLLER_W5412
Roßberger Wäldchen place ROSHEN_W5430
Daheim place DAHEIM_W5439
Ebenau place EBENAU_W5434
Grenze place GRENZE_W5432

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	has 1995 population 195669 says source_284814,
	has 2000 population 201840 says source_284814,
	has 2005 population 203541 says source_284814,
	has URL  http://www.westerwaldkreis.de,
	has external reference  NUTS1999:DEB1B,
	has external reference  NUTS2003:DEB1B,
	has from 1974-08-01 name (in deu) Westerwaldkreis says source_293559,
	has until 1974-07-31 name (in deu) Westerwald says source_293559,
	is (in deu) Landkreis,
	is from 1974 until 2000 part of object_190356,
	is from 2000 part of adm_369070;
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