Munich, München


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GOV id
  • Munich (eng)
  • München (deu)
  • Stadt
postal code
  • W8000 (- 1993-06-30)
  • 8.... (1993-07-01 -)
web page
municipal id
  • 09162000
external id
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Geographic Position
  • 48.1171°N 11.5567°E calculated center position of the place
  • Number of the German 1:25,000 map sheet: 7835
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Superordinate objects


 political administration

Superordinate objects

Superordinate objects

name Timespan type Source
Upper Bavaria, Isarkreis, Oberbayern Kreis administrative district

Subordinate objects

name type GOV-Id Timespan
Hadern borough object_405031
Feldmoching municipality Stadtteil FELING_W8000 (1938-04-01 -)
Riesenfeld part of town RIEELDJN58SE
Steinhausen part of town STESENJN58TD
Waldtrudering part of town WALINGJN58UC
Nederling part of town NEDINGJN58SE
Fürstenried solitude part of town FURIED_W8000 (1912-01-01 -)
Schwabing municipality part of town SCHINGJN58TE (1890-11-20 -)
Harthof part of town HARHOF_W8000
Kirchtrudering part of town KIRINGJN58UC
Pasing municipality part of town PASINGJN58RD (1938-04-01 -)
Grenzkolonie, Truderinger Grenzkolonie part of town GRENIEJN58UC
Theresienwiese part of town THEESEJN58SD
Nymphenburg municipality part of town NYMURGJN58SE (1899-01-01 -)
Arabellapark part of town ARAARKJN58TE
München-Reisklinik, Reisklinik place REINIKJN58TD
Langwied municipality part of town LANIED_W8000 (1942-04-01 -)
Friedenheim part of town FRIEIMJN58SD
Freimann municipality part of town FREANNJN58TE (1931-10-01 -)
Johanneskirchen part of town JOHHENJN58UE
Untersendling municipality part of town UNTINGJN58SD (1877-01-01 -)
Moosach municipality part of town MOOACHJN58SE (1913-07-01 -)
Westend part of town WESENDJN58SD
Fasangarten part of town FASTENJN58TC
Hirschau part of town HIRHAUJN58TE
Neufriedenheim part of town NEUEIMJN58SD
Schwanthalerhöhe part of town SCHOHE_W8000
Georgenschweige part of town GEOIGEJN58TE
Milbertshofen municipality part of town MILFENJN58TE (1913-04-01 -)
Alte Heide part of town ALTIDEJN58TE
Denning part of town DENINGJN58TE
Fröttmaning hamlet part of town FROINGJN58TF (1931-10-01 -)
Baumkirchen part of town BAUHENJN58TD
Haidhausen municipality part of town HAISENJN58TD (1854-10-01 -)
Berg am Laim municipality part of town BERAIMJN58TD (1913-07-01 -)
Thalkirchen municipality part of town THAHENJN58SC (1900-01-01 -)
Oberföhring municipality part of town OBEINGJN58TE (1913-07-01 -)
Westpark part of town WESARKJN58SD
Forstenried municipality Stadtteil FORIED_W8000 (1912-01-01 -)
Kaltherberg part of town KALERG_W8000
Hirschgarten part of town HIRTENJN58SD
Au municipality part of town object_397198 (1854-10-01 -)
Gern part of town GERERNJN58SE
Laim municipality part of town LAIAIMJN58SD (1900-01-01 -)
Riem part of town RIEIEMJN58UD
Munich, München, Monacum, Monaco town MUNHENJN58SD
Neuaubing village part of town NEUING_W8000 (1942-04-01 -)
Lehel part of town LEHHEL_W8000
Solln municipality part of town SOLLLNJN58SB (1938-12-01 -)
Neuberghausen part of town NEUSENJN58TD
Trudering, Gartenstadt Trudering municipality part of town TRUINGJN58UC (1932-04-01 -)
Prinz-Ludwig-Höhe part of town PRIOHEJN58SB
Neutrudering part of town NEUINGJN58UC
Neuhausen part of town NEUSENJN58SE (1890-01-01 -)
Menterschwaige part of town MENIGEJN58SB
Michaeliburg part of town MICURGJN58UE
Obersendling part of town OBEINGJN58SC
Altstadt-Lehel borough object_405002
Stadelheim part of town STAEIMJN58TC
Harlaching part of town HARING_W8000
Warnberg part of town WARERGJN58SB
Waldperlach part of town WALACHJN58UC
Hasenbergl part of town HASRGL_W8000
Lochhausen part of town LOCSEN_W8000
Untermenzing part of town UNTING_W8000 (1938-12-01 -)
Kleinhadern hamlet village part of town KLEERN_W8000 (1938-04-01 -)
Perlach municipality part of town PERACHJN58TC (1930-01-01 -)
Moosschwaige solitude Farm MOOIGEJN58QD (1942-04-01 -)
Neuperlach part of town NEUACHJN58TC
Thanning municipality object_397194 (1972-07-01 - 1972-12-31)
Freiham hamlet part of town FREHAM_W8000 (1942-04-01 -)
Straßtrudering part of town STRINGJN58UC
Zamdorf part of town ZAMORFJN58TD
Kieferngarten part of town KIETEN_W8000
Sendling part of town SENINGJN58SC
Biederstein part of town BIEEINJN58TE
Ramersdorf municipality part of town RAMORFJN58TC (1864-01-01 -)
Neufahrn municipality object_397193 (1972-07-01 - 1972-12-31)
Neuhofen part of town NEUFENJN58SC
Cosimapark part of town COSARKJN58TE
Fasanerie part of town FASRIEJN58SE
Daglfing municipality part of town DAGINGJN58UE (1930-01-01 -)
Siebenbrunn part of town SIEUNNJN58SC
Harlachig part of town HARHIGJN58SC
Prinz-Ludwigs-Höhe part of town PRIOHE_W8000
Bogenhausen municipality part of town BOGSENJN58TD (1892-01-01 -)
Giesing municipality part of town GIEINGJN58TC (1854 -)
Josephsburg part of town JOSURGJN58TD
Mittersendling part of town MITINGJN58SC
Waldfrieden, Kolonie Waldfrieden part of town WALDENJN58UC
Obermenzing part of town OBEING_W8000 (1938-12-01 -)
Möhlstraße, München-Möhlstraße part of town MOHASEJN58TD
Allach part of town ALLACH_W8000 (1938-12-01 -)
Allach village Pfarrdorf object_404958 (1938-12-01 -)
Aubing municipality Stadtteil AUBING_W8000 (1942-04-01 -)
Aubing Pfarrdorf AUBINGJN58QD (1942-04-01 -)
Ludwigsfeld municipality part of town LUDELD_W8000 (1938-12-01 -)
Ebenau part of town EBENAUJN58SE
Altperlach part of town ALTACHJN58TC
Englschalking part of town ENGINGJN58UE
Lerchenau, Kolonie Lerchenau hamlet part of town LERNAUJN58SE (1938-04-01 -)

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	gehört zu adm_369091,
	hat 1840 Einwohner 113329 says source_379491,
	hat 1859 Einwohner 114734 says source_1043602 (Nr. 26/1861),
	hat 1871 Einwohner 169693 says source_379491,
	hat 1900 Einwohner 499932 says source_379491,
	hat 1933 Einwohner 735388 says source_379491,
	hat 1946 Einwohner 751967 says source_379491,
	hat 1995 Einwohner 1236370 says source_284814,
	hat 2000 Einwohner 1210223 says source_284814,
	hat 2005 Einwohner 1259677 says source_284814,
	hat Gemeindekennzahl 09162000,
	hat URLünchen,
	hat URL,
	hat ab 1993-07-01 PLZ 8....,
	hat bis 1993-06-30 PLZ W8000,
	hat externe Kennung  BLO:120,
	hat externe Kennung  BLO:17,
	hat externe Kennung  NUTS1999:DE212,
	hat externe Kennung  NUTS2003:DE212,
	hat externe Kennung  opengeodb:21179,
	hat externe Kennung  wikidata:Q1726,
	heißt  (auf deu) München,
	heißt  (auf eng) Munich,
	ist (auf deu) Stadt (Gebietskörperschaft);
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