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  • Queensland (eng)
  • state
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Geographic Position
  • 24.6051°S 148.6045°E calculated center position of the place

Superordinate objects


 political administration

Superordinate objects

Superordinate objects

name Timespan type Source
Australia, Australien, Australië kingdom

Subordinate objects

name type GOV-Id Timespan
Longreach local government object_1024151
Whyanbeel Valley place WHYLEYQH23PN
Lucinda place LUCNDAQH31DL
Highfields place HIGLDSQG52XM
Allingham place ALLHAMPH81DG
Noosa Heads place NOOADSQG63NO
Jensen place JENSENQH30HS
Cassidy place CASIDYQH31DI
Pilot Knoll Farm PILOLLQH19DM
Flying Fish Point place FLYINTQH32AM
Goondiwindi local government object_1024141
Rockhampton local government object_1024169
Mackay local government object_1024152
Mapoon local government object_1024153
Smithfield Heights place SMIHTSQH23UE
Murweh local government object_1024159
Quilpie local government object_1024166
Boxleigh Farm BOXIGHQG40NI
Newell place NEWELLQH23QN
Karana Downs place KARWNSQG62JK
Bustard Head place BUSEADQG55VX
Barcaldine local government object_1024116
Wujal Wujal local government object_1024185
Lockhart River local government object_1024148
Lockhart River place LOCVERQH17QF
Hope Vale local government object_1024144
Hope Vale place HOPALEQH24NQ
Mount Isa local government object_1024158
Mount Low place MOULOWQH30IS
Woorabinda local government object_1024184
Maranoa local government object_1024154
Torres local government object_1024177
Southern Downs local government object_1024173
Balonne Shire local government object_1024114
Old Bribie place OLDBIEQG62NW
Yarrandine Farm YARINEPG41ER
Wangan place WANGANQH32AK
Winton local government object_1024183
Wompah Farm WOMPAHQG11BA
Woorim place WOORIMQG62OW
Whitsunday local government object_1024182
Croydon local government object_1024133
Carpentaria local government object_1024126
Redland local government object_1024167
North Burleigh place NORIGHQG61RW
Innes Park place INNARKQG65FD
Richmond local government object_1024168
Cherbourg local government object_1024130
Cherbourg place CHEURGQG53XQ
North Burnett local government object_1024161
Arcadia Bay place ARCBAYQH30KU
Cooloola Cove place COOOVEQG64LA
Gladstone local government object_1024139
Royland Farm ROYANDPE30NO
Shoal Point place SHOINTQG48NX
Eurimbula Farm EURULAQG55VT
Burdekin local government object_1024123
Kowanyama local government object_1024147
Kowanyama place KOWAMAQH04UM
Mount Nebo place MOUEBOQG62JO
Gold Coast local government object_1024140
Gold Coast place GOLASTQG61RX
Northern Peninsula Area local government object_1024162
Beechmont place BEEONTQG61OV
Traviston place TRATONQG64HT
Wooroorooka place WOOOKAQG21UA
Hope Island place HOPANDQG62QD
Picnic Bay place PICBAYQH30KT
Withcott place WITOTTQG62AK
Half Tide Beach place HALACHQG48PQ
Charters Towers local government object_1024129
Sandstone Point place SANINTQG62NV
Glenmore Farm GLEOREQG40OK
Craignish place CRAISHQG64IR
Central Highlands local government object_1024128
Tannum Sands place TANNDSQG56QB
Kawana Waters place KAWERSQG63NH
Dunwich place DUNICHQG62QM
Ipswich local government object_1024145
Horseshoe Bay place HORBAYQH30KU
The Junction place THEIONQG62KK
Pinkenba place PINNBAQG62NN
Torres Strait Island local government object_1024178
Amity Point place AMIINTQG62RO
Yaroomba place YARMBAQG63NK
Yarrabah local government object_1024186
Bushland Beach place BUSACHQH30IT
Alice River place ALIVERQH30HP
The Palms place THELMSQG63HT
Mourilyan Harbour place MOUOURQH32HJ
Bouldercombe place BOUMBEQG56FK
Toulkerrie place TOURIEQG62QQ
Scenic Rim local government object_1024170
Queens Beach place QUEACHQH40DA
Canalpin place CANPINQG62QJ
Cape York place CAPORKQH19FG
Palm Island local government object_1024163
Palm Island place PALANDQH31GG
Captain Billy Landing place CAPINGQH18KI
River Heads place RIVADSQG64KO
Cook local government object_1024132
Poid place POIOIDQH19CT
Boykambil place BOYBILQG62QC
Jacobs Well place JACELLQG62QF
Blackall Tambo local government object_1024118
Hamilton part of place HAMTONQG62MN
Cardwell place CARELLQH31AR
Burke local government object_1024124
Dauan place DAUUANQI10GN
Eimeo place EIMMEOQG48OX
Sippy Downs place SIPWNSQG63MG
Isaac local government object_1024146
Devils Elbow place DEVBOWQG48OU
Logan local government object_1024150
Ningi place NINNGIQG62MW
Paroo local government object_1024164
Grasstree Beach place GRAACHQG48PP
Balgal Beach place BALACHQH30EX
Weipa local government object_1024180
Moore Park place MOOARKQG65DG
Dundowran Beach place DUNACHQG64JR
Fernvale place FERALEQG61RP
Brisbane local government object_1024120
South Burnett local government object_1024172
Marcoola place MAROLAQG63NJ
Burrum Heads place BURADSQG64HT
North Dulacca place NORCCAOG73JN
Campwin Beach place CAMACHQG48PP
North Coast place NORASTQG65DG
Lockyer Valley local government object_1024149
Blacks Beach place BLAACHQG48OW
Tully Heads place TULADSQH31AX
Doomadgee local government object_1024135
Doomadgee place DOOGEEPH92JB
Mudjimba place MUDMBAQG63NJ
Tablelands local government object_1024175
Hamilton Island place HAMANDQG49LP
Bundaberg local government object_1024122
Cungulla place CUNLLAQH30NO
Torquay place TORUAYQG64KR
Cowan Cowan place COWWANQG62QU
Warraber place WARBERQH19JT
Thuringowa place THUOWAQH30IQ
Taylors Beach place TAYACHQH31DI
Point Talburpin place POIPINQG62PI
Deeragun place DEEGUNQH30IS
Cribb Island place CRIANDQG62NP
Karalee place KARLEEQG62JK
Amhurst place AMHRSTQG48OW
Pormpuraaw local government object_1024165
Pormpuraaw place PORAAWQH05TC
Wallen Wallen place WALLENQG62QK
Hinchinbrook local government object_1024143
Kooringal place KOOGALQG62RP
Spring Hill part of place SPRILLQG62MM
Sunshine Coast local government object_1024174
Etheridge local government object_1024136
Nelly Bay place NELBAYQH30KU
Moondarewa place MOOEWAQG62RB
McKinlay local government object_1024155
Caravonica place CARICAQH23UD
Bindango place BINNGOQF43GK
Bindango Farm BINNG1QF43GK
Aurukun local government object_1024113
Heathlands place HEANDSQH18HF
Kurrimine place KURINEQH32BF
Townsville local government object_1024179
Diamantina local government object_1024134
Saunders Beach place SAUACHQH30HU
Coolum Beach place COOACHQG63NL
Dundowran place DUNRANQG64JQ
Gympie Regional Council local government object_1024142
Goombungee place GOOGEEQG52WQ
Hay Point place HAYINTQG48PR
OK Village place OKVAGEQH19IB
Womal Park Farm WOMARKPG83VH
Umagico place UMAICOQH19EC
Cloncurry local government object_1024131
Mission Beach place MISACHQH32BD
Fraser Coast local government object_1024138
Little Burleigh place LITIGHQG61RW
Alligator Creek place ALLEEKQH30LO
New Mapoon place NEWOONQH19ED
Bingham place BINHAMQG64LN
Somerset local government object_1024171
Gebelum place GEBLUMQG62QR
Darlington place DARTONQG61MS
Western Downs local government object_1024181
Thursday Island place THUANDQH19CK
Santa Barbara place SANARAQG62QD
Belmunda Farm BELNDAQG49MB
Glenden place GLEDENQG48BP
Craiglie place CRALIEQH23RL
Kounungai place KOUGAIQG62QR
Sarina Beach place SARACHQG48PO
Southend place SOUENDQG56PF
Bingil Bay place BINBAYQH32BE
Bucasia place BUCSIAQG48NX
Flinders local government object_1024137
Toowoomba local government object_1024176
Moreton Bay local government object_1024156
Banana local government object_1024115
Barcoo local government object_1024117
Booral place BOORALQG64KP
Boulia local government object_1024119
Bulloo local government object_1024121
Bulwer place BULWE1QG62QW
Napranum local government object_1024160
Napranum place NAPNUMQH07WH
Cairns local government object_1024125
Churum place CHURUMQI10HN
Cooran place COORANQG63JP
Mornington local government object_1024157
Mornington place MORTONPH93OI
Dysart place DYSARTQG47EJ
Cassowary Coast local government object_1024127
Saint Pauls place SAIULSQH19ET
Bohle Plains place BOHINSQH30HQ
Blue Mountain Heights place BLUHTSQG52XL
Wongaling Beach place WONACHQH32BC
Kalamia Estate place KALATEQH30RL

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	has URL  http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Queensland,
	has external reference  geonames:2152274,
	has name (in eng) Queensland,
	is (in deu) Bundesstaat,
	is part of object_1023934;
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