East Gippsland


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GOV id http://gov.genealogy.net/object_1024304
  • East Gippsland (eng)
  • local government
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Geographic Position
  • 37.5788°S 148.0143°E calculated center position of the place

Superordinate objects


 political administration

Superordinate objects

Superordinate objects

name Timespan type Source
Victoria state

Subordinate objects

name type GOV-Id Timespan
Lucknow place LUCNOWQF32TE
Metung place METUNGQF32WC
Orbost place ORBOSTQF42FH
Forge Creek place FOREEKQF32TC
Tongio place TONGIOQF32UT
Wombat place WOMBATQF33TF
Upper Bemm River place UPPVERQF42KJ
Doctors Flat place DOCLATQF32VQ
Murrungowar place MURWARQF42IK
Waygara place WAYARAQF42DG
Hillside place HILIDEQF32SE
Dellicknora place DELORAQF42IV
Bullumwaal place BULAALQF32SI
Glen Valley place GLELEYQF33RD
Cann River place CANVERQF42NK
Brookville place BROLLEQF32TQ
Tambo Crossing place TAMINGQF32VM
Delegate River place DELVERQF42JW
Tongio West place TONESTQF32TS
Sarsfield place SARELDQF32UG
Wuk Wuk place WUKWUKQF32RF
Brodribb River place BROVERQF42GH
Wy Yung place WYYUNGQF32SE
Bonang West place BONESTQF42IT
Cobungra place COBGRAQF32RV
Tostaree place TOSREEQF42CG
Hospital Creek place HOSEEKQF42CH
Iguana Creek place IGUEEKQF32PG
Goon Nure place GOOUREQF32TB
Wangrabelle place WANLLEQF42RP
Bumberrah place BUMRAHQF32VE
Tarbucks place TARCKSQF42IH
Wulgulmerang place WULANGQF42DW
Noorinbee place NOOBEEQF42OL
Nicholson place NICSONQF32UE
Granite Rock part of place GRAOCKQF32UF
Omeo place OMEMEOQF32TV
Woodglen place WOOLENQF32RG
Bindi place BINNDIQF32VV
Ensay place ENSSAYQF32VO
Genoa place GENNOAQF42SM
Marlo place MARRLOQF42GE
Walpa place WALLPAQF32RE
Cassilis place CASLISQF32TS
Sunnyside place SUNIDEQF33SE
Swifts Creek place SWIEEKQF32US
Buchan South place BUCUTHQF42BK
Fernbank place FERANKQF32PD
Bairnsdale place BAIALEQF32TE
Raymond Island place RAYANDQF32UB
Gelantipy place GELIPYQF42DT
Johnsonville place JOHLLEQF32VE
Hinnomunjie place HINJIEQF32TX
Kalimna West place KALESTQF32XD
Kalimna place KALMNAQF32XC
Lakes Entrance place LAKNCEQF32XC
Deighton Farm DEITONQF32RA
Mossiface place MOSACEQF32VG
Reedy Flat place REELATQF32WO
Bengworden place BENDENQF32RA
Lake Tyers place LAKERSQF42AD
The Walnuts place THEUTSQF32UR
Deptford place DEPORDQF32UK
Glen Wills place GLELLSQF33SD
Bell Bird place BELIRDQF42JI
Clifton Creek part of place CLIEEKQF32TH
Gipsy Point place GIPINTQF42UM
Glenaladale place GLEALEQF32QF
Eagle Point place EAGINTQF32UC
Club Terrace place CLUACEQF42LL
Lindenow place LINNOWQF32RE
Partelli place PARLLIQF42CG
Ensay South place ENSUTHQF32VP
Lindenow South place LINUTHQF32RE
Gillinggall place GILALLQF42BQ
Bendock place BENOCKQF42KU
Stirling place STIINGQF32VN
Boorook Farm BOOOOKQF32VB
Benambra place BENBRAQF33UB
Murrindal place MURDALQF42CN
Cunninghame place CUNAMEQF42AD
Bruthen place BRUHENQF32WH
Tabberabbera place TABERAQF32QK
Combienbar place COMBARQF42MO
Allambie Farm ALLBIEQF32WC
Newmerella place NEWLLAQF42FG
Swan Reach place SWAACHQF32WE
Nowa Nowa place NOWOWAQF42BG
Bonang place BONANGQF42JT
Buchan place BUCHANQF42CM
Mallacoota place MALOTAQF42VK
Calulu place CALULUQF32SE
Paynesville place PAYLLEQF32UB
Tambo Upper place TAMPERQF32WF

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	gehört zu object_1023938,
	hat externe Kennung  geonames:7839541,
	heißt  (auf eng) East Gippsland,
	ist (auf deu) local government;
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