Halle-Saale, Halle a. S., Halle


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  • Halle-Saale (deu)
  • Halle a. S. (deu)
  • Halle (deu)
  • Amtsgerichtsbezirk
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Geographic Position
  • 51.5046°N 12.0244°E calculated center position of the place
  • Number of the German 1:25,000 map sheet: 4438

Superordinate objects


 political administration

Superordinate objects

Superordinate objects

name Timespan type Source
Halle Magistrates' Court

Subordinate objects

name type GOV-Id Timespan
Osendorf rural municipality Ortsteil part of town object_1157555 (1920)
Dammendorf settlement DAMORFJO61BO (1938)
Dammendorf municipality Ortsteil object_1075028 (1920)
Kanena municipality part of town KANENAJO61AK (1920)
Lettin municipality part of town LETTINJO51WM (1938)
Lochau municipality Ortsteil object_1053572 (1920)
Sennewitz settlement SENITZJO51XM (1938)
Brachstedt settlement BRAEDTJO61AN (1938)
Brachstedt municipality Ortsteil object_1053490 (1920)
Peißen settlement PEISENJO61AM (1938)
Kleinkugel settlement KLEGELJO61AK (1938)
Kleinkugel municipality Ortsteil object_1075017 (1920)
Rabatz settlement RABATZJO61AM (1938)
Seeben municipality part of town SEEBEN_O4020 (1938)
Teicha settlement TEICHAJO51XN (1938)
Tornau municipality part of town TORNAUJO61AM (1938)
Beidersee settlement BEISEEJO51WN (1938)
Beidersee municipality Ortsteil object_1075660 (1920)
Raunitz municipality settlement RAUITZJO51WN (1938)
Freiheit Oppin rural municipality object_1157344 (1920)
Bennewitz settlement BENITZJO61BK (1938)
Bennewitz municipality object_1075012 (1920)
Döblitz settlement DOBITZJO51VN (1938)
Pritschöna municipality object_1157566 (1938)
Lettewitz settlement LETITZJO51WN (1938)
Lettewitz municipality Ortsteil object_1075178 (1920)
Diemitz municipality part of town DIEITZJO61AM (1920)
Dieskau settlement DIEKAUJO61AK (1938)
Dieskau municipality Ortsteil object_1053421 (1920)
Braschwitz settlement BRAITZJO61AM (1938)
Braschwitz municipality Ortsteil object_1075027 (1920)
Hohenthurm settlement HOHURMJO61BM (1938)
Hohenthurm municipality Ortsteil object_1053423 (1920)
Großkugel settlement GROGELJO61BK (1938)
Großkugel municipality Ortsteil object_1075016 (1920)
Schwerz settlement SCHERZJO61BN (1938)
Eismannsdorf settlement EISORFJO61BN (1938)
Eismannsdorf municipality Ortsteil object_1075029 (1920)
Reideburg municipality part of town REIURGJO61AL (1938)
Mötzlich municipality part of town MOTICHJO51XM (1938)
Kapellenende place KAPNDEJO61AL (1920)
Büschdorf municipality part of town BUSORFJO61AL (1920)
Spickendorf settlement SPIORFJO61BN (1938)
Friedrichsschwerz settlement FRIERZ_O4101 (1938)
Wesenitz municipality settlement WESIT1_O4101 (1938)
Zscherben municipality Ortsteil object_1077775 (1938)
Löbnitz, Löbnitz an der Götsche municipality object_1075672 (1920)
Morl settlement MORORLJO51XN (1938)
Wurp municipality Ortsteil object_1075675 (1938)
Obermaschwitz municipality settlement OBEITZJO61AM (1938)
Hohen settlement HOHHEN_O4101 (1938)
Hohen municipality Ortsteil object_1053495 (1920)
Dölau municipality part of town DOLLAUJO51WM (1920)
Oppin municipality Ortsteil object_1053432 (1920)
Zöberitz settlement ZOBITZJO61AM (1938)
Niemberg municipality Ortsteil object_1053425 (1920)
Harsdorf rural municipality part of place HARORF_O4101 (1920)
Schwoitsch settlement SCHSCH_O4103 (1938)
Zwintschöna settlement ZWIONA_O4101 (1938)
Osmünde municipality Ortsteil object_1075021 (1920)
Groitsch settlement GROSCHJO51XN (1938)
Inwenden rural municipality object_1157342 (1920)
Döllnitz settlement DOLITZJO61AJ (1938)
Döllnitz municipality Ortsteil object_1053559 (1920)
Burg bei Reideburg place BURURGJO61AL (1920)
Brachwitz settlement BRAITZJO51WM (1938)
Gutenberg settlement GUTERGJO51XN (1938)
Gutenberg municipality Ortsteil object_1075665 (1920)
Dachritz municipality Ortsteil object_1075661 (1920)
Görbitz municipality Ortsteil object_1075176 (1920)
Deutleben settlement DEUBENJO51WO (1938)
Bruckdorf municipality part of town BRUORFJO61AK (1938)
Bruckdorf municipality part of town BRUORFJO61AK (1920)
Böllberg rural municipality part of place part of town BOLERGJO51XL (1920)
Moederau, Möderau municipality Ortsteil object_1075667 (1920)
Benndorf settlement BENORFJO61BK (1938)
Benndorf municipality Ortsteil object_1075011 (1920)
Burg, Burg in der Aue rural municipality Ortsteil part of town object_1157558 (1920)
Lieskau settlement LIEKAUJO51WM (1938)
Lieskau municipality Ortsteil object_1053550 (1920)
Lehndorf municipality object_1075671 (1920)
Untermaschwitz municipality settlement UNTITZJO61AM (1938)
Gottenz settlement GOTENZJO61BK (1938)
Gottenz municipality Ortsteil object_1075014 (1920)
Wörmlitz-Böllberg rural municipality municipality object_357019 (1938)
Nietleben municipality part of town NIEBENJO51WL (1938)
Schiepzig settlement SCHZIGJO51WM (1938)
Plößnitz settlement PLOITZJO61AM (1938)
Gröbers settlement GROERSJO61BK (1938)
Gröbers municipality Ortsteil object_1075015 (1920)

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	gehört zu object_286501,
	heißt  (auf deu) Halle,
	heißt  (auf deu) Halle a. S.,
	heißt  (auf deu) Halle-Saale,
	ist (auf deu) Amtsgerichtsbezirk;
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