Wongrowitz, Powiat wągrowiecki


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GOV id http://gov.genealogy.net/object_262357
  • Wongrowitz (deu)
  • Powiat wągrowiecki (pol)
  • rural county (rural) (1818 - 1919) Source
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area (km²)
  • 1036.98 (1890-12-01) Source Tab. III S. 29
  • 1036.78 (1900-12-01) Source Tab. III S. 12
  • 1036.54 (1910-12-01) Source Tab. III S. 21
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Geographic Position
  • 52.8085°N 17.2781°E calculated center position of the place
  • Number of the German 1:25,000 map sheet: 3169
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Superordinate objects


 political administration

Superordinate objects

Superordinate objects

name Timespan type Source
Bromberg (1818 - 1919) administrative district

Subordinate objects

name type GOV-Id Timespan
Michalkowitz place MICITZJO82NT
Loschwitz municipality object_402533
Panigrodz, Kolonie rural municipality PANODZJO82QX
Schreibersdorf rural municipality object_404087
Konary manor KONAR2JO82OW
Konary Gutsbezirk object_332687 (- 1929)
Konary municipality object_402519
Krosno municipality object_402523
Morkau, Morakowo place MORKAUJO82QW
Rakowo, Vorwerk Vorwerk RAKOWOJO82QU
Lukowo Gutsbezirk object_332695 (- 1929)
Lukowo municipality object_402532
Ochodza, Ochodza rural municipality object_404058
Blischütz rural municipality object_402455
Mionza municipality object_402537
Brachfelde place BRALDEJO82QX
Bahnhof Lopienno train station LOPNNOJO82RR
Niehof place NIEHOFJO82QT
Untermühle place UNTHLEJO82NQ
Lopienno Gutsbezirk object_332693 (- 1929)
Lopienno municipality object_402531
Lopienno civil registry object_1144378 (1883)
Losinjetz Gutsbezirk object_332999 (- 1929)
Hagenau municipality object_402496
Kirchen Popowo Gutsbezirk object_332682 (- 1929)
Niemtschin Gutsbezirk object_332700 (- 1929)
Niemtschin municipality object_402543
Nalenczyn place NALZYNJO82NS
Runów, Kaisersaue municipality object_402507
Hohenwalden Gutsbezirk object_332677 (- 1929)
Popowo, Kolonie rural municipality POPOWOJO82PQ
Tonischewo rural municipality object_404101
Tonischewo civil registry object_1144376 (1883)
Mietschisko Abbau municipality object_402535
Revier rural municipality object_404072
Revier civil registry object_1144412 (1883)
Rybowo Gutsbezirk object_332721 (- 1929)
Rybowo rural municipality object_404082
Abt. III Liebenau, Liebenau place LIENA2JO82RQ
Sarbia Gutsbezirk object_332722 (- 1929)
Sarbka rural municipality object_404085
Sienno civil registry object_1144366 (1883)
Buschfelde rural municipality object_402458
Vorwerk Jabkowko, Jabkowko, Vorwerk place JABWKOJO82PQ
Sierniki, Sierniki place SIEIKIJO82MR
Kirchen-Podlesche, Podlesche place PODCHEJO82PR
Schubianki place SCHNKIJO82QX
Antoniewo, Vorwerk, Antoniewo Vorwerk ANTEWOJO82OP
Wilkonica, F. Wilkonica place WILICAJO82RW
Wysoka Gutsbezirk object_333004 (- 1929)
Dobieschau, Dobieszewo place DOBEW2JO83PA
Körnershöh, Vorwerk Vorwerk KORHOHJO82RW
Paulsfeld place PAUELDJO82OW
Glinno, Glinno place GLINNOJO82PP
Dzwouowo place DZWOWOJO82NO
Zelice Gutsbezirk object_332739 (- 1929)
Bialybrod Gutsbezirk object_332657 (- 1929)
Micharzewo Gutsbezirk object_332696 (- 1929)
Przysieka Gutsbezirk object_332713 (- 1929)
Stempuchowo Gutsbezirk object_332731 (- 1929)
Stempuchowo rural municipality object_404097
Seehausen place SEESENJO82PT
Seehausen Gutsbezirk object_332724 (- 1929)
Zwölfhufen place ZWOFENJO82RX
Friedrichshof Gutsbezirk object_332669 (- 1929)
Damasławek, Elsenau place ELSNAUJO82ST
Zakrzewo, Zakrzewo manor ZAKEWOJO82QS
Dornbrunn, Dąbrowo rural municipality object_402464
Abt. IV Liebenau, Liebenau place LIENAUJO82QQ
Wiatrowo Gutsbezirk object_332735 (- 1929)
Werkowo rural municipality object_404105
Czerlin Gutsbezirk object_332661 (- 1929)
Czerlin rural municipality object_402459
Friemark forester's house FRIARKJO82NT
Pomarzanki Gutsbezirk object_332711 (- 1929)
Pomarzanki rural municipality object_404065
Wiegenau rural municipality object_404106
Bukowitz rural municipality object_402447
Propstei-Vorwerk place PROERKJO82RR
Stolenschin Gutsbezirk object_332732 (- 1929)
Stolenschin rural municipality object_404098
Stolenschin civil registry object_1144390 (1883)
Starenschinek, Vorwerk Vorwerk STANEKJO82RT
Gołańcz, Gollantsch town object_404092
Kozielsko, Kozielsko municipality object_402522
Jeziorki municipality object_402503
Rombschin Gutsbezirk object_332717 (- 1929)
Steinrode rural municipality object_404096
Gollantsch (Landbezirk) civil registry object_1144360 (1883)
Kirchen Podlesche Gutsbezirk object_332681 (- 1929)
Krzyzanki manor KRZNKIJO82PW
Klein Golle municipality object_402513
Mionczynek place MIONEKJO82ON
Kalischan Kolonie municipality object_402508
Proberen rural municipality object_404067
Biberfeld rural municipality object_402453
Gruntowitz municipality object_402494
Springberg rural municipality object_404094
Kalischanki place KALNKIJO82NV
Mlynki, Vorwerk Vorwerk MLYNKIJO82OO
Wisniewo Gutsbezirk object_332736 (- 1929)
Wisniewo rural municipality object_404109
Büddow, Vorwerk Vorwerk BUDDOWJO82QW
Zelice, Żelice rural municipality object_404113
Jakubowo municipality object_402501
Neudorf place NEUORFJO82PS
Neukrug place NEURUGJO82NR
Podobowitz civil registry object_1144410 (1883)
Hohenstein place HOHEINJO82QT
Prusietz rural municipality object_404068
Wiatrowo Dorf, Wiatrowo rural municipality object_404104
Janowitz civil registry object_1144414 (1883)
Budziejewo, Budziejewo rural municipality object_402446
Redgosch Gutsbezirk object_332715 (- 1929)
Hochfeld place HOCELDJO82OQ
Kalischan Gutsbezirk object_332680 (- 1929)
Saschkowitz place SASITZJO82OW
Gorzewo, Gorzewo municipality object_402489
Wymyslowo place WYMOWOJO82PQ
Plonakowo municipality object_404061
Gollantsch civil registry object_1145841 (1883)
Scherlin place SCHLINJO82QW
Schocken civil registry object_1144424 (1883)
Schokken Gutsbezirk object_332723 (- 1929)
Schokken town object_404086
Schwanau forestry SCHNAUJO82NN
Schwanau rural municipality object_404088
Nieswiastowice Gutsbezirk object_332702 (- 1929)
Mrowinietz place MROETZJO82PT
Chawlodno rural municipality object_402448
Gollantsch-Smolary Gutsbezirk object_332672 (- 1929)
Biniewo-Marlewo rural municipality object_402454
Glogowinjetz Gutsbezirk object_332671 (- 1929)
Klein Mirkowitz municipality object_402515
Hohewalden place HOHDENJO82OR
Nieswiastowice, Nieświastowice municipality object_402544
Plonskowo, Dorf rural municipality object_404062
Langenfelde place LANLDEJO82QR
Smolary rural municipality object_404091
Stare, Vorwerk Vorwerk STAAREJO82NS
Neu Briesen rural municipality object_402541
Bärenbusch rural municipality object_402428
Welnatal place WELTALJO82MS
Mokronos civil registry object_1144425 (1883)
Spiegel rural municipality object_404093
Groß Mirkowitz municipality object_402492
Pontnowo, Vorwerk Vorwerk PONOWOJO82QT
Hohenheim place HOHEIMJO82OO
Brüderhausen rural municipality object_402457
Przysieka, Dorf, Przysieka rural municipality object_404069
Bartelsee rural municipality object_402430
Gorzewo, Vorwerk Vorwerk GOREWOJO82QR
Ratschkowo Gutsbezirk object_332714 (- 1929)
Ratschkowo rural municipality object_404070
Julienau place JULNAUJO82RR
Smoguletz place SMOETZJO83PA
Smoguletz Gutsbezirk object_332727 (- 1929)
Idasheim place IDAEIMJO82QW
Idasheim Gutsbezirk object_332678 (- 1929)
Albertinowo place ALBOWOJO82MT
Jabkowo Gutsbezirk object_332679 (- 1929)
Jabkowo municipality object_402498
Jankowo municipality object_402499
Morakowo Gutsbezirk object_332698 (- 1929)
Morakowo municipality object_402539
Pomarzanki, Pomarzanki place POMNK2JO82PQ
Starenzyn Gutsbezirk object_333003 (- 1929)
Czeschewo Gutsbezirk object_332662 (- 1929)
Czeschewo rural municipality object_402460
Roschinno place ROSNNOJO82NQ
Roschkowo place ROSOWOJO82OQ
Roschkowo Gutsbezirk object_332718 (- 1929)
Schwarzacker place SCHKERJO82RV
Lechlin Dorf municipality object_402526
Mietschisko civil registry object_1144361 (1883)
Modrzewie, Vorwerk Vorwerk MODWIEJO82RT
Roscinno Gutsbezirk object_332719 (- 1929)
Peda place PEDEDAJO82OQ
Peda Gutsbezirk object_332708 (- 1929)
Sady place SADADYJO82PT
Elsenau Gutsbezirk object_332668 (- 1929)
Tomschütz rural municipality object_404100
Ostrowo, Vorwerk Vorwerk OSTOWOJO82PV
Grenschin place GREHINJO82QV
Grenschin Gutsbezirk object_332674 (- 1929)
Wongrowitz Oberförsterei WONITZJO82OT
Wongrowitz place object_404110
Wongrowitz civil registry object_1144391 (1883)
Alden rural municipality object_402452
Budki place BUDDKIJO83PA
Jelen manor JELLENJO83OA
Lekno Gutsbezirk object_332692 (- 1929)
Lekno civil registry object_1144392 (1883)
Nowen rural municipality object_404057
Osten rural municipality object_404059
Slawa place SLAAWAJO82NP
Turza rural municipality object_404102
Wapno Gutsbezirk object_332734 (- 1929)
Wapno rural municipality object_404103
Karolinenhof place KARHOFJO82PT
Karolinenhof place KARHOFJO82QT
Tarnowo rural municipality object_404099
Prostkowo, Vorwerk Vorwerk PROOWOJO83PB
Eichhausen rural municipality object_402486
Kurki, Vorwerk Vorwerk KURRKIJO82OR
Kobiletz municipality object_402518
Grylewo, Grylewo place GRYEWOJO82OV
Kobyletz Gutsbezirk object_332685 (- 1929)
Neuhausen place NEUSENJO82PS
Neuhausen Gutsbezirk object_332699 (- 1929)
Haslicht place HASCHTJO82PV
Bogdanowo, Vorwerk Vorwerk BOGOWOJO82PX
Karolinenhof, Vorwerk Vorwerk KARHOFJO82PQ
Rakujady place RAKADYJO82OQ
Stawiany, Stawiany place STAANYJO82OO
Bahnhof Haslicht, Haslicht train station HASCHTJO82PW
Blumenfelde rural municipality object_402456
Kirchen-Popowo, Popowo, Popowo kośc. municipality object_402512
Abt. V Liebenau, Liebenau place LIENA2JO82QQ
Redgosch Kolonie rural municipality object_404071
Grünheim municipality object_402493
Chocischewo Hauland, Hochfeld rural municipality object_402449
Sierniki Gutsbezirk object_332726 (- 1929)
Sierniki civil registry object_1144377 (1883)
Micharzewo, Micharzewo place MICEWOJO82PT
Miloslawitz Gutsbezirk object_332697 (- 1929)
Miloslawitz municipality object_402536
Kalischan, Kolonie Kalischan colony KALHANJO82NV
Dobiejewo, Dobiejewo place object_402463
Jakubowo, Jakubowo village JAKOWOJO82UR (- 1919)
Czeslawitz Gutsbezirk object_332663 (- 1929)
Podjeziorze rural municipality object_404064
Losinjetz, Loschinjetz Gutsbezirk object_332694 (- 1929)
Hohenpodlesche municipality object_402497
Klein Laskownica Gutsbezirk object_332683 (- 1929)
Klein Laskownica municipality object_402514
Wybranowko place WYBWKOJO82QS
Paulsfelde place PAULDEJO82OV
Charlottenhof Vorwerk CHAHOFJO83OA
Panigrodzek, Panigrodz Kolonie, Brachfelde village part of place BRALD2JO82QX (- 1919)
Wągrowiec, Wongrowitz, Wongrowitz, Eichenbrück settlement town WONIT2JO82OT
Oschütz place OSCUTZJO82OS
Oschütz Gutsbezirk object_332703 (- 1929)
Loschinjetz place LOSETZJO82OR
Jägersdorf place JAGORFJO82MS
Rombschin Kolonie rural municipality object_404076
Groß Golle municipality object_402491
Fankowo place FANOWOJO82NR
Jaroszewo Drugie, Jaroschau II municipality object_402502
Kirchen-Podlesche municipality object_402511
Ostrowo bei Lopienno Gutsbezirk object_332704 (- 1929)
Körnersfelde place KORLDEJO82OX
Kornfeld place KORELDJO82OV
Frauengarten Gutsbezirk object_332997 (- 1929)
Frauengarten municipality object_402488
Chocischewo Gutsbezirk object_332660 (- 1929)
Tumidaj place TUMDAJJO82QS
Hauland, Briesen-Hauland place HAUANDJO82MU
Ruhleben rural municipality object_404081
Kamnitz municipality object_402509
Ruhstein place RUHEINJO82PR
Ritscherheim Gutsbezirk object_333001 (- 1929)
Ritscherheim rural municipality object_404075
Pawlowo bei Gollantsch Gutsbezirk object_332706 (- 1929)
Potulice Gutsbezirk object_332712 (- 1929)
Bobrowko, Waldwärterei place BOBWKOJO82NT
Meyskermühle place MEYHLEJO83PA
Marcyanowo place MAROWOJO82RT
Parkowo place PAROWOJO83PA
Neu Wapno, Wapno place WAPPN2JO82RW
Doschkowo, Roschkowo, Roszkowo place DOSOWOJO82OQ
Tascharowo, Vorwerk Vorwerk TASOWOJO82OT
Grzybowo municipality object_402495
Deutschfeld rural municipality object_402462
Srebnagora manor SREORAJO82SV
Srebnagora rural municipality object_404095
Netzkrug zu Smoguletz place NETRUGJO83PB
F. Mostki, Mostki, F. place MOSTKIJO83PB
Runowo Hufen rural municipality object_404083
Friedrichsfelde place FRILDEJO82RQ
Schneidemühle place SCHHLEJO82OQ
Plonskowo, Kolonie rural municipality object_404063
Potulice, Potulice place POTIC2JO82MT
Kludsin Gutsbezirk object_332684 (- 1929)
Kludsin municipality object_402517
Bismarksaue municipality object_402442
Kiedrowo, Kiedrowo municipality object_402510
Budziejewo Gutsbezirk object_332659 (- 1929)
Lekno, Łekno municipality object_402528
Karlshof place KARHOFJO82OP
Kolybki place KOLBKIJO82QU
Kolybki Gutsbezirk object_332686 (- 1929)
Koninek municipality object_402520
Kopanin place KOPNINJO82RU
Kopanin Gutsbezirk object_332688 (- 1929)
Smuschewo Gutsbezirk object_332728 (- 1929)
Smuschewo municipality object_404090
Bahnhof Stempuchowo train station STEOWOJO82QT
Zbietka Gutsbezirk object_332738 (- 1929)
Rutki, Vorwerk Vorwerk RUTTKIJO82PV
Wiesenfeld rural municipality object_404108
Dombrowo Gutsbezirk object_332666 (- 1929)
Podolin place PODLINJO82RV
Podolin Gutsbezirk object_332709 (- 1929)
Zelasko place ZELSKOJO82NS
Kopaschin municipality object_402521
Potulin manor POTLINJO82PX
Potulin rural municipality object_404066
Wiela, Wiela rural municipality object_404107
Kujawki Gutsbezirk object_332689 (- 1929)
Bobrownik place BOBNIKJO82NT
Bobrownik Gutsbezirk object_332658 (- 1929)
Alt Panigrodz, Alt Frauengarten, Panigródz village object_401874 (- 1919)
Abt. I Liebenau, Liebenau municipality object_402530
Pawlowo bei Schokken Gutsbezirk object_332707 (- 1929)
Pawlowo bei Schokken rural municipality object_404060
Langendorf municipality object_402524
Netzkrug place NETRUGJO83RB
Stawiany Gutsbezirk object_332730 (- 1929)
Pawlowko Gutsbezirk object_332705 (- 1929)
Zabitschin manor ZABHINJO82QS
Zabitschin rural municipality object_404111
Neugrund municipality object_402540
Bracholin, Bracholin rural municipality object_402443
Niedarzyn municipality object_402542
Siedletschko Gutsbezirk object_333002 (- 1929)
Prusietzmühle mill PRUHLEJO82NS
F. Seminar, Seminar, F. place SEMNARJO82OT
Kolonie Redgosch, Redgosch colony REDSCHJO82PS
Ludwikowo, Ludwikowo place LUDOWOJO82PT
Ignacewo, Vorwerk Vorwerk IGNEWOJO82OP
Josephowo municipality object_402505
Klemkenhof municipality object_402516
Hufen, Runowo Hufen, Runowo place HUFFENJO82MS
Sienno, Sienno rural municipality object_404089
Ostrowomühle mill OSTHLEJO82NS
Roschkowko rural municipality object_404077
Polnisch Briesen Gutsbezirk object_333000 (- 1929)
Polnisch Briesen civil registry object_1145843 (1883)
Laziska municipality object_402525
Eichwald rural municipality object_402487
Ruda Kozlonka rural municipality object_404079
Damaslaw place DAMLAWJO82ST
Damaslaw Gutsbezirk object_332664 (- 1929)
Nadmühle place NADHLEJO82OQ
Rudnitsch Gutsbezirk object_332720 (- 1929)
Rudnitsch rural municipality object_404080
Danaborz place DANORZJO82OV
Danaborz Gutsbezirk object_332665 (- 1929)
Brzeskowo rural municipality object_402445
Rgielsko, Rgielsko rural municipality object_404074
Kuschewo Gutsbezirk object_332690 (- 1929)
Kuschewo Gutsbezirk object_332998 (- 1929)
Kuschewo civil registry object_1144411 (1883)
Lechlin Gutsbezirk object_332691 (- 1929)
Lengowo municipality object_402529
Lechlin Hauland municipality object_402527
Marlewo, Vorwerk, Marlewo Vorwerk MAREWOJO82MS
Josephsthal municipality object_402506
Streschkowo place STROWOJO82QR
Streschkowo Gutsbezirk object_332733 (- 1929)
Liebenau, Abt. II Liebenau place LIENAUJO82RQ
Gorzewo Gutsbezirk object_332673 (- 1929)
Waltersheim place WALEIMJO82OS
Niemtschinek Gutsbezirk object_332701 (- 1929)
Mietschisko, Mieścisko, Markstädt Stadt object_402534
Sarbia, Sarbia rural municipality object_404084
Hauland, Lechlin-Hauland place HAUANDJO82OR
Grabowo municipality object_402490
Kirchen-Popowo, Popowo place POPOWOJO82PR
Grylewo Gutsbezirk object_332676 (- 1929)
Zbietka, Zbietka rural municipality object_404112
Brdowo place BRDOWOJO82QW
Deutsch Briesen rural municipality object_402461
Choyna rural municipality object_402450
Choyna civil registry object_1145842 (1883)
Jaroszewo Pierwsze, Jaroschau I municipality object_402500
Plebanki place PLENKIJO82PU
Groß Laskownica Gutsbezirk object_332675 (- 1929)
Straschewo place STREWOJO82OT
Mokronos, Mokronos municipality object_402538
Durowo Gutsbezirk object_332667 (- 1929)
Gipswerk Wapno, Wapno place WAPPNOJO82RV
Briesen Hauland, Neu Briesen rural municipality object_402444
Glinno Gutsbezirk object_332670 (- 1929)

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	has 1880-12-01 population 55681 says source_1091743 (p. 106),
	has 1890-12-01 area 1036.98 says source_1343682 (Tab. III S. 29),
	has 1890-12-01 population 43818 says source_1343682 (Tab. III S. 29),
	has 1900-12-01 area 1036.78 says source_1343684 (Tab. III S. 12),
	has 1900-12-01 population 45736 says source_1343684 (Tab. III S. 12),
	has 1910-12-01 area 1036.54 says source_1341051 (Tab. III S. 21),
	has 1910-12-01 population 52574 says source_1341051 (Tab. III S. 20),
	has URL  https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kreis_Wongrowitz,
	has name (in deu) Wongrowitz,
	has name (in pol) Powiat wągrowiecki,
	is from 1818 until 1919 (in deu) Landkreis says source_265044,
	is from 1818 until 1919 part of adm_368369;
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