British Columbia, Britisch-Kolumbien, Colombie-Britanique


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GOV id
  • British Columbia (eng)
  • Britisch-Kolumbien (deu)
  • Colombie-Britanique (fre)
  • province
external id
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Geographic Position
  • 51.6545°N 122.8668°W calculated center position of the place
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Superordinate objects


 political administration

Superordinate objects

Superordinate objects

name Timespan type Source
Canada, Kanada country

Subordinate objects

name type GOV-Id Timespan
Blind Bay place BLIBAYDO00HV
Longworth place LONRTHCO93GV
Harmac place HARMACCN89BD
South Hazelton place SOUTONCO65EF
Hecate place HECATECN69PU
Hedley place HEDLEYCN99XI
Coldstream place COLEAMDO00JF
Fountain Valley place FOULEYCO90BR
Clayoquot place CLAUOTCN79AD
Hkusam place HKUSAMCO70AJ
Prince Rupert place PRIERTCO44UH
Hosmer place HOSMERDN29MN
Howser place HOWSERDO10MH
Port McNeill place PORILLCO60KN
Hutton place HUTTONCO93EX
Burns Lake place BURAKECO74CF
Lucerne place LUCRNEDO02RU
Sun Peaks place SUNAKSDO00BV
Bliss Landing place BLIINGCO70OA
White Rock place WHIOCKCN89OA
70 Mile House place MILUSECO91HH
Camp Artaban place CAMBANCN89HL
Saseenos place SASNOSCN88DJ
Cahilty place CAHLTYCO90XW
Granthams Landing place GRAINGCN89FJ
Jedway place JEDWAYCO42JH
Canford place CANORDCO90LD
Jersey place JERSEYDN19JC
Pemberton place PEMTONCO80OH
Carlson place CARSONCO84RX
Carnaby place CARABYCO65CD
Cascade place CASADEDN09VA
Whistler place WHILERCO80MC
Kaisun place KAISUNCO33SA
Kemano place KEMANOCO63AN
Kiusta place KIUSTACO34LD
Klemtu place KLEMTUCO52RN
Bridge Lake place BRIAKECO91PL
Bridge Lake place BRIAK1CO91PL
Promonotory part of place PROORYCN99AC
Tsawwassen place TSASENCN89LA
Doe River place DOEVERCO95WX
Ladner place LADNERCN89LC
Dunsmuir place DUNUIRCN79QJ
Keats Island place KEAANDCN89GJ
Gabriola place GABOLACN89BE
Lytton place LYTTONCO90FF
Masset place MASSETCO34WA
Masset place MASSE1CO34WA
McDame place MCDAMECO59JE
McLeod place MCLEODCO65DG
Poplar Creek place POPEEKDO10KJ
Mcleod place MCLEODCO85NA
Midway place MIDWAYDN09OA
Muskwa place MUSKWACO88PS
Quesnel place QUENELCO82SX
Nakusp place NAKUSPDO10CF
Celista place CELSTADO00HW
Nelson place NELSONDN19IL
Nelway place NELWAYDN18IX
Ulkatcho place ULKCHOCO72DX
Magnum Mine place MAGINECO78JL
Muncho Lake place MUNAKECO78CW
Sikanni Chief place SIKIEFCO87PF
Oliver place OLIVERDN09FE
Garden Bay place GARBAYCN79XP
Osland place OSLANDCO44VD
Bowen Bay place BOWBAYCN89GI
Leechtown place LEEOWNCN88DL
Parson place PARSONDO11QB
Vermilion Crossing place VERINGDO21AA
Rose Prairie place ROSRIECO96OL
Peejay place PEEJAYCO96QV
Williams Lake place WILAKECO82WD
Glen Lake place GLEAKECN88FK
Pinchi place PINCHICO74RN
Popkum place POPKUMCN99DE
Port Renfrew place PORREWCN78TN
Chaumox place CHAMOXCN99GW
Vesuvius place VESIUSCN88FV
Cheekye place CHEKYECN89KT
Pleasant Camp place PLEAMPCO19SL
Chopaka place CHOAK1DN08DX
Germansen Landing place GERINGCO75PS
Jade City place JADITYCO59EG
Renata place RENATADN09WK
Glenannan place GLENANCO74LA
Rogers place ROGERSDO11GL
Rupert place RUPERTCO29VO
Glentanna place GLENNACO64KU
Bamfield place BAMELDCN78KT
Saloon place SALOONCO48HD
Sandon place SANDONDN19JX
Sardis part of place SARDISCN99AD
Savona place SAVONACO90NS
Savory place SAVORYCO74JC
Sewall place SEWALLCO33US
Shulus place SHULUSCO90ND
Sidney place SIDNEYCN88HP
Silica place SILICADN19BA
Sirdar place SIRDARDN19QF
Skeena place SKEENACO54BF
Slocan place SLOCANDN19GS
Squeah place SQUEAHCN99GL
Stoner place STONERCO83QP
Surrey place SURREYCN89OC
Tachie place TACHIECO74OP
Tahsis place TAHSISCN69PV
Tappen place TAPPENDO00HS
Tatlow place TATLOWCO64KQ
Tatton place TATTONCO91HR
Malakwa place MALKWADO00OW
Taylor place TAYLORCO96PD
Telkwa place TELKWACO64LQ
Rogers Pass place ROGASSDO11FH
Marilla place MARLLACO73BQ
Matilpi place MATLPICO60VN
Matsqui place MATQUICN89TB
Vancouver place VANVERCN89KF
Tofino place TOFINOCN79BD
Oona River place OONVERCO43UW
Topley place TOPLEYCO64UL
Trutch place TRUTCHCO87MR
Tupper place TUPPERCO95XL
McBride place MCBIDECO93VH
Refuge Cove place REFOVECO70NC
McGuire place MCGIRECO80KB
Owl Creek place OWLEEKCO80PI
Clinton place CLITONCO91EB
McMurdo place MCMRDODO11OD
Murrayville part of place MURLLECN89QC
Great Central place GRERALCN79MH
Baldonnel place BALNELCO96PE
Vernon place VERNONDO00IG
Genoa Bay place GENBAYCN88ES
Galloway place GALWAYDN29JI
Crescent Valley place CRELEYDN19FK
Hemlock Valley place HEMLEYCN99AJ
Weneez place WENEEZCO83AX
Port Clements place PORNTSCO33VQ
Mount Gardner place MOUNERCN89HJ
Porto Rico place PORICODN19JH
Grassy Plains place GRAINSCO73BX
Wright place WRIGHTCO91DU
Meachen place MEAHENDN19UO
Meadows place MEAOWSDN19HE
Cloverdale place CLOALECN89PC
Colwood place COLOODCN88GK
Hopington place HOPTONCN89RB
Merritt place MERITTCO90OC
Barrière place BARIRECO91WE
Coutlee place COULEECO90OD
Yarrow place YARROWCN89XB
Macalister place MACTERCO82TK
Port Albion place PORIONCN78FW
Youbou place YOUBOUCN78VU
North Vancouver place NORVERCN89LH
North Vancouver place NORVERCN89LI
Telachick place TELICKCO83JU
Dawson Creek place DAWEEKCO95VS
Irvines Landing place IRVINGCN79XP
Blucher Hall place BLUALLCO91XC
Zamora place ZAMORADN09MD
Bear Creek place BEAEEKCN99CM
Chemainus place CHENUSCN88DV
Chemainus place CHENUSCN88DW
Chemainus place CHENU1CN88DW
Pine Valley place PINLEYCO85WP
Creston place CRETONDN19RC
Meziadin Junction place MEZIONCO56IC
Crofton place CROTONCN88EU
Croydon place CRODONDO03DB
Creekside place CREIDECO80PJ
Miocene place MIOENECO92CF
Mission place MISIONCN89UD
Mission place MISIO1CN89UD
Langford place LANORDCN88FK
Valley View place VALIEWCO95UX
West Landing place WESINGCO65XL
Port Edward place PORARDCO44UF
Surprise place SURISECO39GP
Holberg place HOLERGCO50XP
Jellicoe place JELCOECN99UQ
Houston place HOUTONCO64PJ
Lac Le Jeune place LACUNECO90RL
Halfmoon Bay place HALBAYCN89AM
Wadhams place WADAMSCO61FM
Stuart Island place STUANDCO70KI
Walkers place WALERSDN19NQ
North Bend place NORENDCN99GV
North Pine place NORINECO96PK
Wardner place WARNERDN29GJ
Williamsons Landing place WILINGCN89GK
Little Fort place LITORTCO91VJ
Tatalrose place TATOSECO73AX
Riley Creek place RILEEKCO90BO
Richmond place RICONDCN89KE
Hyland Post place HYLOSTCO57WP
Hilliers place HILERSCN79SH
Porter Landing place PORINGCO48WT
Good Hope Lake place GOOAKECO59IG
Kragmont place KRAONTDN29JE
Halfway Ranch place HALNCHCO86XL
Simoom Sound place SIMUNDCO60SS
Hickethier Ranch place HICNCHCO86VM
Cheslatta place CHETTACO73CT
Boston Bar place BOSBARCN99GU
Riondel place RIODELDN19NS
Hornby Island place HORANDCN79PM
Lasqueti place LASETICN79TL
Health Bay place HEABAYCO60QQ
Montney place MONNEYCO96MK
Canyon Hot Springs place CANNGSDO11BD
Gitwinksihlkw place GITLKWCO55JE
Hanceville place HANLLECO81LW
Ekins Point place EKIINTCN89HM
Skidegate Landing place SKIINGCO33XF
Parksville place PARLLECN79UH
Hullcar place HULCARDO00IL
Steamboat place STEOATCO88DQ
View Royal place VIEYALCN88GK
Ingenika Mine place INGINECO76JQ
Harrison Hot Springs place HARNGSCN99CH
Vallican place VALCANDN19EN
Mill Bay place MILBAYCO54BX
Baker Creek place BAKEEKCO82LW
Corra Linn place CORINNDN19GL
Lumberton place LUMTONDN29BJ
Bulkley House place BULUSECO65VQ
Ucluelet place UCLLETCN78FW
Port Mellon place PORLONCN89GM
Elephant Crossing place ELEINGCO50XP
Kitchener place KITNERDN19TD
Toad River place TOAVERCO78JU
Lawnhill place LAWILLCO43AJ
Wingdam place WINDAMCO93AB
Quesnel Forks place QUERKSCO92DP
Fruitvale place FRUALEDN19FC
North Bonaparte place NORRTECO91MJ
Seymour Arm place SEYARMDO01MF
Wilson Landing place WILINGDN09FX
Surge Narrows place SUROWSCO70KF
Billings Bay place BILBAYCN79VQ
Marysville place MARLLEDN29AP
Port Mann place PORANNCN89OE
Mud Bay place MUDBAYCN89NC
Mud Bay place MUDBAYCN79OL
Robson West place ROBESTDN19DH
40 Mile Flats place MILATSCO47XW
Murdale place MURALECO96LM
Hiusta Meadow place HIUDOWCO48MB
Telegraph Cove place TELOVECO60NN
George River place GEOVERCO70FN
Seven Mile Corner place SEVNERCO95UV
Danskin place DANKINCO73CX
Brookswood part of place BROOODCN89QB
Yekooche place YEKCHECO74LO
Pioneer Mine place PIOINECO80OS
Castlegar place CASGARDN19DH
Federal Ranch place FEDNCHCO86TJ
Shoreacres place SHORESDN19FJ
Shoreholme place SHOLMEDO10BH
Liard River place LIAVERCO69WJ
Hudson Bay Mountain place HUDAINCO64IS
Port Neville place PORLLECO60WL
Port Douglas place PORLASCN89VS
Silver Creek place SILEEKDO00HO
Silver Creek part of place SILEEKCN99GI
Port Sidney place PORNEYCN88HP
Loon Lake place LOOAKECO91IB
Lower Post place LOWOSTCO59SW
Silver River place SILVERCN99CN
Willoughby part of place WILHBYCN89PD
Willowvale place WILALECO74SA
Upper Cutbank place UPPANKCO95SM
Deep Creek place DEEEEKDO00JO
Yennadon place YENDONCN89QF
Seton Portage place SETAGECO80UQ
Brem River place BREVERCO70PK
Alliford Bay place ALLBAYCO43AE
Rutland place RUTANDDN09HV
Deroche place DERCHECN89XE
Nelson Forks place NELRKSCO79XL
Lily Lake place LILAKECO73RV
Jacksons place JACONSCO47DO
Winfield place WINELDDO00HA
Summit Lake place SUMAKECO78QP
Summit Lake place SUMAKEDO10DD
Clapperton place CLATONCO90JH
Gold River place GOLVERCN69WQ
Garibaldi place GARLDICN89KX
Hanson Island place HANANDCO60PN
Homfray Creek place HOMEEKCO70QH
origin houses ORIGINCN89JG
Galiano Island place GALANDCN88GW
Minaty Bay place MINBAYCN89JO
Hopkins Landing place HOPINGCN89GK
Canyon Alpine place CANINECN99GV
Fifth Cabin place FIFBINCO66AK
Tomslake place TOMAKECO95WN
Anaconda place ANANDADN09PB
Rykerts place RYKRTSDN18RX
Ainsworth place AINRTHDN19NR
Blackloam place BLAOAMCO90UP
Sweetwater place SWETERCO95SV
Esquimalt place ESQALTCN88GK
Bamberton place BAMTONCN88FN
Grand Forks place GRARKSDN09SA
Blaeberry place BLARRYDO11LK
Nanaimo place NANIMOCN89AD
Wistaria place WISRIACO63UU
Rose Harbour place ROSOURCO42KD
Coldspring House place COLUSECO83WA
Brentwood Bay place BREBAYCN88GN
Huntingdon part of place HUNDONCN89UA
Wagner Ranch place WAGNCHCO86VM
Leanchoil place LEAOILDO11QF
Silva Bay place SILBAYCN89DD
Paradise Point place PARINTDO00JT
Pinchi Lake place PINAKECO74SP
Silverton place SILTONDN19HW
Fort Babine place FORINECO65QH
Hollyburn place HOLURNCN89KI
Jordan River place JORVERCN78XK
Aldergrove part of place ALDOVECN89SB
Courtenay place COUNAYCN79MQ
Lake Cowichan place LAKHANCN78XT
Sullivan Bay place SULBAYCO60OV
Prophet River place PROVERCO88PB
Benson Lake place BENAKECO60JI
Seymour Lake place SEYAKECO64JR
Nesters place NESERSCO80MD
Dorreen place DOREENCO54TU
South Bentinck place SOUNCKCO62PB
Newgate place NEWATEDN29JA
Red Pass place REDASSDO02LX
Red Rose place REDOSECO65ED
Crowsnest place CROES1DN29PP
Saanich place SAAICHCN88HN
Okanagan Falls place OKALLSDN09FI
Central Saanich place CENICHCN88GN
Steveston place STETONCN89JD
Beatton Ranch place BEANCHCO86QR
Boat Harbour place BOAOURCN89CB
Saturna place SATRNACN88JT
Sayward place SAYARDCO70AJ
Shannon Bay place SHABAYCO33RP
Glenemma place GLEMMADO00HL
Glenlily place GLEILYDN19VB
Brunswick Beach place BRUACHCN89IL
Lees Corner place LEENERCO81KW
Boat Basin place BOASINCN69SL
Kedleston place KEDTONDO00JH
Quilchena place QUIENACO90RD
Westbridge place WESDGEDN09MD
Windermere place WINEREDO20AL
Squamish place SQUISHCN89KQ
Kootenay National Park place KOOARKDO20CP
Chilliwack place CHIACKCN99AD
Chilliwack place CHIACKCN99AE
Redroofs place REDOFSCN89AL
Redstone place REDONECO82DD
Okanagan abandoned place OKAGANDO00HI
Sunrise Valley place SUNLEYCO95PU
Niagara place NIAARADN09SC
Shalalth place SHALTHCO80VR
Swartz Bay place SWABAYCN88GQ
Maple Bay place MAPBAYCN88ET
Maplewood place MAPOODCN88HK
Penticton place PENTONDN09EL
North Cowichan place NORHANCN88DU
Bell Acres place BELRESCN99BB
Seaford place SEAORDCO70NB
Sechelt place SECELTCN89CL
Blue Springs place BLUNGSDO00NF
Alice Arm place ALIARMCO55GL
Lexau Ranch place LEXNCHCO86WM
Jeune Landing place JEUINGCO60GK
Squirrel Cove place SQUOVECO70MC
Tête Jaune place TTEUNEDO02FX
Ashcroft place ASHOFTCO90IR
Dunster place DUNTERDO03BC
Kleindale place KLEALECN89AP
Colebrook place COLOOKCN89NC
Finmoore place FINORECO83EX
Cranbrook place CRAOOKDN29CL
Quathiaski Cove place QUAOVECO70JB
Shalath place SHAATHCO80VS
McLeod Lake place MCLAKECO84LX
Sheslay place SHELAYCO48CG
East Gate place EASATEDO11GJ
East Pine place EASINECO95JR
Shirley place SHILEYCN88BJ
Willow Valley place WILLEYCO95NU
Sheraton place SHETONCO74GD
Shuswap place SHUWAPDO10XM
Kildonan place KILNANCN78LX
Weewanie place WEENIECO53OQ
Ladysmith place LADITHCN88CX
Marron Valley place MARLEYDN09DI
Skidegate place SKIATECO43AG
Furry Creek place FUREEKCN89JN
Cumberland place CUMANDCN79LO
Hesquiat place HESIATCN69SJ
Kimsquit place KIMUITCO62MT
Noralee place NORLEECO63SX
Rivers Inlet place RIVLETCO61IQ
Fireside place FIRIDECO69KP
Jackson Bay place JACBAYCO70CM
Fort Nelson place FORSONCO88PT
Warner Bay place WARBAYCO61KB
Kingcome place KINOMECO60VX
Skedans place SKEANSCO42EX
Kinnaird place KINIRDDN19EG
Roe Lake place ROEAKECO91NM
Smith River place SMIVERCO69SV
Rock Bay place ROCBAYCO70GH
Campbell Island place CAMANDCO52WE
Shuswap Falls place SHULLSDO00OH
Holmwood place HOLOODDO00AO
Isle Pierre place ISLRRECO83IW
McDonalds Landing place MCDINGCO63XX
Merville place MERLLECN79LS
Keithley Creek place KEIEEKCO92GS
Marblehead place MAREADDO10MF
Crawford Bay place CRABAYDN19OQ
Panorama Park place PANARKCN89NC
Pineview place PINIEWCO96OH
Nimpkish Heights place NIMHTSCO60LN
Spatsum place SPASUMCO90IN
Fort Steele place FORELEDN29EO
Willowbrook place WILOOKCO95RT
Heriot Bay place HERBAYCO70JC
Sproatt place SPRATTCO80LB
Spuzzum place SPUZUMCN99HQ
Pennington place PENTONCO29NX
Smithers place SMIERSCO64JS
Cheam View place CHEIEWCN99DF
Kitwanga place KITNGACO55XC
Westholme place WESLMECN88DU
Dog Creek place DOGEEKCO74UG
Dog Creek place DOGEEKCO81VN
Slesse Park place SLEARKCN99CB
Cowans Point place COWINTCN89HH
Horsefly place HORFLYCO92GH
Montrose place MONOSEDN19EB
Pitt Meadows place PITOWSCN89PF
Pitt Meadows place PITOW1CN89PF
Snake River place SNAVERCO89SA
Paradise Valley place PARLEYCN89KT
Twin Creeks place TWIEKSCN89GL
Barrett Lake place BARAKECO64OK
Stanley place STALEYCO93DA
Stephen place STEHENDO11UK
Stewart place STEARTCO55AW
Stikine place STIINECO46CQ
Greenwood place GREOODDN09PC
Read Island place REAANDCO70KE
Boulder City place BOUITYCO58LJ
Suquash place SUQASHCO60IP
St. Ives place STIVESDO00KX
Qualicum Beach place QUAACHCN79SI
Round Prairie place ROURIEDO20MB
Colleymount place COLUNTCO64WA
Westside place WESIDEDN09FV
Mud River place MUDVERCO83LS
Williams Landing place WILINGCN89RK
Coquihalla place COQLLACN99LP
Towdystan place TOWTANCO72KG
Rose Lake place ROSAKECO64XJ
Morrissey place MORSEYDN29LJ
Fraser Lake place FRAAKECO74NB
Camborne place CAMRNEDO10ES
Allison Lake place ALLAKECN99QQ
Bold Point place BOLINTCO70JD
Big Lake Ranch place BIGNCHCO92BJ
Jesmond place JESONDCO91AF
Fort Langley part of place FORLEYCN89RE
Deep Cove place DEEOVECN89MH
Welcome Beach place WELACHCN89BL
Oak Bay place OAKBAYCN88IK
Invermere place INVEREDO10XM
Coquitlam place COQLAMCN89OG
Coquitlam place COQLA1CN89OG
Rosebery place ROSERYDO10HA
Boothroyd place BOOOYDCN99GX
Dot place DOTDOTCO90KF
Roy place ROYROYCO70FM
Usk place USKUSKCO54SP
Bend place BENENDCO93LS
Cody place CODODYDN19JX
Eddy place EDDDDYCO93XF
Elko place ELKLKODN29KH
Elko place ELKLK1DN29KH
Erie place ERIRIEDN19HE
Hall place HALALLDN19JJ
Hope place HOPOPECN99GJ
Ioco place IOCOCOCN89NH
Jura place JURURACN99SM
Kung place KUNUNGCO34RB
Loos place LOOOOSCO93PO
Lund place LUNUNDCN79PX
Moha place MOHOHACO80VU
Myra place MYRYRADN09IT
Namu place NAMAMUCO61BU
Taft place TAFAFTDO00QX
Taku place TAKAKUCO39BP
Tanu place TANANUCO42ES
Ware place WARARECO77EJ
Yahk place YAHAHKDN19WB
Yaku place YAKAKUCO34LE
Yale place YALALECN99GN
Yale place YALAL1CN99GN
Elk Bay place ELKBAYCO70GG
Elkford place ELKORDDO20NB
Woodcock place WOOOCKCO55VB
Rainy Hollow place RAILOWCO19RN
Woodmere place WOOERECO64MQ
Rossland place ROSANDDN19CB
Rosswood place ROSOODCO54OT
Tulameen place TULEENCN99ON
Deer Park place DEEARKDN09XJ
Vaucroft Beach place VAUACHCN89AM
Forestdale place FORALECO64VJ
Braeloch place BRAOCHDN09FS
Takla Landing place TAKINGCO75AL
Bralorne place BRARNECO80OS
'Ksan place KSASANCO65DG
Ruby Creek place RUBEEKCN99EI
Darrell Bay place DARBAYCN89JP
Riske Creek place RISEEKCO81RX
Tumbler Ridge place TUMDGECO95MD
Enderby place ENDRBYDO00KN
Agate place AGAATECO90KG
Albas place ALBBASDO01LE
Alvin place ALVVINCN89QO
Anyox abandoned place ANYYOXCO55CJ
Anzac place ANZZACCO84RS
Atlin place ATLLINCO39DN
Avola place AVOOLADO01IS
Baker place BAKKERDN29EL
Carmi place CARRMIDN09KL
Chase place CHAASEDO00DT
Chase place CHAAS2DO00DT
Chasm place CHAASMCO91GF
Comox place COMMOXCN79MQ
Coyle place COYYLECO90ND
Defot place DEFFOTCO48SV
Delta place DELLTACN89ND
Eholt place EHOOLTDN09RD
Exlou place EXLLOUCO91WC
Field place FIEELDDO11SJ
Forde place FORRDEDO11KK
Gates place GATTESCO80RL
Gundy place GUNNDYCO95XO
Haina place HAIINACO33XF
Hakai place HAKKAICO51WP
Hippa place HIPPPACO33MM
Hixon place HIXXONCO83RK
Hixon place HIXXONCO83RJ
Kaslo place KASSLODN19MV
Kobes place KOBBESCO96EP
Lejac place LEJJACCO74OB
Lumby place LUMMBYDO00MF
Mapes place MAPPESCO83BV
Mayne place MAYYNECN88IU
Moyie place MOYYIEDN29BH
Nahun place NAHHUNDO00FB
Natal place NATTALDN29NR
Nazko place NAZZKOCO82EX
Nulki place NULLKICO73VV
Ogden place OGDDENCO80OS
Oyama place OYAAMADO00HC
Penny place PENNNYCO93IU
Perow place PERROWCO64SM
Remac place REMMACDN19HA
Rhone place RHOONEDN09LF
Rolla place ROLLLACO95WV
Salmo place SALLMODN19IE
Sanca place SANNCADN19PJ
Shere place SHEEREDO03EA
Sooke place SOOOKECN88DI
Stuie place STUUIECO62XI
Tlell place TLEELLCO43AN
Trail place TRAAILDN19DC
Wells place WELLLSCO93FC
Kelly Lake place KELAKECO91CA
Yreka place YREEKACO60FL
Bear Camp place BEAAMPCO19OV
Bear Flat place BEALATCO96JG
Bear Lake place BEAAKECO66NE
Mabel Lake place MABAKEDO00OH
Deerholme place DEELMECN88CS
Makinson place MAKSONDO10AB
Cottonwood place COTOODCO83VB
Tahltan place TAHTANCO48LA
Alexandria place ALERIACO82SP
Tallheo place TALHEOCO62NJ
Cliffside place CLIIDECN88EO
Tatogga place TATGGACO57AR
Metlakatla place METTLACO44SH
Britannia Beach place BRIACHCN89JP
Sunnyside place SUNIDECN89OB
Gramsons place GRAONSCO80PK
Granisle place GRASLECO64VV
Grasmere place GRAEREDN29KC
Strathnaver place STRVERCO83RI
Sproat Lake place SPRAKECN79MG
Vedder Crossing part of place VEDINGCN99AC
North Saanich place NORICHCN88GP
Mansons Landing place MANINGCO70MB
McGillivray place MCGRAYCO80SO
Peachland place PEAANDDN09DS
Princeton place PRITONCN99RK
Rock Creek place ROCEEKDN09MB
Old Fort place OLDORTCO65UA
Old Remo place OLDEMOCO54PL
Old Town place OLDOWNDN29AN
Arrow Park place ARRARKDO10BC
Fort St. John place FOROHNCO96NF
Thurston Harbour place THUOURCO42CT
Barkerville place BARLLECO93FB
Bessborough place BESUGHCO95RT
Carrolls Landing place CARINGDO10BB
Monte Lake place MONAKEDO00CM
Woodfibre place WOOBRECN89IP
Stillwater place STITERCN79US
Stillwater place STITERDO02AB
Terrace place TERACECO54QM
Ferguson place FERSONDO10GQ
Sicamous place SICOUSDO00MT
Fernwood place FEROODCN88FV
Athalmer place ATHMERDO10XM
Beaverley place BEALEYCO83NT
Zeballos place ZEBLOSCN69NX
Church House place CHUUSECO70LH
Shingle Creek place SHIEEKDN09CM
Tiilis Landing place TIIINGDO00KV
Kootenay Landing place KOOINGDN19PF
Birchdale place BIRALEDO10NA
Kootenay Crossing place KOOINGDO10XV
Thurlow place THULOWCO70HK
Gang Ranch place GANNCHCO81TN
Tipella place TIPLLACN89WR
Stewardson Inlet place STELETCN69UJ
Bastion Bay place BASBAYDO00KU
Copper Creek place COPEEKCO90OS
Port Alice place PORICECO60GJ
Pritchard place PRIARDDO00CQ
Southbank place SOUANKCO74CA
Port Hardy place PORRDYCO60GQ
Keremeos place KEREOSDN09BE
Port Moody place PORODYCN89NG
Farrell Creek place FAREEKCO96DC
Headquarters place HEAERSCN79KS
Blackwater place BLATERCO83KG
Port Alberni place PORRNICN79OF
Pender Harbour part of place PENOURCN89BR
Christian Valley place CHRLEYDN09ON
East Arrow Park place EASARKDO10AB
Grindrod place GRIRODDO00KP
Thunder River place THUVERDO02JF
Alta Lake place ALTAKECO80MC
Lamming Mills abandoned place LAMLLSCO93UI
Hazelton place HAZTONCO65DF
Teakerne Arm place TEAARMCO70OE
Kilkerran place KILRANCO95UT
Chinook Cove place CHIOVECO91VF
Ootischenia place OOTNIADN19EG
Chamiss Bay place CHABAYCO60IB
Kerr Creek place KEREEKDN09OB
Blue River place BLUVERDO02IC
Yankee Flats place YANATSDO00HM
Osoyoos place OSOOOSDN09GA
Bull River place BULVERDN29GL
Cumshewa place CUMEWACO43DA
Retallack place RETACKDO10KB
Hells Gate place HELATECN99GS
Othello place OTHLLOCN99HJ
Cedarvale place CEDALECO55UA
Kendrick Camp place KENAMPCN69QR
Fourth Cabin place FOUBINCO66AF
Alert Bay place ALEBAYCO60MN
Porcher Island place PORANDCO44TB
Radium Hot Springs place RADNGSDO10XO
Warfield place WARELDDN19DC
Coal River place COAVERCO69MP
Deka Lake place DEKAKECO91NO
North Kamloops place NOROPSCO90TQ
Briar Ridge place BRIDGECO95XS
Deadwood place DEAOODDN09PC
Shawl Bay place SHABAYCO60RU
Fosthall place FOSALLDO10AI
Black Creek place BLAEEKCO92KH
Black Creek place BLAEEKCN79JV
Tsay Keh Dene place TSAENECO76MV
Maple Ridge place MAPDGECN89QF
Agassiz place AGASIZCN99CF
Pemberton Meadows place PEMOWSCO80MK
Attachie place ATTHIECO96GF
Queen Charlotte place QUETTECO33WG
Beryl Prairie place BERRIECO86XB
122 Mile House place MILUSECO91EU
Canal Flats place CANATSDO20CD
Fountain place FOUAINCO90BR
Cortes Bay place CORBAYCO70MB
Ahousat place AHOSATCN69XG
Mackenzie place MACZIECO85KI
Edelweiss place EDEISSDO11MH
Sheridan Lake place SHEAKECO91NM
Ootsa Lake place OOTAKECO63XT
Hagwilget place HAGGETCO65EF
Kanaka Bar place KANBARCO90FC
Days Ranch place DAYNCHCO48NA
Brady Ranch place BRANCHCO86QT
Crescent Spur place CREPURCO93PN
Tuwanek place TUWNEKCN89CN
Takysie Lake place TAKAKECO73BV
Cache Creek place CACEEKCO90IT
Kakawis place KAKWISCN79AE
Kaleden place KALDENDN09EJ
Big White Ski part of place BIGSKIDN09MR
Strachan Creek place STREEKCN89JJ
Alberni place ALBRNICN79OF
Albreda place ALBEDADO02KP
Echo Bay place ECHBAYCO60RR
Spillimacheen place SPIEENDO10TV
McConnel place MCCNELDN19TD
Allenby place ALLNBYCN99RJ
Pass Creek place PASEEKDN19DJ
Sinkut River place SINVERCO83BW
Canim Lake place CANAKECO91NS
111 Mile House place MILUSECO91HS
Valemount place VALUNTDO02IT
Brookmere place BROERECN99NT
Dease Lake place DEAAKECO58AK
Mahood Falls place MAHLLSCO91QT
Kelowna place KELWNADN09GV
Kelowna place KELWN1DN09GV
Roberts Creek place ROBEEKCN89EK
Becher House place BECUSECO81RW
Palling place PALINGCO74AI
Gloucester part of place GLOTERCN89SC
Salmon Valley place SALLEYCO84PB
Paulson place PAUSONDN09WE
Three Forks place THRRKSDO10IA
Fleming place FLEINGCO65FF
Five Mile place FIVILEDO10GP
Copper Mountain place COPAINCN99RH
Ardmore place ARDORECN88GP
Minto Landing place MININGCN99AE
Sunshine Coast place SUNASTCN89CX
Armstrong place ARMONGDO00JK
100 Mile House place MILUSECO91IP
Criss Creek place CRIEEKCO91PB
Billings place BILNGSDN09VA
Millstream place MILEAMCN88FL
Kispiox place KISIOXCO65DI
Kispiox place KISIO1CO65DI
Kitimat place KITMATCO54QB
Thompson Sound place THOUNDCO60XT
New Westminster place NEWTERCN89NE
New Westminster place NEWTE1CN89NE
Georgetown Mills place GEOLLSCO44TL
Arrowhead place ARREADDO10AR
Kamloops place KAMOPSCO90UP
Mitchell Bay place MITBAYCO60NP
Atnarko place ATNRKOCO72BJ
Dugan Lake place DUGAKECO92AD
Lindell Beach place LINACHCN89XA
Salt Spring Island place SALANDCN88FT
Tulsequah place TULUAHCO38FP
Metchosin place METSINCN88FJ
Ocean Falls place OCELLSCO62DI
McLean Ranch place MCLNCHCO86WM
Blind Channel place BLINELCO70FJ
Boundary Falls place BOULLSDN09PA
Fellers Heights place FELHTSCO95RO
Revelstoke place REVOKEDO00VX
Vanderhoof place VANOOFCO74XA
Kimberley place KIMLEYDN29AQ
Hydraulic place HYDLICCO92DO
Alexis Creek place ALEEEKCO82IB
Phoenix place PHONIXDN09QC
Shearwater place SHETERCO52WD
Clemretta place CLETTACO63UX
Lockeport place LOCORTCO42BR
Estevan Point place ESTINTCN69RJ
Hudson's Hope place HUDOPECO85XX
Clo-oose place CLOOSECN78OP
Skeena Crossing place SKEINGCO65CC
Gillies Bay place GILBAYCN79SQ
Groundbirch place GRORCHCO95MS
Roosville place ROOLL1DN28LX
Beaver Pass House place BEAUSECO93BB
Panorama place PANAMADO10VL
Meldrum Creek place MELEEKCO82TC
Dawsons Landing place DAWINGCO61EN
McNab Creek place MCNEEKCN89HN
Eagle Bluff place EAGUFFDN09FG
New Hazelton place NEWTONCO65EF
Scotia Bay place SCOBAYCO39CO
114 Mile House place MILUSECO91GT
Cowichan Bay place COWBAYCN88ER
Moberly Lake place MOBAKECO95DT
Fair Harbour place FAIOURCO60KB
Enterprise place ENTISECO91CX
Victoria place VICRIACN88HK
Skookumchuck place SKOUCKDN29DV
Skookumchuck place SKOUCKCN89TW
Lillooet place LILOETCO90AQ
Twidwell Bend place TWIENDCO95FO
Campbell Creek place CAMEEKCO90XP
Abbotsford place ABBORDCN89UB
Abbotsford place ABBOR1CN89UB
Campbell River place CAMVERCO70JA
Sunset Prairie place SUNRIECO95OU
Parkland place PARANDCO95RV
Charlie Lake place CHAAKECO96MG
Boring Ranch place BORNCHCO86PW
Lindeman place LINMANCO29KS
Pink Mountain place PINAINCO87RA
Anvil Island place ANVANDCN89IM
Chute Lake place CHUAKEDN09FQ
127 Mile House place MILUSECO91DV
Hunts Inlet place HUNLETCO44SB
Charlotte Lake place CHAAKECO72IF
Lempriere place LEMEREDO02KK
Porteau place POREAUCN89JN
Meem Quam Leese place MEEESECO60RO
Passmore place PASOREDN19EN
Winter Harbour place WINOURCO50XM
Clearwater place CLETERCO91XP
Kingcome Inlet place KINLETCO60VW
Spences Bridge place SPEDGECO90HK
Two Rivers place TWOERSCO96RE
Gitanyow place GITYOWCO55XG
Manson Creek place MANEEKCO75SP
New Denver place NEWVERDN19HX
Ninstints place NINNTSCO42JC
Kootenay Bay place KOOBAYDN19NQ
Minstrel Island place MINANDCO60UO
Hyland Ranch place HYLNCHCO48GD
Balfour place BALOURDN19MO
Lower Nicola place LOWOLACO90ND
Hagensborg place HAGORGCO62RJ
Barrett place BARETTCO64OK
Doriston place DORTONCN89BR
Premier place PREIERCO46XB
Procter place PROTERDN19MO
Pavilion place PAVIONCO90BU
Lions Bay place LIOBAYCN89JK
Ben-My-Chree place BENREECO29SJ
Denman Island place DENANDCN79OM
Zincton place ZINTONDO10JA
New Clew place NEWLEWCO43CA
Decker Lake place DECAKECO74BH
Extension place EXTIONCN89AC
Union Bay place UNIBAYCN79NN
Tatlayoko Lake place TATAKECO71SR
Brackendale place BRAALECN89KS
Scott Cove place SCOOVECO60SS
Beasley place BEALEYDN19GL
Eastbourne place EASRNECN89GJ
Punchaw place PUNHAWCO83JK
Bell II place BELLIICO56CR
Bennett place BENETTCO29LU
Puntledge place PUNDGECN79LP
Newlands place NEWNDSCO84VC
Bob Quinn Lake place BOBAKECO46UX
Sointula place SOIULACO60LP
Woods Landing place WOOINGDO01LB
Silver Star Mountain place SILAINDO00LI
Mount Timothy place MOUTHYCO91IV
Owen Bay place OWEBAYCO70JH
Big Creek place BIGEEKCO81LR
Chapmans place CHAANSCN99GR
Callison Ranch place CALNCHCO48DP
Applegrove place APPOVEDN09WS
Aspen Grove place ASPOVECN99QW
Cherryville place CHELLEDO00QF
Cherryville place CHELL1DO00QF
Bowen Island place BOWANDCN89HJ
Seaside Park place SEAARKCN89GM
Albert Canyon place ALBYONDO11BD
Big Bay place BIGBAYCO70KJ
Simpson Ranch place SIMNCHCO86SO
Hillcrest place HILESTCN88CT
Pinegrove place PINOVECO93AB
Camp McKinney place CAMNEYDN09JC
Gerrard place GERARDDO10IM
Tower Lake place TOWAKECO96RA
105 Mile House place MILUSECO91IQ
Edgewood place EDGOODDN09WS
Earls Cove place EAROVECN79XR
Laketon place LAKTONCO48WQ
Whaletown place WHAOWNCO70LC
Langley place LANLEYCN89QC
Langley place LANLEYCN89QB
Chetarpe place CHERPECN69XF
Chetwynd place CHEYNDCO95EQ
Tatla Lake place TATAKECO71QV
Prairiedale place PRAALECO74XB
Galena Bay place GALBAYDO10BP
Bloedel place BLODELCO70HC
Granite Bay place GRABAYCO70IF
Powell River place POWVERCN79RU
Logan Lake place LOGAKECO90OL
Shushartie place SHUTIECO60BU
San Josef place SANSEFCO50WP
Gibsons place GIBONSCN89FJ
Streatham place STRHAMCO63UT
Flathead place FLAEADDN29SA
Flathead place FLAEADDN29QI
Belcarra place BELRRACN89MH
Gifford place GIFORDCN89TC
Nemaiah Valley place NEMLEYCO81BL
Campbell Road place CAMOADDO11NE
Giscome place GISOMECO84TB
Gordon River place GORVERCN78TS
Sorrento place SORNTODO00GV
Lemoray place LEMRAYCO85SM
Moricetown place MOROWNCO65HA
Nanoose Bay place NANBAYCN79VG
Boswell place BOSELLDN19OK
Bella Bella place BELLLACO52WD
Cobble Hill place COBILLCN88EQ
Bella Coola place BELOLACO62OI
Cracroft place CRAOFTCO60TM
Glacier place GLAIERDO11FG
Glenora place GLEORACO47HT
McKearney Ranch place MCKNCHCO86SP
Duncan Bay place DUNBAYCO70IB
Round Lake place ROUAKECO64MP
McCulloch place MCCOCHDN09JT
Summerland place SUMANDDN09DO
Christina Lake place CHRAKEDN09VA
Larsons Landing place LARINGCN79PX
Brexton place BRETONCO80OT
Gold Bridge place GOLDGECO80NU
Two Mile place TWOILECO65EG
Prince George place PRIRGECO83OV
Ceepeecee place CEECEECN69PU
Lindell place LINELLCN89XA
Port Coquitlam place PORLAMCN89OG
Hardwicke Island place HARANDCO70AJ
Montague Harbour place MONOURCN88HV
Shearer Dale place SHEALECO96WB
Engineer place ENGEERCO29UL
Buccaneer Bay place BUCBAYCN89AL
Toby Creek place TOBEEKDO10SH
Burnaby place BURABYCN89MG
Granduc place GRADUCCO46WF
Lake Kathlyn place LAKLYNCO64JT
Baker Trails place BAKILSCN99AC
Anmore place ANMORECN89NH
Elk Prairie place ELKRIEDN29NS
West Kelowna place WESWNADN09FU
Premier Lake place PREAKEDN29EW
Beaton place BEATONDO10DR
Birken place BIRKENCO80QL
Beresford place BERORDCO90UN
Beaver Cove place BEAOVECO60NM
Bowser place BOWSERCN79PK
Chu Chua place CHUHUACO91VI
Boston Flats place BOSATSCO90IS
Burton place BURTONDN19BX
12 Mile place MILILECO75MT
Carlin place CARLINDO00IT
Carson place CARSONDN09RA
Madeira Park place MADARKCN79XO
Esperanza place ESPNZACN69PU
Choate place CHOATECN99GL
Cinema place CINEMACO83SF
Cokato place COKATODN29LL
Corbin place CORBINDN29QM
Donald Landing place DONINGCO74EL
Old Hogem place OLDGEMCO75GS
Curzon place CURZONDN19WB
Broman Lake place BROAKECO64WJ
Narcosli Creek place NAREEKCO82RR
Walnut Grove part of place WALOVECN89QD
Alice Siding place ALIINGDN19RC
Devine place DEVINECO80SM
Naramata place NARATADN09EO
Donald place DONALDDO11JL
Sandspit place SANPITCO43CF
Duncan place DUNCANCN88DS
Marshall School Junction place MARIONCN79RR
Ecoole place ECOOLECN78LX
Garibaldi Highlands place GARNDSCN89KR
Mount Robson place MOUSONDO03JA
Egmont place EGMONTCN89AR
Fort St. James place FORMESCO74UK
Endako place ENDAKOCO74LB
Pouce Coupe place POUUPECO95WR
Evelyn place EVELYNCO64IV
Exeter place EXETERCO91HP
Exstew place EXSTEWCO54KJ
Kingsgate place KINATEDN18VX
Hot Springs Cove place HOTOVECN69UI
Fernie place FERNIEDN29LM
Fintry place FINTRYDO00FD
Fontas place FONTASCO98DG
Fowler place FOWLERCO46CT
Vidette place VIDTTECO91ND
Salmon Arm place SALARMDO00IQ
Salmon Arm place SALAR1DO00IQ
Theodosia Arm place THEARMCO70PB
Ganges place GANGESCN88FU
Sparwood place SPAOODDN29NR
Mile 62 1/2 place MILILECO96KJ
Golden place GOLDENDO11MH
Greata place GREATADN09CQ

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	gehört zu object_277497,
	hat externe Kennung  geonames:5909050,
	heißt  (auf deu) Britisch-Kolumbien,
	heißt  (auf eng) British Columbia,
	heißt  (auf fre) Colombie-Britanique,
	ist (auf deu) Provinz;
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