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GOV id
  • Alberta (deu)
  • province
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Geographic Position
  • 53.0081°N 113.7688°W calculated center position of the place
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Superordinate objects


 political administration

Superordinate objects

Superordinate objects

name Timespan type Source
Canada, Kanada country

Subordinate objects

name type GOV-Id Timespan
Grassy Lake place GRAAKEDN49DT
Haight place HAIGHTDO33UI
Halach place HALACHDO34DH
Hamlet place HAMLETDO31JE
Hamlin place HAMLINDO43BX
Haynes place HAYNESDO32HH
Hayter place HAYTERDO42WI
Heldar place HELDARDO24MA
Helina place HELINADO44GL
Henday place HENDAYDO21XW
Hinton place HINTONDO13EJ
Claysmore place CLAOREDO43LI
Holden place HOLDENDO33VF
Crestomere place CREEREDO32AQ
Hussar place HUSSARDO31PB
Hutton place HUTTONDO41AA
Mount Valley place MOULEYDO05BB
Idamay place IDAMAYDO41NU
Goodfare place GOOAREDO05DG
Crowfoot place CROOOTDO30QT
White Gull place WHIULLDO34FS
Carseland place CARANDDO30GU
Carseland place CARAN1DO30GU
Fern Creek place FEREEKDO23UC
Inland place INLANDDO33VK
Island Lake place ISLAKEDO34FU
Allingham place ALLHAMDO31EQ
Lubicon Lake place LUBAKEDO26BI
Ireton place IRETONDO33EG
Irvine place IRVINEDN49UW
Hawk Hills place HAWLLSDO17GF
Carstairs place CARIRSDO21WN
Jarrow place JARROWDO42HW
Jarvie place JARVIEDO34AK
Jasper place JASPERDO02WV
Jasper place JASPERDO02XV
Calgary place CALARYDO21XB
Calgary place CALARYDO21WB
Campsie place CAMSIEDO24QD
Camrose place CAMOSEDO33NA
Canmore place CANOREDO21HC
Canmore place CANOR1DO21HC
Jenner place JENNERDO40JS
Jensen place JENSENDN49HU
Auburndale place AUBALEDO43NB
Caprona place CAPONADO32OC
Cassils place CASILSDO30XO
Green Court place GREURTDO24JA
Lawsonburg place LAWURGDO31VL
Joffre place JOFFREDO32FI
Green Glade place GREADEDO42WM
Itaska Beach place ITAACHDO23WB
Whitburn place WHIURNDO05JU
Whitford place WHIORDDO33VU
Bow City place BOWITYDO30VK
Judson place JUDSONDN39TM
Pembridge place PEMDGEDO23PV
Ensleigh place ENSIGHDO41KU
Kahwin place KAHWINDO34TA
Kelsey place KELSEYDO32RU
Kenzie place KENZIEDO15OM
Kersey place KERSEYDO31CJ
Knee Hill Valley place KNELEYDO31DX
Killam place KILLAMDO42BS
Kinuso place KINUSODO25GI
Kovach place KOVACHDO20JW
Krakow place KRAKOWDO33SR
Whitecourt place WHIURTDO24DD
Entrance place ENTNCEDO13DI
Saunders place SAUERSDO22DK
Labuma place LABUMADO32CI
Lafond place LAFONDDO43GV
Lamont place LAMONTDO33OS
Lathom place LATHOMDO30TR
Lawton place LAWTONDO24SB
Dunshalt place DUNALTDO31ID
Dunvegan place DUNGANDO05QW
Leaman place LEAMANDO23GO
Legend place LEGENDDN49EL
Lehigh place LEHIGHDO31RI
Lenzie place LENZIEDN39MR
Linden place LINDENDO31GO
Blueberry Mountain place BLUAINDO05KW
Lomond place LOMONDDO30QI
Lonira place LONIRADO24GC
Longview place LONIEWDO20VM
Luscar place LUSCARDO13HB
Lutose place LUTOSEDO19IK
Lyalta place LYALTADO31EC
Lyndon place LYNDONDO30BA
MacKay place MACKAYDO23EP
Macson place MACSONDN49QX
Madden place MADDENDO21UK
Mallow place MALLOWDO30VU
Manola place MANOLADO24VC
Mapova place MAPOVADO34KH
Margie place MARGIEDO45HK
Marina place MARINADO06JM
Mayton place MAYTONDO31DU
Lymburn place LYMURNDO05CI
Vermilion Chutes place VERTESDO28NI
Mearns place MEARNSDO33CU
Medley place MEDLEYDO44UK
Menaik place MENAIKDO32FS
Miette place MIETTEDO13AF
Millet place MILLETDO33GC
Mirror place MIRRORDO32KL
Mitsue place MITSUEDO25QG
Red Willow place REDLOWDO32RK
Morley place MORLEYDO21ND
Morrin place MORRINDO31OQ
Poplar Ridge place POPDGEDO05MW
Munson place MUNSONDO31ON
Muriel place MURIELDO43OV
Happy Hollow place HAPLOWDO44RM
Myrnam place MYRNAMDO43JQ
Quigley place QUILEYDO46NC
Namaka place NAMAKADO30IW
Nanton place NANTONDO30CI
Naples place NAPLESDO24UF
Nestow place NESTOWDO34EF
Netook place NETOOKDO21XV
St. Edouard place STEARDDO43KX
Nilrem place NILREMDO42JM
Nisbet place NISBETDO31BW
Nojack place NOJACKDO23EO
Nugent place NUGENTDO22UT
Hackett place HACETTDO32SD
Haddock place HADOCKDO23AT
Halkirk place HALIRKDO32WG
Wild Horse place WILRSEDN49VA
Baintree place BAIREEDO31IE
Hargwen place HARWENDO13KM
Harlech place HARECHDO22AM
Hartell place HARELLDO20VO
Alberta Beach place ALBACHDO23TQ
Hawkins place HAWINSDO42KU
Onoway place ONOWAYDO23VQ
Gardenview place GARIEWDO23RX
Berrymoor place BEROORDO23OG
Crossfield place CROELDDO21XK
Paxson place PAXSONDO34LQ
Pearce place PEARCEDN39IT
Peavey place PEAVEYDO33EV
Pecten place PECTENDN39AH
Pedley place PEDLEYDO13GL
Peoria place PEORIADO05UO
Sherwood Park place SHEARKDO33IM
Glen Park place GLEARKDO33AE
Pingle place PINGLEDO45MW
Piyami place PIYAMIDN39NU
Northcliffe place NORFFEDN39GF
Ponoka place PONOKADO32FQ
Suffield place SUFELDDO40JF
Puffer place PUFFERDO42HI
Chauvin place CHAVINDO42WQ
Girouxville place GIRLLEDO15HS
Cheadle place CHEDLEDO31FA
Fincastle place FINTLEDN39XT
Cheneka place CHEEKADO21OE
Lorraine place LORINEDO42EI
Chipman place CHIMANDO33QQ
Pocahontas place POCTASDO13AE
Saskatchewan River Crossing place SASINGDO11PX
Little Fishery place LITERYDO38FQ
Burtonsville place BURLLEDO23RI
Alix South Junction place ALIIONDO32JI
Radnor place RADNORDO21PF
Radway place RADWAYDO34MB
Ravine place RAVINEDO23HQ
Retlaw place RETLAWDO30UB
Northbank place NORANKDO34RA
Berkinshaw place BERHAWDO42CK
Northmark place NORARKDO05NO
Rimbey place RIMBEYDO22VP
Ghost Lake place GHOAKEDO21OE
Ghost Lake place GHOAK1DO21OE
Rosyth place ROSYTHDO42JP
Roxana place ROXANADO15MS
Roytal place ROYTALDN49PX
Muskeg River place MUSVERDO03QW
Craigmillar place CRALARDO42NH
Glenister place GLETERDO24NA
Rumsey place RUMSEYDO31NU
Heisler place HEILERDO32VQ
Sabine place SABINEDO32QE
Castle Island place CASANDDO23TR
Imperial Mills place IMPLLSDO45DA
Red Deer Junction place REDIONDO32CI
Shantz place SHANTZDO21SQ
Shonts place SHONTSDO33QI
Sidcup place SIDCUPDO42SX
Hesketh place HESETHDO31ML
Hespero place HESERODO22SI
Snug Cove place SNUOVEDO44HP
Duvernay place DUVNAYDO43DS
Lougheed place LOUEEDDO42FR
Sterco place STERCODO13OC
Strome place STROMEDO32XT
Sugden place SUGDENDO44FJ
Sundre place SUNDREDO21QT
Kenny Woods place KENODSDO48HC
Magrath place MAGATHDN39NK
Mahaska place MAHSKADO23AV
Talbot place TALBOTDO42IF
Taplow place TAPLOWDO41DN
Mallaig place MALAIGDO44HF
Bank Bay place BANBAYDO44VN
Manning place MANINGDO16EW
Bankhead place BANEADDO21FE
Throne place THRONEDO42IB
Massive place MASIVEDO21CF
Tilley place TILLEYDO40EK
Tod Creek place TODEEKDN29US
South Cooking Lake place SOUAKEDO33KJ
Tolman place TOLMANDO31LU
Torlea place TORLEADO43AD
Mazeppa place MAZPPADO30DP
Trochu place TROCHUDO31JU
Truman place TRUMANDO44JL
Tuttle place TUTTLEDO32BF
Twomey place TWOMEYDO32PX
Clivale place CLIALEDO31WG
McNeill place MCNILLDO40XQ
Bonnyville Beach place BONACHDO44NF
Ukalta place UKALTADO33SX
Owl River place OWLVERDO44BV
Waterton Park place WATARKDN39AB
Pelican Narrows place PELOWSDO44NG
Venice place VENICEDO34WQ
Verger place VERGERDO30XW
Teepee Creek place TEEEEKDO05TI
Victor place VICTORDO31TT
Viking place VIKINGDO43CC
Moose Wallow place MOOLOWDO24ME
Volmer place VOLMERDO33DR
Amesbury place AMEURYDO35SC
Galloway place GALWAYDO13NM
Vulcan place VULCANDO30IJ
Fitzgerald place FITALDDO49EU
Fitzgerald place FITALDDN49NV
Franchere place FRAEREDO44LG
Normandville place NORLLEDO15HU
Simon Lakes place SIMKESDO16QL
Wagner place WAGNERDO25MI
Wapiti place WAPITIDO04KX
Warden place WARDENDO32OG
Warner place WARNERDN39VG
Watino place WATINODO15ER
Whitla place WHITLADN49LU
Wilson place WILSONDN39QO
Loyalist place LOYISTDO41MX
Woking place WOKINGDO05ON
Wostok place WOSTOKDO33SU
Bowmanton place BOWTONDO40SF
Meanook place MEAOOKDO34HN
Bitumount place BITUNTDO47EJ
Staplehurst place STARSTDO43WI
Coghill place COGILLDO32II
Bargrave place BARAVEDO31GN
Fox Creek place FOXEEKDO14OJ
Coleman place COLMANDN29RP
Compeer place COMEERDO41XU
Conklin place CONLINDO45KP
Consort place CONORTDO42OA
Mercoal place MEROALDO13KE
Barnegat place BARGATDO44CS
Barnwell place BARELLDN39US
Barrhead place BAREADDO24TD
Cousins place COUINSDO40PB
Cousins place COUINSDO42QF
Bartstow place BARTOWDO30KV
Sundance place SUNNCEDO23QM
Vegreville place VEGLLEDO33XM
Ma-Me-O Beach place MAMACHDO32AX
Kapasiwin place KAPWINDO23SN
Rainbow place RAIBOWDO31TL
Rainier place RAIIERDO30WI
Golden Spike place GOLIKEDO33AK
Ralston place RALTONDO40JG
Brightbank place BRIANKDO23VK
Brightview place BRIIEWDO32EW
Goodfish Lake place GOOAKEDO44BH
Raymond place RAYONDDN39QK
Shale Banks place SHANKSDO03VF
Lakedell place LAKELLDO22XX
Lakesend place LAKENDDO42LG
Lakeview place LAKIEWDO23SN
Griffin Creek place GRIEEKDO16BA
Purple Springs place PURNGSDN49BT
Ardenode place ARDODEDO31GD
Midnapore place MIDOREDO20WW
Midnapore place MIDOREDO20XV
Zawale place ZAWALEDO33TT
Jefferson place JEFSONDN39KB
Highvale place HIGALEDO23RK
Half Moon Bay place HALBAYDO22VI
Smithfield place SMIELDDO23TN
Desjarlais place DESAISDO33XV
Michichi place MICCHIDO31RO
Glen Leslie place GLELIEDO05SE
Jean D'Or place JEADORDO28KL
Cremona place CREONADO21SN
Holmes Crossing place HOLINGDO24PH
Drumheller place DRULERDO31PL
Sounding Lake place SOUAKEDO42RC
Creekland place CREANDDO23SH
Lamerton place LAMTONDO32KM
Rocky Ford place ROCORDDO42KS
Rocky Lane place ROCANEDO18UK
Rocky View place ROCIEWDO31AE
Coalhurst place COARSTDN39MR
Minaret place MINRETDO21WR
Minburn place MINURNDO43HH
Mintlaw place MINLAWDO32BF
Mitford place MITORDDO21RF
Garfield place GARELDDO21TO
Hill Spring place HILINGDN39EG
South View place SOUIEWDO23PP
Bay Tree place BAYREEDO05BT
Hoadley place HOALEYDO22TU
Hobbema place HOBEMADO32GU
Hobbema place HOBEM1DO32GU
Redland place REDANDDO31LH
Gull Lake place GULAKEDO32AL
Holborn place HOLORNDO23XK
Holyoke place HOLOKEDO44QD
Horburg place HORURGDO22IK
Twin Butte place TWITTEDN39BG
Hoselaw place HOSLAWDO44NE
Marten River place MARVERDO16VM
Wabamun place WABMUNDO23SN
Wabasca place WABSCADO35AX
Waskatenau place WASNAUDO34OC
Evansburg place EVAURGDO23LO
Carvel Corner place CARNERDO23VN
Middle Creek place MIDEEKDO43RT
North Star place NORTARDO16EU
Congresbury place CONURYDO22MF
Warburg place WARURGDO23UE
Wardlow place WARLOWDO40FV
Warwick place WARICKDO33XP
Wastina place WASINADO41LP
Richdale place RICALEDO41EO
Friedenstal place FRITALDO06TB
Donatville place DONLLEDO34OS
Val Quentin place VALTINDO23TQ
Bragg Creek place BRAEEKDO20RW
Perryvale place PERALEDO34HL
Muriel Lake place MURAKEDO44QF
Spirit River place SPIVERDO05NS
Northleigh place NORIGHDO23OI
Benton Station place BENIONDO41TI
Ricinus place RICNUSDO22MC
Larkspur place LARPURDO34CK
Kemp River place KEMVERDO17FN
Clear Hills place CLELLSDO16BN
Prospect Valley place PROLEYDO42UU
Fort Saskatchewan place FORWANDO33JR
Knob Hill place KNOILLDO22TX
Big Coulee place BIGLEEDO34IV
Meadowbrook place MEAOOKDO34EL
Webster place WEBTERDO05PK
Old Entrance place OLDNCEDO13DI
Welling place WELINGDN39OL
Wembley place WEMLEYDO05KD
Monarch place MONRCHDN39KT
Monitor place MONTORDO41RX
Mosside place MOSIDEDO24RB
Huallen place HUALENDO05ID
Bow Island place BOWANDDN49HU
Huggett place HUGETTDO23WH
Warrensville Centre place WARTREDO16EH
Valhalla place VALLLADO05GL
Water Valley place WATLEYDO21QM
Limestone Mountain place LIMAINDO21GW
Rossington place ROSTONDO24XE
Iron River place IROVERDO44MK
Hattonford place HATORDDO23DS
Alcomdale place ALCALEDO33BV
Whitney place WHINEYDN39MT
Hutch Lake place HUTAKEDO18IR
Willingdon place WILDONDO33WU
Highland Park place HIGARKDO06NC
Wildcat place WILCATDO21QF
Highland Ranch place HIGNCHDO31HU
Fort Vermilion place FORIONDO18XJ
Pipestone Creek place PIPEEKDO05KB
Clarkson Valley place CLALEYDO15CC
Shoal Creek place SHOEEKDO24VH
Rosebud place ROSBUDDO31MH
Roselea place ROSLEADO24OC
Sunbreaker Cove place SUNOVEDO22VJ
Dovercourt place DOVURTDO22NG
Roydale place ROYALEDO23MX
Mundare place MUNAREDO33TO
Camp Creek place CAMEEKDO24QG
Prentiss place PREISSDO32EI
Val Soucy place VALUCYDO33LX
Matthews Crossing place MATINGDO23NQ
Tar Island place TARANDDO47GA
Prairie Echo place PRACHODO15TO
Dalmuir place DALUIRDO34MA
North Red Deer place NOREERDO32CG
Gordondale place GORALEDO05FT
Rockyford place ROCORDDO31KF
Rochon Sands place ROCNDSDO32NK
Silver Beach place SILACHDO33AA
Big Meadow place BIGDOWDO44PJ
Silver Sands place SILNDSDO23QP
Seba Beach place SEBACHDO23PN
Dowling Lake place DOWAKEDO31VS
Deep Creek place DEEEEKDO34JW
Wildmere place WILEREDO43OD
Wildwood place WILOODDO23JO
Worsley place WORLEYDO06KM
Princess place PRIESSDO40FQ
Brûlé Mines place BRLNESDO13BH
Northern Valley place NORLEYDO43NS
Decrene place DECENEDO25VE
Ferlow Junction place FERIONDO32NW
Vauxhall place VAUALLDO30WB
Wimborne place WIMRNEDO31EU
Demmitt place DEMITTDO05BK
Denhart place DENARTDO40GQ
Derwent place DERENTDO43MP
Deville place DEVLLEDO33MK
Borradaile place BORILEDO43PI
Helmsdale place HELALEDO41PE
Helmsdale place HELALEDO21XI
Lahaieville place LAHLLEDO34FT
Jackfish place JACISHDO48NK
Winfield place WINELDDO22SX
Hines Creek place HINEEKDO06QG
Acadia Valley place ACALEYDO41VD
Dalehurst place DALRSTDO13HM
Heatburg place HEAURGDO32JH
Mayerthorpe place MAYRPEDO23KW
Matzhiwin place MATWINDO30XU
Bullpound place BULUNDDO41AC
Bullshead place BULEADDN49OW
Meadowview place MEAIEWDO23PX
Makepeace place MAKACEDO30QW
Beaver Crossing place BEAINGDO44VI
Joussard place JOUARDDO25AI
Streamstown place STROWNDO43VK
Rycroft place RYCOFTDO05PS
Lunnford place LUNORDDO24UB
Bickerdike place BICIKEDO13QN
Griesbach place GRIACHDO33JP
Crystal Springs place CRYNGSDO22XX
Big Slough place BIGUGHDO38KT
Tinchebray place TINRAYDO42AK
Boyne Lake place BOYAKEDO44DF
Springburn place SPRURNDO15MW
Springdale place SPRALEDO22VU
Canola Field Farm CANELDDO31FA
Nakamun place NAKMUNDO23VU
Spruce View place SPRIEWDO22UC
Navarre place NAVRREDO32GV
Goodridge place GOODGEDO44HJ
Smithmill place SMIILLDO16CL
Coaldale place COAALEDN39QR
Coalspur place COAPURDO13LE
Big Valley place BIGLEYDO32OA
Christina Crossing place CHRINGDO46SG
West Baptiste place WESSTEDO34FS
Whispering Hills place WHILLSDO34FS
Lac la Nonne place LACNNEDO23UW
Sprucefield place SPRELDDO34OE
Bushy Head Corner place BUSNERDO42KR
Woolchester place WOOTERDN49RT
Ferintosh place FEROSHDO32MS
Cochrane place COCANEDO21SE
Pirmez Creek place PIREEKDO21TA
Sweathouse Creek place SWEEEKDO15NA
Pollockville place POLLLEDO41EC
Excelsior place EXCIORDO33FS
Kehewin Cree Nation place KEHIONDO44NC
Crowchild place CROILDDO20VW
Donalda place DONLDADO32RO
Iddesleigh place IDDIGHDO40IR
Lac La Biche place LACCHEDO44AS
Dorothy place DORTHYDO31UH
Dowling place DOWINGDO31XS
Red Deer place REDEERDO32CG
Red Star place REDTARDO06UA
Blairmore place BLAOREDN29SO
Crowsnest place CROESTDN29PP
Barlee Junction place BARIONDO33OB
Sangudo place SANUDODO23NV
Gleichen place GLEHENDO30LU
Sawback place SAWACKDO21DE
Berdinskies place BERIESDO48HB
Glenford place GLEORDDO23VT
Glenwood place GLEOODDN39FI
Ethel Lake place ETHAKEDO44TM
White Sands place WHINDSDO32OL
Amber Valley place AMBLEYDO34MR
Craigmyle place CRAYLEDO31UQ
Scandia place SCADIADO30XG
Redcliff place REDIFFDO40OC
Schuler place SCHLERDO40WI
Hemaruka place HEMUKADO41KS
Eastburg place EASURGDO24WC
Eastgate place EASATEDO33JW
Easyford place EASORDDO23KG
Cold Lake place COLAKEDO44VK
Redwater place REDTERDO33KW
Drywood place DRYOODDN39CH
St. Francis place STFCISDO23TG
Sheerness place SHEESSDO41DL
Ankerton place ANKTONDO32UR
Sharples place SHALESDO31LL
Bruderheim place BRUEIMDO33MS
Sedalia place SEDLIADO41PQ
Meander River place MEAVERDO19DA
Crowsnest Pass place CROASSDN29RO
McLeod River place MCLVERDO13QL
Lake Saskatoon place LAKOONDO05KF
Duchess place DUCESSDO40AR
Duhamel place DUHMELDO32MW
Hope Valley place HOPLEYDO42QX
Dunmore place DUNOREDN49QX
Finnegan place FINGANDO31XC
Kneehill place KNEILLDO31PL
Halfway Lake place HALAKEDO34GD
Fork Lake place FORAKEDO44EK
Wesley Creek place WESEEKDO16KG
Hairy Hill place HAIILLDO43AS
Lake Louise place LAKISEDO11VK
Lake Louise place LAKISEDO11UJ
Silver Valley place SILLEYDO06FA
Buffalo Lake place BUFAKEDO05LJ
Buffalo View place BUFIEWDO42OO
Shandro place SHADRODO33VW
Sharrow place SHAROWDO40VW
Lake Majeau place LAKEAUDO23SU
Shepard place SHEARDDO30BW
Horseshoe Bay place HORBAYDO44HC
Siksika place SIKIKADO30MS
Athabasca place ATHSCADO34IR
Fort MacKay place FORKAYDO47EE
Mellowdale place MELALEDO24TF
Quatre Fourches place QUAHESDO48IP
Norbuck place NORUCKDO23SA
Nordegg place NOREGGDO22BL
Norfolk place NOROLKDO31DA
Robinson place ROBSONDO23MV
Heart River place HEAVERDO15RO
Silver Heights place SILHTSDO42JH
Neutral Valley place NEULEYDO42OD
Heart Lake place HEAAKEDO31UW
Miette Hotsprings place MIENGSDO13CD
Scollard place SCOARDDO31NW
Bluffton place BLUTONDO22US
Homeglen place HOMLENDO22WT
Scotford place SCOORDDO33KS
Snaring place SNAINGDO03XB
Collicutt place COLUTTDO21XK
Sniatyn place SNITYNDO33TW
Smoky Heights place SMOHTSDO05UJ
Coronado place CORADODO33IV
Hollow Lake place HOLAKEDO34OG
Notikewin place NOTWINDO16EX
Beach Corner place BEANERDO23WM
Prestville place PRELLEDO05QR
Solomon place SOLMONDO13BI
West Cove place WESOVEDO23RQ
Shining Bank place SHIANKDO23AV
Beaverhill place BEAILLDO33NT
Medicine Hat place MEDHATDO40PB
Kirriemuir place KIRUIRDO41UW
Spedden place SPEDENDO44DD
Fort Kent place FORENTDO44QH
Silverwood place SILOODDO05PQ
Last Lake place LASAKEDO16AF
Spondin place SPODINDO41EU
John D'Or Prairie place JOHRIEDO28KM
Wenham Valley place WENLEYDO23TB
Countess place COUESSDO30US
Assineau place ASSEAUDO25JI
Kitscoty place KITOTYDO43TI
Mewassin place MEWSINDO23UK
Westerose place WESOSEDO32AX
Elk Island place ELKANDDO33MS
Keg River place KEGVERDO17ES
Keg River place KEGVERDO17BT
Weberville place WEBLLEDO16IG
Prosperity place PROITYDO34NT
Chancellor place CHALORDO31NC
Paradise Valley place PARLEYDO43UA
Albert Park place ALBARKDO21XA
Stanger place STAGERDO23OS
Stavely place STAELYDO30EE
Steeper place STEPERDO13KD
Stettin place STETINDO23XT
Stewart place STEARTDN39PP
Stobart place STOARTDO30KV
Poplar Hill place POPILLDO05II
Plamondon place PLADONDO34UU
Fitzallen place FITLENDO33XN
Dead Man's Flats place DEAATSDO21IA
Sylvan Glen place SYLLENDO34AN
Sylvan Lake place SYLAKEDO22WH
Golden Days place GOLAYSDO23XB
Sunland place SUNANDDO33UX
Adams Landing place ADAINGDO28LJ
Jackson place JACSONDO32CK
Irricana place IRRANADO31EH
St. Paul place STPAULDO43IX
Homestead place HOMEADDO05HM
Alpen Siding place ALPINGDO34MK
Westcott place WESOTTDO21UO
Westlock place WESOCKDO34BD
Ronalane place RONANEDO40EB
Mystery Lake place MYSAKEDO24ME
Grande Prairie place GRARIEDO05OE
Killarney Lake place KILAKEDO42XN
Hazeldine place HAZINEDO43SO
Hazelmere place HAZEREDO05DA
Starlight place STAGHTDO20VX
Bon Accord place BONORDDO33GU
Park Farm place PARARMDO42OQ
Ballantine place BALINEDO23RW
Early Gardens place EARENSDO16EC
Stewartfield place STEELDDO24RA
Scotfield place SCOELDDO41HN
Philomena place PHIENADO45EE
Chinook Valley place CHILEYDO16EL
Rose Lynn place ROSYNNDO41DK
Scotswood place SCOOODDO06QC
Didsbury place DIDURYDO21WQ
Campbell place CAMELLDO33FP
Torrington place TORTONDO31ET
Eladesor place ELASORDO31QJ
Crimson Lake place CRIAKEDO22LK
Bridgeview place BRIIEWDO05NP
Jeffrey place JEFREYDO34FC
Hermit Lake place HERAKEDO05LE
Elbridge place ELBDGEDO34JF
Rosenheim place ROSEIMDO42VE
Inverlake place INVAKEDO31EB
Rosalind place ROSINDDO32SS
Rosedale place ROSALEDO31QK
Rosemary place ROSARYDO30WS
Rosevear place ROSEARDO13WQ
Magnolia place MAGLIADO23NO
Gap place GAPGAPDO21IB
Gem place GEMGEMDO30VW
Kew place KEWKEWDO20SR
Leo place LEOLEODO32TB
Oke place OKEOKEDO13MG
Poe place POEPOEDO33TG
Oberlin place OBELINDO32NG
Abee place ABEBEEDO34LF
Acme place ACMCMEDO31FM
Aden place ADEDENDN49IA
Alix place ALILIXDO32JJ
Bain place BAIAINDN49TG
Balm place BALALMDO23IW
Bodo place BODODODO42WD
Chin place CHIHINDN39SS
Culp place CULULPDO15FS
Czar place CZAZARDO42NK
Dapp place DAPAPPDO34AI
Dina place DININADO42WW
Diss place DISISSDO13MD
Doan place DOAOANDO21XX
Dunn place DUNUNNDO42TR
Fenn place FENENNDO32OD
Gage place GAGAGEDO06RD
Hylo place HYLYLODO34VQ
Irma place IRMRMADO42JW
Juno place JUNUNODN49ET
Kipp place KIPIPPDN39MS
Lure place LURUREDO42FE
Milo place MILILODO30NN
Naco place NACACODO41OQ
Nier place NIEIERDO21VK
Obed place OBEBEDDO13JN
Olds place OLDLDSDO21WS
Opal place OPAPALDO33JX
Oyen place OYEYENDO41SI
Peno place PENENODO33PW
Rife place RIFIFEDO44LE
Roma place ROMOMADO16GF
Shaw place SHAHAWDO13KC
Sion place SIOIONDO23WV
Star place STATARDO33OT
Stry place STRTRYDO44BB
Vega place VEGEGADO24TJ
Vimy place VIMIMYDO34EB
Wolf place WOLOLFDO20VW
Wynd place WYNYNDDO02WU
Woodglen place WOOLENDO33VA
Halcourt place HALURTDO05FC
Halcreek place HALEEKDO34DI
Elspeth place ELSETHDO22VH
Woolford place WOOORDDN39KE
South Baptiste place SOUSTEDO34FR
Deer Hill place DEEILLDO06TG
Galarneauville place GALLLEDO31XD
Halsbury place HALURYDO40KS
Forestburg place FORURGDO32XO
Braeburn place BRAURNDO05PM
Millerfield place MILELDDO31SI
Point Alison place POISONDO23SN
Brainard place BRAARDDO05DJ
Empress place EMPESSDO40XW
Turner Valley place TURLEYDO20UQ
Shouldice place SHOICEDO30MR
Enchant place ENCANTDO30SE
Cardston place CARTONDN39IE
Aggie place AGGGIEDO15QK
Alexo place ALEEXODO22CL
Alpen place ALPPENDO34MK
Amisk place AMIISKDO42LN
Atlee place ATLLEEDO40MU
Azure place AZUUREDO30BM
Banff place BANNFFDO21FE
Bardo place BARRDODO33PH
Bawlf place BAWWLFDO32SW
Behan place BEHHANDO45GG
Bilby place BILLBYDO23WQ
Bonar place BONNARDO41CP
Botha place BOTTHADO32RH
Boyer place BOYYERDO18WL
Boyle place BOYYLEDO34OO
Busby place BUSSBYDO33BW
Butte place BUTTTEDO22PE
Brûlé place BRLBRLDO13BG
Cecil place CECCILDO40EC
Chard place CHAARDDO45MU
Clive place CLIIVEDO32GL
Cluny place CLUUNYDO30NU
Clyde place CLYYDEDO34ED
Comet place COMMETDO41AT
Cosmo place COSSMODO23OW
Dalum place DALLUMDO31QH
Delia place DELLIADO31TP
Delph place DELLPHDO34PA
Demay place DEMMAYDO33PC
Devon place DEVVONDO33DI
Dodds place DODDDSDO33RF
Doris place DORRISDO24QK
Dreau place DREEAUDO15IS
Duagh place DUAAGHDO33HR
Carnwood place CAROODDO23QE
Edson place EDSSONDO13SO
Eldon place ELDDONDO11XH
Erith place ERIITHDO13PJ
Caroline place CARINEDO22OC
Excel place EXCCELDO41QJ
Fleet place FLEEETDO42DD
Foisy place FOIISYDO43EV
Forth place FORRTHDO32CG
Garth place GARRTHDO22LI
Gilby place GILLBYDO22TL
Habay place HABBAYDO08PU
Hanna place HANNNADO41BP
Heath place HEAATHDO42QT
Hondo place HONNDODO25XB
Horen place HORRENDO23PL
Howie place HOWWIEDO40IV
Hythe place HYTTHEDO05FH
Ispas place ISPPASDO43CV
Jalna place JALLNADO23LT
Janet place JANNETDO31BA
Judah place JUDDAHDO16ID
Kasha place KASSHADO32BK
Keith place KEIITHDO21UC
Keoma place KEOOMADO31EF
Kiron place KIRRONDO32PW
Lavoy place LAVVOYDO43BK
Leddy place LEDDDYDO16FI
Leduc place LEDDUCDO33FG
Legal place LEGGALDO33EW
Looma place LOOOMADO33II
Luzan place LUZZANDO33UT
Maleb place MALLEBDN49IQ
Malmo place MALLMODO32JS
Manir place MANNIRDO05RR
McNab place MCNNABDN39UI
McRae place MCRRAEDO44DI
Metis place METTISDO18HE
Mound place MOUUNDDO21RU
Namao place NAMMAODO33GR
Nampa place NAMMPADO16KA
Nevis place NEVVISDO32LI
Night place NIGGHTDO20VW
Niobe place NIOOBEDO05KH
Niobe place NIOOBEDO32BB
Nisku place NISSKUDO33FI
Nisku place NISSK1DO33FI
Nolan place NOLLANDN39FS
Noral place NORRALDO34TP
Norma place NORRMADO33XR
Orion place ORIIONDN49OK
Otter place OTTTERDO20VW
Otway place OTWWAYDO22MI
Ozada place OZAADADO21MC
Pakan place PAKKANDO34TA
Peers place PEEERSDO13XQ
Pivot place PIVVOTDO40XK
Prevo place PREEVODO22XI
Majestic place MAJTICDO40NU
Raley place RALLEYDN39JG
Ranch place RANNCHDO35BC
Raven place RAVVENDO22SC
Ronan place RONNANDO23IU
Roros place RORROSDO42VU
Royce place ROYYCEDO06NF
Ryley place RYLLEYDO33SG
Scapa place SCAAPADO41AU
Seebe place SEEEBEDO21LC
Skaro place SKAARODO33OW
Skiff place SKIIFFDN49CM
Slawa place SLAAWADO43KQ
Smith place SMIITHDO25XE
Stowe place STOOWEDN39FQ
Styal place STYYALDO23KO
Taber place TABBERDN39WS
Timeu place TIMMEUDO24QM
Tudor place TUDDORDO31KE
Ullin place ULLLINDO22LI
Uncas place UNCCASDO33LM
Usona place USOONADO32DU
Vilna place VILLNADO44AC
Walsh place WALLSHDN49XW
Wasel place WASSELDO33WX
Watts place WATTTSDO31WQ
Waugh place WAUUGHDO34GA
Weald place WEAALDDO13OJ
Wiste place WISSTEDO41NT
Yates place YATTESDO13TP
Bear Lake place BEAAKEDO05MG
Town Lake place TOWAKEDO22SW
Mount Royal University place MOUITYDO21WA
Herronton place HERTONDO30GP
Tangent place TANENTDO15DT
Chedderville place CHELLEDO22NE
High Level place HIGVELDO18KM
Bearberry place BEARRYDO21NU
High River place HIGVERDO30BO
Grainger place GRAGERDO31HM
Sunnydale place SUNALEDO41QE
Sunnynook place SUNOOKDO41DG
Grantham place GRAHAMDO30XB
Chestermere place CHEEREDO31CA
Footner Lake place FOOAKEDO18KO
Dimsdale place DIMALEDO05MD
Hardisty place HARSTYDO42IQ
Lindbergh place LINRGHDO43PV
Lindbrook place LINOOKDO33OJ
Taylorville place TAYLLEDN39KA
Driftpile place DRIILEDO25CI
High Prairie place HIGRIEDO15SK
Evanston place EVATONDO21WD
Weasel Creek place WEAEEKDO34ME
Tempest place TEMESTDN39RS
Tennion place TENIONDN39QX
Woodhouse place WOOUSEDN39FW
Horseshoe Lake place HORAKEDO31CW
Etzikom place ETZKOMDN49KL
Ellscott place ELLOTTDO34NM
Keephills place KEELLSDO23TK
Beaverdam place BEADAMDO44UE
Okotoks place OKOOKSDO30AR
Okotoks place OKOOK1DO30AR
Poplar Bay place POPBAYDO23WA
Egremont place EGRONTDO34KA
Elmworth place ELMRTHDO05EB
Atikameg place ATIMEGDO25EW
Calling Lake place CALAKEDO35JG
Mariana Lake place MARAKEDO35XW
Omaktai place OMATAIDN39FG
Marlboro place MARORODO13ON
Therien place THEIENDO44IF
Embarras Portage place EMBAGEDO48GK
Mountain Park place MOUARKDO12IW
Ranfurly place RANRLYDO43DK
Mountain View place MOUIEWDN39ED
Rangeton place RANTONDO23LS
Marwayne place MARYNEDO43TM
Connor Creek place CONEEKDO24KC
Thorsby place THOSBYDO23XF
Kirkpatrick place KIRICKDO31NM
Anthracite place ANTITEDO21FE
Fort Chipewyan place FORYANDO48KR
Tieland place TIEANDDO24VT
Onefour place ONEOURDN49SC
White Elk place WHIELKDO20VX
Montgomery place MONERYDO21WB
Picture Butte place PICTTEDN39OV
Blackfalds place BLALDSDO32CJ
Fitzsimmons place FITONSDO05TH
Valleyview place VALIEWDO15IB
Lloyds Hill place LLOILLDO42OE
Kerensky place KERSKYDO34KA
St. Vincent place STVENTDO44ID
Yeoford place YEOORDDO23UA
Hayfield place HAYELDDO05ED
Dixonville place DIXLLEDO16DM
Grimshaw place GRIHAWDO16EE
Eureka River place EURVERDO06PK
Point Brule place POIULEDO48HA
Vermilion place VERIONDO43NI
Lac Bellevue place LACVUEDO43HT
Coal Valley place COALEYDO13OC
New Fish Creek place NEWEEKDO15IH
Claresholm place CLAOLMDO30EA
Pelican Portage place PELAGEDO35QT
Wandering River place WANVERDO35SE
North Cooking Lake place NORAKEDO33ML
Manyberries place MANIESDN49PJ
Viewpoint place VIEINTDO32OV
Two Hills place TWOLLSDO43CR
Broxburn place BROURNDN39PR
Shadow Hills Farm Farm SHAARMDO42OI
Abilene place ABIEN1DO44FC
Abilene place ABIENEDO44FC
Nightingale place NIGALEDO31HE
La Corey place LACREYDO44OK
La Crête place LACRTEDO18TE
Academy place ACAEMYDO20XU
Acheson place ACHSONDO33CN
Illingworth place ILLRTHDO40GC
Park Court place PARURTDO23MR
Maycroft place MAYOFTDN29VT
Little Gem place LITGEMDO41MR
Anastasia place ANASIADO30LR
Tofield place TOFELDDO33PI
St. Albert place STAERTDO33EP
Topland place TOPANDDO24MI
Norglenwold place NOROLDDO22WH
Tothill place TOTILLDN49SR
Foremost place FOROSTDN49GL
Stony Plain place STOAINDO23XM
James River Bridge place JAMDGEDO21QW
Grovedale place GROALEDO05NB
Ghost Pine Creek place GHOEEKDO31LR
Elk Point place ELKINTDO43NV
Whiskey Gap place WHIGAPDN39LA
St. Brides place STBDESDO43FX
Medicine Lodge place MEDDGEDO13LN
Warspite place WARITEDO34QC
Deadwood place DEAOODDO16GR
Grosmont place GROONTDO34FU
Overlea place OVELEADO25SG
Youngstown place YOUOWNDO41JM
Bison Lake place BISAKEDO17WE
Keystone place KEYONEDO23SD
Farrant place FARANTDO32DJ
Fawcett place FAWETTDO24WM
Little Red River place LITVERDO28OJ
Travers place TRAERSDO30RG
Heinsburg place HEIURGDO43RS
Trefoil place TREOILDO31VE
Pincher Creek place PINEEKDN39AL
Owlseye place OWLEYEDO44GB
Saville Farm place SAVARMDO42KS
Decoigne place DECGNEDO02TV
Island Lake South place ISLUTHDO34FU
Fox Lake place FOXAKEDO28RL
Oxville place OXVLLEDO42VW
Moose Portage place MOOAGEDO35BF
Willow Creek place WILEEKDO31RJ
Gold Spur place GOLPURDO40PW
Whitemud Creek place WHIEEKDO15GL
Ridgeclough place RIDUGHDO42XW
Little Smoky place LITOKYDO15NK
Airdrie place AIRRIEDO21XH
Chisholm Mills place CHILLSDO24VW
Federal place FEDRALDO42FC
Fedorah place FEDRAHDO33HW
Jarvis Bay place JARBAYDO22XH
Boggy Hall place BOGALLDO23JA
Deerland place DEEANDDO33NV
Mildred Lake place MILAKEDO47EA
Sunnyslope place SUNOPEDO31FP
Ferrier place FERIERDO22LJ
Round Valley place ROULEYDO23MI
Lac Ste. Anne place LACNNEDO23SQ
Lake Isle place LAKSLEDO23PP
Kathyrn place KATYRNDO31DF
Cleardale place CLEALEDO06EH
Normandeau place NOREAUDO44DM
Shaughnessy place SHASSYDN39NU
Coronation place CORIONDO42GC
Tweedie place TWEDIEDO44CV
Alcurve place ALCRVEDO43XM
Fairview place FAIIEWDO06TB
Twining place TWIINGDO31IP
Calling River place CALVERDO35NC
Spruce Valley place SPRLEYDO34OU
Hughenden place HUGDENDO42MM
Slave Lake place SLAAKEDO25OG
Grandview place GRAIEWDO22XX
Akenside place AKEIDEDO33IO
Sunrise Beach place SUNACHDO23XS
Ninastoko place NINOKODN39HF
Millarville place MILLLEDO20US
Roma Junction place ROMIONDO16GF
Forest Lawn place FORAWNDO31AA
Lancaster Park place LANARKDO33GQ
Anselmo place ANSLMODO23HV
Antonio place ANTNIODN49CT
Antross place ANTOSSDO23RC
Flat Lake place FLAAKEDO44KD
Mossleigh place MOSIGHDO30IR
Nakamun Park place NAKARKDO23VV
Neapolis place NEALISDO31BP
Ross Haven place ROSVENDO23TR
Garden Creek place GAREEKDO38BQ
Eckville place ECKLLEDO22TI
Fort Macleod place FOREODDN39GR
Garden Plain place GARAINDO41CU
Embarras place EMBRASDO13NH
Sullivan Lake place SULAKEDO42BA
Padstow place PADTOWDO23KU
Battle Bend place BATENDDO42GK
Battle Lake place BATAKEDO22VX
Pageant place PAGANTDO30NL
Pakowki place PAKWKIDN49ML
Battle River place BATVERDO42AF
Two Creeks place TWOEKSDO14TH
Pembina Forks place PEMRKSDO12QX
Delacour place DELOURDO31CD
Delburne place DELRNEDO32JE
Spring Lake place SPRAKEDO23WM
Mewatha Beach place MEWACHDO34PO
Three Hills place THRLLSDO31IQ
Harvie Heights place HARHTSDO21HC
Josephburg place JOSURGDO33KR
Nobleford place NOBORDDN39LV
Birch Cove place BIROVEDO23TW
Bittern Lake place BITAKEDO33LA
Musidora place MUSORADO43EQ
Rio Grande place RIONDEDO05DC
Arcadia place ARCDIADO15WJ
Waiparous place WAIOUSDO21OE
Ardmore place ARDOREDO44SI
Arneson place ARNSONDO41XE
Grassland place GRAANDDO34PT
Arvilla place ARVLLADO23XX
Freeman River place FREVERDO24OJ
Lovettville place LOVLLEDO13PA
Kaleland place KALANDDO43BR
Lake Eliza place LAKIZADO43JT
Ashmont place ASHONTDO44FD
Kilsyth place KILYTHDO24WO
Kimball place KIMALLDN39JB
Kinosis place KINSISDO46MI
Springridge place SPRDGEDN39EK
Birchcliff place BIRIFFDO22WI
Jasper Park Lodge place JASDGEDO02XV
Peacock place PEAOCKDO30KB
Peavine place PEAINEDO24NC
Arrowwood place ARROODDO30KR
Pekisko place PEKSKODO20VK
Pembina place PEMINADO23KD
Pemukan place PEMKANDO41SX
Pendryl place PENRYLDO22QX
Penhold place PENOLDDO32BD
Perbeck place PERECKDO31KX
McLennan place MCLNANDO15NQ
Lochinvar place LOCVARDO32DM
Fawn Lake place FAWAKEDO24XB
Bindloss place BINOSSDO40UU
Rocky Mountain House place ROCUSEDO22MI
Grave Flats place GRAATSDO12NV
Dogpound place DOGUNDDO21TL
Rusylvia place RUSVIADO43NO
Silver Springs place SILNGSDO21WC
Cavendish place CAVISHDO40ST
Sundance Beach place SUNACHDO23WC
Fraspur place FRAPURDO23RA
Freedom place FREDOMDO24VD
Fresnoy place FRENOYDO44OF
Philips place PHIIPSDO43EB
Pibroch place PIBOCHDO34BG
Pioneer place PIOEERDO13WS
Rich Lake place RICAKEDO44EM
Lethbridge place LETDGEDN39OQ
Ardenville place ARDLLEDN39GN
Bloomsbury place BLOURYDO24SF
Millicent place MILENTDO40CQ
Stirlingville place STILLEDO31DN
Eagle Butte place EAGTTEDN49SO
Bellshill place BELILLDO42FN
Nemiskam place NEMKAMDN49IL
Devenish place DEVISHDO45JM
Yellowstone place YELONEDO23TR
Tawatinaw place TAWNAWDO34GH
Kathleen place KATEENDO15NO
Milnerton place MILTONDO31EX
Calthorpe place CALRPEDO41WQ
Betula Beach place BETACHDO23PN
Dewberry place DEWRRYDO43RO
Berry Creek place BEREEKDO41EK
Bear Canyon place BEAYONDO06CF
Kavanagh place KAVAGHDO33FE
Del Bonita place DELITADN39OA
Mountain House place MOUUSEDO21TX
Donnelly place DONLLYDO15KR
Ksituan place KSIUANDO05LV
Rainbow Lake place RAIAKEDO08HM
Parkbend place PARENDDN39EG
Parkland place PARANDDO30EG
Clearbrook place CLEOOKDO34IF
Hay Lakes place HAYKESDO33LE
Sylvester place SYLTERDO05DA
Clear Prairie place CLERIEDO06FN
Sunset Beach place SUNACHDO34FR
Smoky Lake place SMOAKEDO34SC
Sunset House place SUNUSEDO15NC
Sunset Point place SUNINTDO23TQ
Pitlochrie place PITRIEDO45DA
New Dayton place NEWTONDN39TK
New Dayton place NEWTO1DN39TK
Patience place PATNCEDO33CB
Patricia place PATCIADO40DQ
Gurneyville place GURLLEDO44OD
Violet Grove place VIOOVEDO23LE
Sentinel place SENNELDN29QP
Highridge place HIGDGEDO24WB
Newcastle Mine place NEWINEDO31OL
Bassano place BASANODO30SS
Norris Beach place NORACHDO22XX
Dorenlee place DORLEEDO32MQ
Priddis place PRIDISDO20TV
Moon Lake place MOOAKEDO23MK
Provost place PROOSTDO42UI
Foothills place FOOLLSDO13OB
Cabin Lake place CABAKEDO41JB
Standard place STAARDDO31MC
Stanmore place STAOREDO41FO
Drayton Valley place DRALEYDO23MF
Stauffer place STAFERDO22QE
Bearspaw place BEAPAWDO21UD
Beaumont place BEAONTDO33GI
Fort McMurray place FORRAYDO46HR
Batter Junction place BATIONDO41CP
Connemara place CONARADO30CJ
Waterton Lakes place WATKESDN39BB
Mission Beach place MISACHDO23WC
Belvedere place BELEREDO24TA
Benalto place BENLTODO22UH
Bennett place BENETTDO30CX
Bentley place BENLEYDO22XL
Langford Park place LANARKDO23RO
Newbrook place NEWOOKDO34MH
Kirkcaldy place KIRLDYDO30JI
Swan Landing place SWAINGDO13BH
Thorhild place THOILDDO34KE
Galahad place GALHADDO42AM
Owendale place OWEALEDN39KB
Corbett Creek place COREEKDO24JG
Gayford place GAYORDDO31GF
Warrensville place WARLLEDO16DH
Big Stone place BIGONEDO41JE
Champion place CHAIONDO30KF
Stettler place STELERDO32PH
Burnstick Lake place BURAKEDO21NX
Eaglesham place EAGHAMDO15BS
Pine Lake place PINAKEDO32GC
Fisher Home place FISOMEDO23VB
Black Diamond place BLAONDDO20VQ
Ardrossan place ARDSANDO33KN
Sandy Beach place SANACHDO33NQ
Sandy Beach place SANACHDO23XT
Saulteaux place SAUAUXDO25UF
Wainwright place WAIGHTDO42NU
Peace Grove place PEAOVEDO06PH
New Lunnon place NEWNONDO33HS
Three Creeks place THREKSDO16KI
Peace Point place PEAINTDO39SC
Peace River place PEAVERDO16IG
Bingley place BINLEYDO22OL
Bircham place BIRHAMDO31GK
Lea Park place LEAARKDO43TP
Triangle place TRIGLEDO15PK
Harmattan place HARTANDO21SS
Hillcrest place HILESTDN29TN
Tristram place TRIRAMDO32IO
Baptiste Lake place BAPAKEDO34FR
Red Earth place REDRTHDO26IN
Genesee place GENSEEDO23TI
Hillsdown place HILOWNDO32FF
McLeod Valley place MCLLEYDO23AR
Innisfail place INNAILDO32AA
Innisfree place INNREEDO43FI
Albright place ALBGHTDO05FG
Edgerton place EDGTONDO42SS
New Norway place NEWWAYDO32MU
Lacombe place LACMBEDO32DL
Cheecham place CHEHAMDO46NG
Stirling place STIINGDN39RM
Lanfine place LANINEDO41PJ
Langdon place LANDONDO30DX
Sexsmith place SEXITHDO05OI
Cherhill place CHEILLDO23PT
Lavesta place LAVSTADO22TR
Beiseker place BEIKERDO31FJ
Pemburton Hill place PEMILLDO23UI
Dalemead place DALEADDO30EV
Leahurst place LEARSTDO32QJ
Blackie place BLAKIEDO30EO
Leicester place LEITERDO15TR
Brièreville place BRILLEDO44CL
Neutral Hills place NEULLSDO42MF
Parkland Beach place PARACHDO22XO
Alderson place ALDSONDO40HG
Dunstable place DUNBLEDO23VW
Spring Point place SPRINTDN39CR
Simons Valley place SIMLEYDO21VE
Bluesky place BLUSKYDO06VB
Pulteney place PULNEYDO30EB
Entwistle place ENTTLEDO23LO
Grande Cache place GRACHEDO03KV
Fairydell place FAIELLDO34FA
Kleskun Hill place KLEILLDO05SG
Willesden Green place WILEENDO22QQ
Carbondale place CARALEDO33FS
Weed Creek place WEEEEKDO23XD
Majorville place MAJLLEDO30PP
Brownfield place BROELDDO42GH
Gibbons place GIBONSDO33HU
Flatbush place FLAUSHDO24WQ
Hotchkiss place HOTISSDO17FB
Bellevue place BELVUEDN29TN
Noyes Crossing place NOYINGDO23WR
Clairmont place CLAONTDO05OG
Cherry Point place CHEINTDO06AE
Chigwell place CHIELLDO32FL
Leismer place LEIMERDO45LS
Beaver Mines place BEANESDN29VK
Bonanza place BONNZADO05CV
Bondiss place BONISSDO34PO
Tiger Lily place TIGILYDO24OE
Beaver River place BEAVERDO44UI
Lenarthur place LENHURDO46LM
Chisholm place CHIOLMDO24VW
Lessard place LESARDDO44QK
Bottrel place BOTRELDO21SJ
Jackfish River place JACVERDO39NA
Bowness place BOWESSDO21VC
Leyland place LEYANDDO13IA
Royal Park place ROYARKDO33VM
Leslieville place LESLLEDO22QJ
Leighmore place LEIOREDO05EC
Baptiste River place BAPVERDO22LQ
Craddock place CRAOCKDN39SL
Stolberg place STOERGDO22CL
Glenbow place GLEBOWDO21TE
Glendon place GLEDONDO44JG
Edmonton place EDMTONDO33GN
Craigdhu place CRADHUDO31FG
Craigend place CRAENDDO44AO
Stonelaw place STOLAWDO31SU
Crammond place CRAONDDO22PA
Cranford place CRAORDDN39TS
Jackville place JACLLEDO21UM
Castle Junction place CASIONDO21AG
Hartshorn place HARORNDO31TW
Round Hill place ROUILLDO33QE
Waterhole place WATOLEDO06TA
Summerview place SUMIEWDN39BN
Brazeau place BRAEAUDO12WL
Wetaskiwin place WETWINDO32HX
Breynat place BRENATDO35SD
Beacon Corner place BEANERDO44KE
Southesk place SOUESKDO30VP
Two Guns place TWOUNSDO20VW
Sedgewick place SEDICKDO42DS
Slavey Creek place SLAEEKDO19FF
Greenshields place GRELDSDO42OS
Linaria place LINRIADO24WH
Lincoln place LINOLNDO34FQ
Lindale place LINALEDO23QG
Argentia Beach place ARGACHDO23XB
Lisburn place LISURNDO23OU
Manly Corner place MANNERDO23VN
Strachan place STRHANDO22KG
Frog Lake place FROAKEDO43SU
Goddard place GODARDDN49FJ
Carlson Landing place CARINGDO48CX
Erin Lodge place ERIDGEDO05UW
Alliance place ALLNCEDO42CK
Goodwin place GOOWINDO05VF
Kevisville place KEVLLEDO22SA
Wolf Creek place WOLEEKDO13UP
Buffalo place BUFALODO40PT
Vanrena place VANENADO06RB
Bulwark place BULARKDO42EG
Beddington place BEDTONDO21XD
Castle Mountain place CASAINDO21AG
Buoyant place BUOANTDO31GM
Cressday place CREDAYDN49UG
Swan Hills place SWALLSDO24HR
Harmon Valley place HARLEYDO16NC
Strangmuir place STRUIRDO30HV
Mannville place MANLLEDO43JI
Salt Prairie place SALRIEDO15XP
East Coulee place EASLEEDO31SI
Steveville place STELLEDO40EU
Granada place GRAADADO23HO
Spruce Grove place SPROVEDO33AM
Lobstick place LOBICKDO23JO
Rivercourse place RIVRSEDO43XA
Henry House place HENUSEDO02XX
Milk River place MILVERDN39WD
Agatha place AGATHADO40ID
Chip Lake place CHIAKEDO23GO
Alexis place ALEXISDO23SR
Alness place ALNESSDO41DP
Alsike place ALSIKEDO23SE
Amelia place AMELIADO33LV
Analta place ANALTADO34EI
Ancona place ANCONADO22EK
Andrew place ANDREWDO33TV
Ansell place ANSELLDO13RN
Ardley place ARDLEYDO32JG
Armada place ARMADADO30OK
Armena place ARMENADO33MC
Atmore place ATMOREDO34RT
Lochearn place LOCARNDO22MI
Avenir place AVENIRDO35UA
Balzac place BALZACDO21XF
Bantry place BANTRYDO40CL
Barich place BARICHDO34QE
Barons place BARONSDO30KA
Bashaw place BASHAWDO32MO
Beazer place BEAZERDN39GC
Bellis place BELLISDO34WD
Belloy place BELLOYDO05US
Bergen place BERGENDO21QQ
Berwyn place BERWYNDO16DD
Beynon place BEYNONDO31OI
Beaver Lake place BEAAKEDO44AS
Bonlea place BONLEADO42AW
Bowden place BOWDENDO21XW
Bowell place BOWELLDO40MD
Bredin place BREDINDO05MG
Breton place BRETONDO23SC
Briggs place BRIGGSDO32AI
Brooks place BROOKSDO40BO
Fort Assiniboine place FORINEDO24OI
Burmis place BURMISDN29UN
Pembina Heights place PEMHTSDO24WF
Bonnyville place BONLLEDO44PG
St. Isidore place STIOREDO16KE
Cairns place CAIRNSDO42RI
Calmar place CALMARDO33CG
Cappon place CAPPONDO41QC
Carbon place CARBONDO31KL
Carlos place CARLOSDO22QN
Caruso place CARUSODO31GB
Carway place CARWAYDN39HA
Caslan place CASLANDO34RP
Castor place CASTORDO42BF
Cayley place CAYLEYDO30BK
Lombell place LOMELLDO24IC
Daysland place DAYANDDO32UU
Cereal place CEREALDO41OK
Lone Pine place LONINEDO24KH
Chateh place CHATEHDO08PQ
Chokio place CHOKIODN39EO
Veteran place VETRANDO42KA
Carmangay place CARGAYDO30KD
Lothrop place LOTROPDO05WW
Garrington place GARTONDO21SW
Codesa place CODESADO05XS
Conrad place CONRADDN49AM
Cordel place CORDELDO32WK
Cosway place COSWAYDO31GM
Coutts place COUTTSDN49AA
Cowley place COWLEYDN29WN
Curlew place CURLEWDO31GT
Cygnet place CYGNETDO32AG
New Sarepta place NEWPTADO33KG
Dalroy place DALROYDO31DD
Danube place DANUBEDO34LI
Dennis place DENNISDO40LE
Devona place DEVONADO03XD
Dinant place DINANTDO33OD
Durlingville place DURLLEDO44QG
Spurfield place SPUELDDO25UF
Draper place DRAPERDO46IQ
Bad Heart place BADARTDO05UM
Dunphy place DUNPHYDO31NL
Duthil place DUTHILDO21GD
Carrot Creek place CAREEKDO23BO
Morinville place MORLLEDO33ET
Beaverlodge place BEADGEDO05GF
Winnifred place WINREDDN49JV
Crippsdale place CRIALEDO34KC
Edberg place EDBERGDO32OS
Edwand place EDWANDDO34UD
Anton Lake place ANTAKEDO34HD
Long Lake place LONAKEDO34OK
Lonebutte place LONTTEDO31WI
Elkton place ELKTONDO21RP
Elnora place ELNORADO31JX
Eltham place ELTHAMDO30FO
Ensign place ENSIGNDO30GL
Entice place ENTICEDO31IL
Equity place EQUITYDO31JS
Strathmore place STROREDO31HB
Ervick place ERVICKDO33MA
Esther place ESTHERDO41UQ
Carolside place CARIDEDO41EF
Evarts place EVARTSDO22UG
Exshaw place EXSHAWDO21KB
Falher place FALHERDO15JR
Farrow place FARROWDO30HQ
Chipewyan Lake place CHIAKEDO36GW
Fidler place FIDLERDO13IB
Frains place FRAINSDO34QS
Furman place FURMANDN39AX
Gadsby place GADSBYDO32TH
Gahern place GAHERNDN49KH
Gartly place GARTLYDO31QN
Gatine place GATINEDO31ML
Sandy Lake place SANAKEDO35GT
Geikie place GEIKIEDO02UU
Gladys place GLADYSDO30DR
Evergreen place EVEEENDO22RF
Kinikinik place KINNIKDO34LO
Granum place GRANUMDN39FU
Rochfort Bridge place ROCDGEDO23LW

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	gehört zu object_277497,
	hat externe Kennung  geonames:5883102,
	heißt  (auf deu) Alberta,
	ist (auf deu) Provinz;
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