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  • Ontario (deu)
  • province
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Geographic Position
  • 45.2181°N 80.9616°W calculated center position of the place
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Superordinate objects


 political administration

Superordinate objects

Superordinate objects

name Timespan type Source
Canada, Kanada, Canada kingdom

Subordinate objects

name type GOV-Id Timespan
Hagerman's Corners place HAGERSFN03IU
Birch Island place BIRANDEN96CB
Harris place HARRISFN07FN
Harrow place HARROWEN82NA
Hearst place HEARSTEN89EQ
New Liskeard place NEWARDFN07DM
Kensington Market place KENKETFN03HP
Hindon place HINDONFN05NB
Hobart place HOBARTFN04EO
Hornby place HORNBYFN03BN
Hudson place HUDSONFN07CM
Hudson place HUDSONEO30VB
Humber place HUMBERFN03CV
Lucille place LUCLLEFN03AX
Lucknow place LUCNOWEN93FW
Ludgate place LUDATEEN95RV
Lambton Shores place LAMRESEN93AE
Crombies place CROIESEN94VA
Haileybury place HAIURYFN07EK
Ignace place IGNACEEN49EJ
White Lake place WHIAKEFN15SI
Ingolf place INGOLFEN29KT
Inwood place INWOODEN92AT
Bosworth place BOSRTHEN93QS
Stouffville place STOLLEFN03JX
Thessalon place THELONEN86FG
Government Landing place GOVINGEN38ET
Caledon place CALDONFN03AU
Caledon place CALDONFN03BV
Camilla place CAMLLAEN94WA
Schreiber place SCHBEREN68IT
Farrington place FARTONEN38NS
Caramat place CARMATEN69WO
Cargill place CARILLEN94JE
Cartier place CARIEREN96FQ
Wahwashkesh place WAHESHEN95XR
Whitedog place WHIDOGEO20MD
The Maples place THELESEN93WV
Kanata place KANATAFN25BH
Kawene place KAWENEEN48JR
Kenora place KENORAEN29SS
Kenora place KENORAEN29ST
Avondale place AVOALEFN25PF
Avonmore place AVOOREFN25ME
Komoka place KOMOKAEN92GW
Dunblane place DUNANEEN94IJ
Duke Crossing place DUKINGFN15HX
Port Metcalf place PORALFFN14VF
Lewisham place LEWHAMFN04KU
Larson place LARSONEN49UC
Laskay place LASKAYFN03FW
Lavant place LAVANTFN15QB
Dunsford place DUNORDFN04QK
Woodbine Gardens place WOOENSFN03IQ
Gore Bay place GORBAYEN85SW
Lefroy place LEFROYFN04FG
Levack place LEVACKEN96HP
Orangeville place ORALLEEN93WW
Linton place LINTONFN03EW
Lively place LIVELYEN96KK
Espanola place ESPOLAEN96CG
Paquette Corners place PAQERSEN82ME
Bond's Corners place BONERSEN93PD
London place LONDO1EN92JX
La Nation place LANIONFN25MK
Bill's Corners place BILERSEN92UX
Madsen place MADSENEO30AX
Malton place MALTONFN03ER
Massey place MASSEYEN86XE
Blue Corners place BLUERSFN25OO
Merlin place MERLINEN82VF
Milnet place MILNETEN96MU
Mimico place MIMICOFN03FO
Minaki place MINAKIEN29PX
Minett place MINETTFN05EE
Brindle Crossing place BRIINGFN15IW
Mono Centre place MONTREEN94XA
Four Ponds Corners place FOUERSEN93TA
Mobert place MOBERTEN78EQ
Trefann Court place TREURTFN03HP
Morson place MORSONEN29UC
Priory Park place PRIARKEN93VM
Mulmur place MULMUREN94XC
Shuniah Township place SHUHIPEN58KM
Quetico place QUEICOEN48MR
Thomstown place THOOWNFN04TC
Aylen Lake place AYLAKEFN15BO
Waubaushene place WAUENEFN04DS
Quibell place QUIELLEN39GW
Grand Bend place GRAENDEN93DH
Nakina place NAKINAEO60PE
Marina Veilleux place MAREUXEN89DT
Kashechewan place KASWANEO92EH
The Peanut place THENUTFN03HS
Mount Pleasant place MOUANTFN14LG
Mount Pleasant place MOUANTFN04SG
Bayshore Village place BAYAGEFN04IN
Agincourt North place AGIRTHFN03IT
Hanbury place HANURYFN07EO
Hanover place HANVEREN94LD
Goudreau place GOUEAUEN78RG
Harwood place HAROODFN04VD
Leatherdale Landing place LEAINGEN38RM
Lac Seul place LACEULEO30TJ
Olivet place OLIVETEN93QU
Omemee place OMEMEEFN04RH
Omemee place OMEME1FN04RH
Spencerville place SPELLEFN24FU
Oshawa place OSHAWAFN03NV
Ottawa place OTTAWAFN25DJ
Ouimet place OUIMETEN58QS
Tam O'Shanter place TAMTERFN03IS
Sinasac Corners place SINERSEN82MC
Georgetown place GEOOWNFN03BP
Parham place PARHAMFN14PP
Parker place PARKEREN93QS
Chalk River place CHAVERFN16GA
Pelham place PELHAMFN03HB
Picton place PICTONFN14KA
Burketon Station place BURIONFN04OB
Poland place POLANDEN48WW
Potter place POTTEREN98NU
Chatham place CHAHAMEN82VJ
Seven Mile Narrows place SEVOWSEN95WG
Landry Crossing place LANINGFN15HX
Chesley place CHELEYEN94KH
Berlett's Corners place BERERSEN93PL
Eganville place EGALLEFN15KM
Pleasant View place PLEIEWFN03HS
Lower Sturgeon place LOWEONEN98GT
Gowganda place GOWNDAEN97OP
Corbyville place CORLLEFN14HF
Palmerston place PALTONEN93NU
Mono Mills place MONLLSFN03AW
Raglan place RAGLANEN92BH
Ramona place RAMONAFN04IS
Ramore place RAMOREEN98UK
Ramsey place RAMSEYEN87UK
North Bay place NORBAYFN06GH
Woodbine Racetrack place WOOACKFN03ER
Ripley place RIPLEYEN94FB
Glencolin place GLELINEN92MT
Roblin place ROBLINFN14LJ
Rodney place RODNEYEN92DN
Kashabowie place KASWIEEN48SP
Goulais Bay place GOUBAYEN76TR
University of Guelph place UNILPHEN93VM
Thornbury place THOURYEN94SN
Thorndale place THOALEEN93KC
Thornhill place THOILLFN03HT
Heaslip place HEALIPFN07CT
Victoria Park Village place VICAGEFN03IR
Levergood Beach place LEVACHEN82MA
Sarnia place SARNIAEN82TX
Savoff place SAVOFFEN79MW
Vermilion Bay place VERBAYEN39HU
Scotia place SCOTIAFN05IM
Hensall place HENALLEN93GK
Temiskaming Shores place TEMRESFN07DL
Shands place SHANDSEN93TR
Sinclair Shore place SINOREFN15VB
Simcoe place SIMCOEEN92UU
Low Bush place LOWUSHEN98WW
Shebandowan place SHEWANEN48XP
Sombra place SOMBRAEN82SR
Sparta place SPARTAEN92LQ
Stella place STELLAFN14PE
Sutton place SUTTONFN04HH
Mabella place MABLLAEN58AO
MacLeod place MACEODEN69MQ
MacTier place MACIERFN05CD
Mackies place MACIESEN48XF
Stewarttown place STEOWNFN03AP
Bancroft place BANOFTFN15BB
Bancroft place BANOF1FN15BB
Tannin place TANNINEN49LP
Tapley place TAPLEYFN04SE
Malachi place MALCHIEN29MW
Malvern place MALERNFN03JT
Manders place MANERSEN28XQ
Manhard place MANARDFN24DQ
Manvers place MANERSFN04QD
Casa Loma place CASOMAFN03HQ
Telfer place TELFEREN93HB
Teston place TESTONFN03FU
Markham place MARHAMFN03IU
Marmora place MARORAFN14DL
Mattawa place MATAWAFN06PH
Mattice place MATICEEN89IO
Northeastern Manitoulin and the Islands place NORNDSEN85WT
Tomiko place TOMIKOFN06HN
Sunset Corners place SUNERSFN03ES
Tyrone place TYRONEFN04PA
Clinton place CLITONEN93FO
Ungava place UNGAVAFN14QT
Upsala place UPSALAEN49SB
Copperkettle place COPTLEEN94MP
Arran-Elderslie place ARRLIEEN94KJ
Otter Creek place OTTEEKEN94KC
Hill's Landing place HILINGEN98LM
Glen Gordon place GLEDONFN25RE
Verner place VERNEREN96WK
Verona place VERONAFN14PL
Melancthon place MELHONEN94UC
Vista Heights place VISHTSFN03DN
Mile Corner place MILNEREN92MT
Amesdale place AMEALEEO30MA
Lytton Park place LYTARKFN03HR
Indian Landing place INDINGFN15IW
Bells Corners place BELERSFN25CH
Monument Corner place MONNEREN85VR
Sulphide place SULIDEFN14JM
Oil Springs place OILNGSEN82WS
Georgian Highlands place GEONDSEN94WS
Frankford place FRAORDFN14EE
Warren place WARRENEN96UK
Wavell place WAVELLEN98VI
Hillier place HILIERFN13GX
Trout Creek place TROEEKFN05HX
McKenzie Island place MCKANDEO31BC
Whitby place WHITBYFN03MV
Winisk place WINISKEO75JG
Trout Mills place TROLLSFN06HI
Woburn place WOBURNFN03JS
Island View Beach place ISLACHFN04II
Victoria Harbour place VICOURFN04CR
Minataree place MINREEEO50XF
Burk's Falls place BURLLSFN05HO
Meaford place MEAORDEN94RO
Meaford place MEAORDEN94QO
Cobourg place COBURGFN03WX
Collins place COLINSEO50GG
Colwell place COLELLFN04CI
Concord place CONORDFN03GT
Coppell place COPELLEN89CM
Parry Sound place PARUNDEN95XI
Barrhead place BAREADEN94QH
Peterborough place PETUGHFN04UH
Showers Corners place SHOERSEN93RE
Craigsholme place CRALMEEN93US
Stittsville place STILLEFN25BG
Leigh's Corners place LEIERSFN04GM
Key Harbour place KEYOUREN95PV
Yarker place YARKERFN14OJ
Lakeview part of place LAKIEWFN03FO
Highland place HIGANDFN07CO
Topham Park place TOPARKFN03IR
Englehart place ENGARTFN07BT
Wentworth County district object_278460
Leamington place LEATONEN82QB
Leamington place LEATO1EN82QB
Armour Heights place ARMHTSFN03GR
Ilderton place ILDTONEN93HB
Smithville place SMILLEFN03FC
Crozier place CROIEREN38FO
Happy Valley place HAPLEYFN03EX
Bloor West Village place BLOAGEFN03GP
Andy's Corners place ANDERSEN92RS
Port Credit place PORDITFN03FN
Port Credit part of place PORDI1FN03FN
Healey's Heath place HEAATHFN25BF
Midhurst place MIDRSTFN04DK
Midland place MIDANDFN04BS
Glen Miller place GLELERFN14FD
White Pigeon place WHIEONFN03KA
Mildmay place MILMAYEN94KB
Gardiner place GARNEREN99LH
South Hill place SOUILLFN03HQ
Salem (Kinsale) Cemetery cemetery SALERYFN03LW
Bensfort Bridge place BENDGEFN04UE
Tobermory place TOBORYEN95EG
Winchester place WINTERFN25HC
Buckhorn place BUCORNFN04TN
Tecumseh place TECSEHEN82NH
Tecumseh place TECSEHEN82NG
Holiday place HOLDAYEN93MD
Renfrew place RENREWFN15PL
Jellicoe place JELCOEEN69FQ
Hotspur place HOTPURFN04UW
Rexdale place REXALEFN03FR
Carrying Place place CARACEFN14FB
Fraserdale place FRAALEEN99EU
Sioux Lookout place SIOOUTEO40AC
Sioux Lookout place SIOOUTEO40AB
Purple Hill place PURILLEN93XW
Port McNicoll place POROLLFN04CS
Orient Bay place ORIBAYEN59WI
St. Catharines place STCNESFN03JE
Etobicoke place ETOOKEFN03FP
Portsmouth part of place PORUTHFN14RF
Humberside part of place HUMIDEFN03GP
Evanturel place EVARELFN25OO
North York place NORORKFN03HS
Ballycroy place BALROYFN03BX
Warwick place WARICKEN92BW
Washago place WASAGOFN04IS
Trapper's Landing place TRAINGEO40PE
Watcomb place WATOMBEN49HU
Reesor Siding place REEINGEN89LN
Meldrum Bay place MELBAYEN85KW
Maple Lake Park place MAPARKEN93QF
Richmond town RICONDFN25BE
Richmond place RICONDFN25CE
Bayfield place BAYELDEN93DN
The Back Settlement place THEENTEN86TG
Yelverton place YELTONFN04PD
Dunnet's Corner place DUNNEREN96TJ
Ridgeway place RIDWAYFN02LV
Halfway Point place HALINTEN94LV
Northfield place NORELDEN93SA
Society of Friends (Hicksite) Cemetery, Ajax cemetery SOCJAXFN03LU
Cozy Corners place COZERSEN28UW
Patrick Fogarty Catholic Secondary School part of place PATOOLFN04GP
Schumacher place SCHHEREN98IL
Hydro Glen place HYDLENFN04GU
Woodbine Corridor place WOODORFN03IQ
Merrickville place MERLLEFN24CW
Discovery District place DISIC1FN03HP
Pape Village place PAPAGEFN03HQ
Enniskerry place ENNRRYFN25FE
Welland place WELANDFN02JX
Welland place WELAN1FN02JX
Westree place WESREEEN97FK
Rat Rapids place RATIDSEO41VE
Hornepayne place HORYNEEN79OF
Slate Falls place SLALLSEO41FD
Hurkett place HURETTEN58SU
Milberta place MILRTAFN07CO
Mertz's Corner place MERNERFN04BQ
Armsdale place ARMALEFN03IT
Mount Brydges place MOUGESEN92GV
Milliken place MILKENFN03IT
Minnitaki place MINAKIEN39KT
Port Loring place PORINGFN05AW
Ghost River place GHOVEREO81HL
Ghost River place GHOVEREO40GE
Arnprior place ARNIORFN15TK
Campbellford place CAMORDFN14CH
Woodbridge place WOODGEFN03ES
Port Darlington place PORTONFN03QV
Whitney place WHINEYFN05VL
Woodbine Lumsden place WOODENFN03IQ
Sleswick place SLEICKFN03AW
Williamsburg place WILURGFN24JX
Kitchener town KITNEREN93SK
Kitchener place KITNEREN93RK
Quarindale place QUAALEEN93PQ
Baltimore place BALOREFN04WA
Wilhelm part of place WILELMEN81RX
Highland Creek place HIGEEKFN03JS
Windsor place WINSOREN82LH
Windsor place WINSO1EN82LH
Wingham place WINHAMEN93IV
Highland Grove place HIGOVEFN05XB
Point Alexandria place POIRIAFN14TD
Temagami place TEMAMIFN07CB
Eden Mills place EDELLSEN93WN
Dalton Mills place DALLLSEN78XC
Long Branch place LONNCHFN03FO
Long Branch place LONNC1FN03FO
East Danforth place EASRTHFN03IQ
Davidson's Corners place DAVERSFN04UB
Rosseau place ROSEAUFN05EG
Dovercourt place DOVURTFN03GP
Port Hope place POROPEFN03UW
Port Hope place POROPEFN04TA
Collingwood place COLOODEN94VL
Casselman place CASMANFN25LH
Prescott place PREOTTFN24FR
Nestleton place NESTONFN04OD
Old Spring Bay place OLDBAYEN85VS
Hallebourg place HALURGEN89FQ
Parkway East place PARASTFN03IS
Parkway West place PARESTFN03HS
Evans Corner place EVANERFN04CR
Algonquin Island place ALGANDFN03HP
Saugeen Shores place SAURESEN94HK
Trinity-Bellwoods place TRIODSFN03HP
Meyersburg place MEYURGFN14CG
Shirleys Bay place SHIBAYFN25BI
Gull Bay place GULBAYEN59KT
Koreatown place KOROWNFN03HP
High Park North place HIGRTHFN03GP
Silver Creek place SILEEKFN03AQ
Port Severn place PORERNFN04DT
Silver Islet place SILLETEN58OI
Kleinburg Station place KLEIONFN03EU
Fraxa Junction place FRAIONEN93WV
Mitchell place MITELLEN93JL
Pendleton place PENTONFN25LK
Mississauga place MISUGAFN03EN
Markland Woods part of place MARODSFN03FP
Wildwood place WILOODFN03AP
Primrose place PRIOSEEN94WC
Deep River place DEEVERFN16GC
King Kirkland place KINANDFN08AE
Prices Corner place PRINEREN93VT
Silver Dollar place SILLAREN49JT
Tom Longboat Corners place TOMERSEN93XB
Applewood Hills part of place APPLLSFN03EO
Lower Langside place LOWIDEEN93HX
South Huron place SOURONEN93FH
Denbigh place DENIGHFN15JD
South March place SOURCHFN25AI
South River place SOUVERFN05HU
Harbord Village place HARAGEFN03HP
Mine Centre place MINTREEN38QS
Humber Grove place HUMOVEFN03CV
Kirkland Lake place KIRAKEEN98XD
Kirkland Lake place KIRAK1EN98XD
Moose Creek place MOOEEKFN25MG
Gibraltar place GIBTAREN85WS
Woodbine Heights place WOOHTSFN03IQ
Port Weller place PORLERFN03JF
Beechwood place BEEOODEN93EB
Palmquist place PALISTEN79RT
Fox's Corners place FOXERSFN04QJ
Crookston place CROTONFN14GK
Arthur's Corners place ARTERSEN92RV
Ogden's Beach place OGDACHFN04BS
Wilberforce place WILRCEFN05VA
Tollgate place TOLATEEN93OD
Gravenhurst place GRARSTFN04HW
Rockcliffe Park place ROCARKFN25DK
Chaplin Estates place CHATESFN03HQ
Spring Arbour place SPROUREN92RQ
New Toronto place NEWNTOFN03FO
Downtown Toronto part of place DOWNTOFN03HP
Downsview place DOWIEWFN03GR
Downsview place DOWIE1FN03GR
Tamarac Estates place TAMTESEN93XW
Shand's Corner place SHANEREN92VU
Osnaburgh House place OSNUSEEO41UD
Stewart Crossing place STEINGFN15HW
Ancaster place ANCTERFN03AF
Walkerville part of place WALLLEEN82MH
Gooderham place GOOHAMFN04TV
Eatonville place EATLLEFN03FP
Blind River place BLIVEREN86ME
Blind River place BLIVEREN86NI
Napanee place NAPNEEFN14MG
Lancaster place LANTERFN25RD
Little Portugal place LITGALFN03GP
Tilden Lake place TILAKEFN06EO
Clover Valley place CLOLEYEN95CR
Markstay-Warren place MARRENEN96SL
Blenheim place BLEEIMEN92AI
Niagara-on-the-Lake place NIAAKEFN03LG
Starrview Acres place STARESEN93WW
Kettle Point place KETINTEN83XE
Fort Albany place FORANYEO92EE
Angling Lake place ANGAKEEO53FU
Walkerton place WALTONEN94KD
Earnscliffe place EARFFEEN94XD
Coboconk place COBONKFN04OP
Georgian Beach place GEOACHEN94QP
Village of Port Stanton place VILTONFN04HT
Ellesmere place ELLEREFN03IS
Simpson Corners place SIMERSEN93US
Coe Hill place COEILLFN14CU
Kennisis Lake place KENAKEFN05QF
Ardmore Beach place ARDACHEN94XQ
Desbarats place DESATSEN86AI
Hawk Junction place HAWIONEN78RC
Cochrane place COCANEEN99LB
Cochrane place COCANEEN99LD
Cochrane place COCANEEO80MK
Stoney Creek place STOEEKFN03CF
Torrance place TORNCEFN05FA
Reidsville place REILLEEN93SH
Cabbagetown place CABOWNFN03HP
Wyoming place WYOINGEN82WW
Stoney Point place STOINTFN04FG
Lawton's Corners place LAWERSEN92KQ
Pelee Island place PELANDEN81QS
Flesherton place FLETONEN94RG
Cooper's Trailer Park place COOARKFN04VH
The Kingsway place THEWAYFN03FP
Dorset Park place DORARKFN03IS
Neebing place NEEINGEN58GE
Morningside Heights place MORHTSFN03JT
Little Buffalo place LITALOEN93WA
Nemegos place NEMGOSEN87JR
York Mills place YORLLSFN03HS
York Mills place YORLLSFN03HR
Eagles Nest place EAGESTEN95AR
Newboro place NEWOROFN14UP
Newbury place NEWURYEN92CQ
Newport place NEWORTEN93VC
Downeys place DOWEYSEN93VL
Red Lake place REDAKEEO31BA
Red Lake place REDAKEEO31DB
Morningside place MORIDEFN03JS
Lambton Mills part of place LAMLLSFN03FP
Seaton Village place SEAAGEFN03GQ
Sarawak place SARWAKEN94MP
Savanne place SAVNNEEN48UW
Halton Hills place HALLLSFN03AP
Glen Rae place GLERAEEN82XT
Davenport place DAVORTFN03GQ
Mugg's Island place MUGANDFN03HO
White River place WHIVEREN78IO
Deseronto place DESNTOFN14LE
Marvin Heights place MARHTSFN03ER
Pooles Resort place POOORTFN24BK
Wabozominissing place WABINGEN95DU
Cape Chin North place CAPRTHEN95IC
Campbell Maxwell Front place CAMONTFN14VH
Cape Chin South place CAPUTHEN95IC
Alderwood place ALDOODFN03FO
MacDonald Bay place MACBAYFN14AP
Dresden place DREDENEN82VO
Lambs Corners place LAMERSEN92XT
Nestor Falls place NESLLSEN39AC
Scudder place SCUDEREN81QT
Redwater place REDTERFN06EV
Breezy's Corners place BREERSEN93XJ
Shabaqua place SHAQUAEN58AO
Oakridge place OAKDGEFN03IQ
Niagara place NIAARAFN03HP
Oakville place OAKLLEFN03DK
Nipigon place NIPGONEN59UA
Limehouse place LIMUSEFN03AP
The Cottages place THEGESEN92UO
Webbwood place WEBOODEN96BG
Blue Springs place BLUNGSEN93WO
Eglinton East place EGLASTFN03JR
Blanshard place BLAARDEN93JG
Sutton West place SUTESTFN04HH
Squirrel Town place SQUOWNEN95BQ
Medina Corners place MEDERSEN93WA
Parry Island place PARANDEN95XH
Dundalk place DUNALKEN94TE
Dundurn place DUNURNEN92UX
Rowan Mills place ROWLLSEN92RO
Quinte West place QUIESTFN14FE
Thunder Bay place THUBAYEN58IJ
Westfield Heritage Village place WESAGEEN93WH
Grange Park place GRAARKFN03HP
Alexandra Park place ALEARKFN03HP
Etobicoke West Mall part of place ETOALLFN03FP
South Augusta place SOUSTAFN24EP
Coleraine place COLINEFN03DT
Melville place MELLLEEN93XV
Fort Frances place FORCESEN38HO
Port Stanley place PORLEYEN92JQ
Cranberry place CRARRYEN95RV
Five Corners place FIVERSFN04VI
Trinity Bellwoods Park place TRIARKFN03HP
Paradis Bay place PARBAYFN07FI
Colborne place COLRNEFN14BA
Mattagami Landing place MATINGEN97GR
Shedden place SHEDENEN92HR
Sheldon place SHEDONFN04AB
Huntsville place HUNLLEFN05JI
East York place EASORKFN03IQ
Sherwood place SHEOODFN03FU
Tyranite place TYRITEEN97LP
Cliffcrest place CLIESTFN03JR
Opasquia place OPAUIAEO33EG
Hornby Station place HORIONFN03CN
East Gwillimbury place EASURYFN04HD
Killaloe place KILLOEFN15HN
Commanda place COMNDAFN05EW
St. Marys place STMRYSEN93KG
Hespeler place HESLEREN93UK
Six Points part of place SIXNTSFN03FP
Coniston place CONTONEN96NL
Little Port Elgin place LITGINEN94LV
Gananoque place GANQUEFN14WI
Norwich place NORICHEN92QX
Norwood place NOROODFN14AJ
Nottawa place NOTAWAEN94VK
Lorne Beach place LORACHEN94EF
Yorkville place YORLLEFN03HQ
Roncesvalles place RONLESFN03GP
Shelburne place SHERNEEN94VB
The Junction place THEIONFN03GP
McLeodville place MCLLLEEN93XV
Distillery District place DISICTFN03HP
Pickering United Cemetery cemetery PICERYFN03KT
Robbtown place ROBOWNEN94PA
Simcoe Co place object_1306010
Kinghorn place KINORNFN03FW
Kingston place KINTONFN14SF
Relessey place RELSEYEN94XB
Kinhuron place KINRONEN94EF
Kinmount place KINUNTFN04QS
Pine Grove place PINOVEFN25PJ
Kinnaird place KINIRDEN93AD
Actinolite place ACTITEFN14IN
Garafraxa Woods place GARODSEN93WV
Holmes Point place HOLINTFN04JI
Sorrell Lake place SORAKEEN58AW
Agincourt place AGIURTFN03IS
Rockland place ROCANDFN25IN
Rockport place ROCORTFN24AI
Rockside place ROCIDEFN03AS
Rockwood place ROCOODEN93WO
Pike Bay place PIKBAYEN94IU
Lansdowne place LANWNEFN14XK
Ingersoll place INGOLLEN93NA
Martinville place MARLLEFN04DN
Carleton Village place CARAGEFN03GQ
Horse Collar Junction place HORIONEN38SR
Anten Mills place ANTLLSFN04CL
Old Mine Centre place OLDTREEN38QQ
Goodfellow Beach place GOOACHFN04FI
Scotland place SCOANDEN93TA
Wahta First Nation place WAHIONFN05DA
Pontypool place PONOOLFN04QC
Pontypool place PONOO1FN04QC
Corktown place COROWNFN03HP
North Woolwich place NORICHEN93RP
Cornwall place CORALLFN25PA
Sturgeon Falls place STULLSFN06BI
The Beaches place THEHESFN03IQ
Bannockburn place BANURNFN14FP
Pinewood place PINOODEN28UR
West Hill place WESILLFN03JS
Ellsmere Village place ELLAGEFN06EN
Fort Severn place FORERNEO65EX
Maiangowi Settlement place MAIENTEN95DS
Spanish place SPAISHEN86TE
Fort Erie place FORRIEFN02MV
Fort Hope place FOROPEEO61AN
Fort York place FORORKFN03HP
Spragge place SPRGGEEN86QE
Barrhaven place BARVENFN25DG
Bluewater place BLUTEREN93EL
Lorne Park Estates part of place LORTESFN03EM
Earlton place EARTONFN07CR
Cordova Mines place CORNESFN14CM
Westmount place WESUNTFN03FQ
Coventry place COVTRYFN03DV
Brimstone place BRIONEFN03AT
Beachburg place BEAURGFN15NR
Brennan Harbour place BREOUREN86TE
Wattenwyle place WATYLEFN05ET
Scarborough Bluffs Park place SCAARKFN03JQ
Rainy River place RAIVEREN28RR
Monkland place MONANDFN25NE
Monteith place MONITHEN98PP
Ingleside place INGIDEFN25MA
Inglewood place INGOODFN03AS
Swastika place SWAIKAEN98WC
Weagamow Lake place WEAAKEEO42HW
Iroquois place IROOISFN24IU
Stayner place STANEREN94WK
Moonbeam place MOOEAMEN89WI
Decker Hollow place DECLOWFN04SA
Big Trout Lake place BIGAKEEO53ET
Steeles place STELESFN03IT
Ebenezer place EBEZERFN04CQ
Goulais Mission place GOUIONEN76RQ
Moosonee place MOONEEEO91QG
Moosonee place MOONE1EO91QG
Greektown place GREOWNFN03HQ
Mirvish Village place MIRAGEFN03HP
Greenview place GREIEWFN15CF
Holly Park place HOLARKFN03DW
Glenhaven Beach place GLEACHFN04FJ
Thorncrest Village place THOAGEFN03FP
Strange place STRNGEFN03FW
Narrow Lake place NARAKEEO31OF
The Annex place THENEXFN03HQ
The Cache place THECHEEN98FG
The Depot place THEPOTEN95WX
Richmond Hill place RICILLFN03GU
Smooth Rock Falls place SMOLLSEN99EG
McDougall Mills place MCDLLSEO40FE
Poplar Hill place POPILLEO22UC
Algonquin Park place ALGARKFN05RN
Tillsonburg place TILURGEN92PU
Key Junction place KEYIONEN95PX
Golden Lake place GOLAKEFN15JO
Rolphton place ROLTONFN16DE
Fee Spur place FEEPUREO50CG
Queenston place QUETONFN03LE
Nicholson place NICSONEN87CW
Lincoln County district object_278461
Long Beach place LONACHFN02HU
Richards Landing place RICINGEN76XG
Stewart Farm place STEARMFN15HW
Norfolk County place NORNTYEN92TU
Long Sault place LONULTFN25NA
Devonshire place DEVIREEN98OT
Churchill place CHUILLFN04FG
Churchill place CHUILLEN93XP
Westport place WESORTFN14TQ
Swansea place SWASEAFN03GP
Swansea place SWASE1FN03GP
Granite Lake place GRAAKEEN29NR
Uxbridge place UXBDGEFN04KC
Sioux Narrows place SIOOWSEN29XJ
Hazeldean place HAZEANFN25BH
East Bayfront place EASONTFN03HP
St. James Town place STJOWNFN03HQ
Nestleton Station place NESIONFN04OD
Gillies Limit abandoned place GILMITFN07DG
Longbow Lake place LONAKEEN29TR
Sundridge place SUNDGEFN05HS
Goldenburgh place GOLRGHEN86HI
West Nipissing place WESINGFN06AI
River Canard place RIVARDEN82LE
Fire River place FIRVEREN88ES
Trent Hills place TRELLSFN14BG
Park Head place PAREADEN94KO
Lypps Beach place LYPACHEN82MA
Baldwin Village place BALAGEFN03HP
Three Bridges place THRGESEN93LB
Macville place MACLLEFN03CU
Britannia part of place BRINIAFN25CI
Humber Valley Village place HUMAGEFN03FP
Speersville place SPELLEFN03AV
Hogg's Hollow place HOGLOWFN03HR
Kawartha Lakes place KAWKESFN04OO
Hawkesbury place HAWURYFN25QO
Hawkestone place HAWONEFN04GM
Buttonville place BUTLLEFN03HU
Islington part of place ISLTONFN03FP
Bridgeport place BRIORTEN93SL
Main Square place MAIAREFN03IQ
Peterbell place PETELLEN88HO
Luxemburg place LUXURGEN93PJ
Canfield place CANELDFN02DX
Streetsville place STRLLEFN03DN
Elm Tree Corners place ELMERSFN04OH
Lawrence Park place LAWARKFN03HR
Dicksons Corners place DICERSEN93MB
Roseneath place ROSATHFN04XE
Moffat Pond place MOFONDFN05WF
Neyaashiinigmiing place NEYINGEN94LV
Rosedale place ROSALEFN03HQ
Rosehill place ROSILLEN93XV
Rosemont place ROSONTFN04AC
Ayr place AYRAYREN93SG
Ayr place AYRAY1EN93SG
Emo place EMOEMOEN38BP
Hay place HAYHAYEN93GI
Ida place IDAIDAFN04SF
Lyn place LYNLYNFN24CO
Oba place OBAOBAEN79WB
Ajax place AJAJAXFN03LU
Alma place ALMLMAEN93RR
Bala place BALALAFN05EA
Bath place BATATHFN14OE
Beck place BECECKEN58NO
Carp place CARARPFN15XI
Dane place DANANEEN98XC
Elba place ELBLBAEN94WB
Erin place ERIRINEN93XS
Erin place ERIRINEN93WS
Erin place ERIRINEN93WR
King place KININGFN03EX
Loon place LOOOONEN58OP
Mono place MONONOEN94XA
Mono place MONON1EN94XA
Ruel place RUEUELEN97GG
Wawa place WAWAWAEN77OX
Wyse place WYSYSEFN06KR
York place YORORKFN03GQ
Zion place ZIOIONEN94LR
Woodlawn place WOOAWNFN15XJ
Woodside place WOOIDEEN93XX
Elmvale place ELMALEFN04BO
Rossport place ROSORTEN68FU
Petherton place PETTONEN93QU
Keewatin place KEETINEN29RS
Heron Bay place HERBAYEN68UQ
Fontaine's Landing place FONINGEN89CT
Elzevir place ELZVIRFN14IP
Deer Lake place DEEAKEEO22WO
Deer Park place DEEARKFN03HQ
Larder Lake place LARAKEFN08DC
Hardrock Townsite place HARITEEN69MQ
Waterloo County district object_278459
Old Road Crossing place OLDINGFN15IW
Chestnut Hills part of place CHELLSFN03FP
Bradford place BRAORDFN04FC
Emerald place EMEALDFN14OD
Bradford West Gwillimbury place BRAURYFN04EC
Braeside place BRAIDEFN15TL
Christian Island place CHRANDEN94VT
Rivière-aux-Canards place RIVRDSEN82LE
Brampton place BRATONFN03CQ
Hamilton place HAMTONFN03BG
Emsdale place EMSALEFN05IM
Hockley Valley place HOCLEYFN03CW
Cat Lake place CATAKEEO41CR
Cardinal place CARNALFN24HS
Cardwell place CARELLEN93WX
Davisville Village place DAVAGEFN03HQ
Carholme place CARLMEEN92RR
Temperanceville place TEMLLEFN03GW
Derry West place DERESTFN03DP
Acton place ACTTONEN93XP
Alton place ALTTONEN93XU
Amyot place AMYYOTEN78ML
Angus place ANGGUSFN04BH
Anson place ANSSONFN14FH
Aunor place AUNNOREN98IK
Ayton place AYTTONEN94NB
Baden place BADDENEN93QJ
Brant place BRAANTEN93TD
Brent place BREENTFN06SA
Britt place BRIITTEN95RS
Cavan place CAVVANFN04SE
Clare place CLAAREEN93QX
Clute place CLUUTEEN99LE
Dacre place DACCREFN15MI
Delhi place DELLHIEN92SU
Dixie part of place DIXXIEFN03EO
Douro place DOUUROFN04VJ
Edgar place EDGGARFN04EM
Eldee place ELDDEEFN06KP
Elder place ELDDEREN94XB
Elgin place ELGGINFN14VO
Elora place ELOORAEN93SQ
Elsas place ELSSASEN88NM
Essex place ESSSEXEN82OE
Essex place ESSSEXEN82NC
Field place FIEELDEN96XM
Finch place FINNCHFN25LD
Franz place FRAANZEN78TL
Harty place HARRTYEN89PL
Wasaga Beach place WASACHEN94XM
Judge place JUDDGEFN07FO
Keene place KEEENEFN04WG
Kelso place KELLSOEN98PQ
Kerns place KERRNSFN07CO
Kiosk place KIOOSKFN06NC
Chisholm's Mills place CHILLSFN14II
Laclu place LACCLUEN29PS
South Magnetawan place SOUWANEN95VR
Logan place LOGGANEN93KM
Lotus place LOTTUSFN04PC
Lucan place LUCCANEN93HE
Madoc place MADDOCFN14GM
Maple place MAPPLEFN03FU
Minto place MINNTOEN93NW
Nezah place NEZZAHEN69EQ
Nobel place NOBBELEN95WK
Novar place NOVVARFN05JK
Ompah place OMPPAHFN15OA
Orton place ORTTONEN93VS
Otter place OTTTEREN78TJ
Paris place PARRISEN93TE
Perth place PERRTHFN14VV
Quorn place QUOORNEN49MK
Ambassador Beach place AMBACHEN82MA
Raith place RAIITHEN58AU
Salem place SALLEMFN03PW
Salem place SALLEMEN93XX
Nashville place NASLLEFN03EU
Skead place SKEEADEN96PQ
Spier place SPIIEREN93TR
Tweed place TWEEEDFN14IL
Wanda place WANNDAEN78SJ
Wanup place WANNUPEN96OJ
Woods place WOOODSEN95VL
Junction Triangle place JUNGLEFN03GP
Bermondsey place BERSEYFN03IR
Wabigoon place WABOONEN39QR
Little Current place LITENTEN95AX
Kapuskasing place KAPINGEN89SK
Ballinafad place BALFADEN93XQ
Strickland place STRANDEN99BG
Alexandria place ALERIAFN25QH
Caledon Village place CALAGEFN03AU
Cliffside place CLIIDEFN03JR
Tashota place TASOTAEO60DF
Latchford place LATORDFN07CI
Old Toronto place OLDNTOFN03HP
Point Edward place POIARDEN83TA
High Falls place HIGLLSEN96FJ
Opasatika place OPAIKAEN89NM
Whitchurch-Stouffville place WHILLEFN04IA
Beardmore place BEAOREEN69AO
Naicatchewenin place NAININEN29LI
Wyebridge place WYEDGEFN04BQ
Bissett Creek place BISEEKFN06XF
Hindon Hill place HINILLFN05OB
Elk City place ELKITYEN97UR
Elk Lake place ELKAKEEN97UR
Brethour place BREOURFN07FR
Graphite place GRAITEFN15BE
Tansleyville place TANLLEEN69AO
ByWard Market place BYWKETFN25DK
Hardrock place HAROCKEN69NR
Burlington place BURTONFN03BJ
Moore Park place MOOARKFN03AP
Moore Park place MOOARKFN03HQ
Caribou Falls place CARLLSEO20MG
Driftwood place DRIOODEN99HD
Garden District place GARICTFN03HP
Old Fort place OLDORTFN04CR
Old Mill place OLDILLFN03GP
Dinorwic place DINWICEN39RQ
Savant Lake place SAVAKEEO40PF
Myrtle Station place MYRIONFN04MA
Estaire place ESTIREEN96OH
Crystal Beach place CRYACHFN02LU
Hastings place HASNGSFN14AH
Courtright place COUGHTEN82ST
Simcoe Beach place SIMACHFN04FH
Horseshoe Lake place HORAKEFN05PA
Jorgens place JORENSFN15IW
Ettrick place ETTICKEN93HA
Thorncliffe place THOFFEFN03HQ
Woodstock place WOOOCKEN93PD
McLeanville place MCLLLEFN24ES
Kenabeek place KENEEKFN07AP
Fleming's Landing place FLEINGEN95WV
Eugenia place EUGNIAEN94RH
Brighton place BRITONFN14DA
Brighton place BRITONFN14CC
McAlpine Corners place MCAERSFN15BF
Atherley place ATHLEYFN04HO
Beaverton place BEATONFN04KK
South Baymouth place SOUUTHEN85XN
Nanticoke place NANOKEEN92XT
Brisbane place BRIANEEN93XR
Elliot Lake place ELLAKEEN86QJ
Everard place EVEARDEN58TV
Everett place EVEETTFN04AE
Evansville place EVALLEEN85RT
Dubreuilville place DUBLLEEN78RI
Black Hawk place BLAAWKEN38AT
Havelock place HAVOCKFN14BK
Claireville place CLALLEFN03ES
Claireville place CLALLEFN03ER
Atikokan place ATIKANEN48ES
Wanless Park place WANARKFN03HR
Scotch Block place SCOOCKEN85HW
Marathon place MARHONEN68SS
Bracebridge place BRADGEFN05IA
Birchwood part of place BIROODFN03EM
Markdale place MARALEEN94QH
Markstay place MARTAYEN96RL
The Village place THEAGEFN03HQ
Ranelagh place RANAGHEN92SX
Mountain View place MOUIEWFN14HB
Thorold place THOOLDFN03JC
Humberwoods place HUMODSFN03ER
Maryvale place MARALEFN03IS
Amaranth Station place AMAIONEN93VV
Ward's Island place WARANDFN03HP
Clay Hills place CLALLSEN94LV
Hamilton Corner place HAMNEREN93VM
Corbetton place CORTONEN94UD
New Scotland place NEWANDFN03EW
Couchiching First Nations place COUONSEN38GQ
Pembroke place PEMOKEFN15KT
Tilbury place TILURYEN82SG
Whitefish place WHIISHEN96IJ
Timmins place TIMINSEN98IL
Tionaga place TIOAGAEN88WC
Copper Cliff place COPIFFEN96LL
Floradale place FLOALEEN93RO
Port Dover place PORVEREN92VS
Matheson place MATSONEN98SM
Port Elgin place PORGINEN94HK
Haliburton place HALTONFN05RB
Port Lands place PORNDSFN03HP
Avalon Park place AVAARKEN92VS
Port Perry place PORRRYFN04MC
Blackwater place BLATERFN04LF
Wychwood Park place WYCARKFN03GQ
Port Union place PORIONFN03KS
Waldemar place WALMAREN93UV
Floral Park place FLOARKFN04IQ
Biscotasing place BISINGEN87WG
St. Lawrence place STLNCEFN03HP
Scarborough Station place SCAIONFN03IR
Kingsville place KINLLEEN82PA
Kingsville place KINLLEEN82PC
Ansonville place ANSLLEEN98PS
Mud Lake place MUDAKEFN15JN
Pefferlaw place PEFLAWFN04JH
River Valley place RIVLEYEN96VO
Oliphant place OLIANTEN94IR
East Windsor part of place EASSOREN82MH
Walpole Island place WALANDEN82RO
McCann's Shore place MCCOREFN15VC
Point Pelee part of place POILEEEN81RX
Fonthill place FONILLFN03IB
Big Beaver House place BIGUSEEO52BW
Middlesex County district object_278457
Maple Leaf place MAPEAFFN15CG
Crescent Bay place CREBAYEN92WS
Kettleby place KETEBYFN04FA
Killarney place KILNEYEN96LC
North Perth place NORRTHEN93MR
Port Findlay place PORLAYEN76XH
Keewaydin place KEEDINEN97WB
Orillia place ORILIAFN04GO
Innisfil place INNFILFN04EH
Ear Falls place EARLLSEO30JP
Marshall's Corners place MARERSFN07EU
Nipissing Ouest place NIPESTFN06AK
Clarke's Corners place CLAERSEN95HA
Severn Bridge place SEVDGEFN04IS
Rathburn place RATURNFN04IP
Griffis Corners place GRIERSFN14BA
Maxville place MAXLLEFN25NG
Mono Road place MONOADFN03BU
The Entertainment District place THEICTFN03HP
Morrison River Landing place MORINGEN79RE
Maplegrove place MAPOVEFN04FJ
Tavistock place TAVOCKEN93OH
Maynooth place MAYOTHFN15AF
McLennan's Beach place MCLACHFN04KK
Unionville place UNILLEFN03IU
Tormore place TOROREFN03DU
Toronto town TORNTOFN03HP
Toronto place TORNTOFN03HQ
Harbourfront place HARONTFN03HP
Clarington place CLATONFN03PX
Corso Italia place CORLIAFN03GQ
Petawawa place PETAWAFN15IV
Petawawa place PETAW1FN15IV
Priceville place PRILLEEN94QE
Shawanaga place SHAAGAEN95UM
Porquis Junction place PORIONEN98OQ
Petrolia place PETLIAEN82WU
Christie Beach place CHRACHEN94RO
McDiarmid's Shore place MCDOREFN15WD
Brockton Village place BROAGEFN03GP
Pickering place PICINGFN03KV
Fossmill place FOSILLFN06KC
Brown's Corners place BROERSEN93KE
Brown's Corners place BROERSEN92RW
Brown's Corners place BROERSFN03HU
Kasabonika place KASIKAEO53QM
Kennedy Park place KENARKFN03IR
Omeedjilawh Camp place OMEAMPEN94LV
Falding place FALINGFN05BH
Six Mile Corner place SIXNEREN39PS
Farnham place FARHAMEN93VM
Black Horse place BLARSEFN03CX
Maple Grove place MAPOVEEN93UB
Maple Grove place MAPOVEEN93IE
Lagoon City place LAGITYFN04JN
Little Hawk Lake place LITAKEFN05PD
Trenton place TRETONFN14FC
Bruce Co place object_1305983
Bruceton place BRUTONFN15HF
Waterloo place WATLOOEN93RL
Waterloo place WATLO1EN93RL
Vanzant's Landing place VANINGEN95BS
Kincardine place KININEEN94EE
Kincardine place KININEEN94ED
Oxdrift place OXDIFTEN39MT
Penetanguishene place PENENEFN04BS
Makataewaukawauk place MAKAUKEN94MW
Pine Ridge Memorial Gardens Cemetery & Cremation Center cemetery PINTERFN03LV
Mackenzie place MACZIEEN58MN
Cole Wharf place COLARFFN14LD
North Branch place NORNCHEN28VU
Calabogie place CALGIEFN15PH
Calabogie place CALGI1FN15PH
Sherwood Forrest place SHEESTFN03EM
Dunn's Corner place DUNNEREN93NB
Kabaigon place KABGONEN48UQ
Allen's Corners place ALLERSFN03EC
Beamsville place BEALLEFN03GE
Little Egypt place LITYPTEN94HC
Little India place LITDIAFN03IQ
Little Italy place LITALYFN03HP
Pond Mills place PONLLSEN92JW
Browns Corners place BROERSFN03JT
Sheridan Park place SHEARKFN03EM
St. George place STGRGEEN93UF
Baby Point part of place BABINTFN03GP
Fenelon Falls place FENLLSFN04PM
Society of Friends Cemetery (Pickering Village) cemetery SOCAGEFN03LU
Fenella place FENLLAFN04WD
Turbine place TURINEEN96FI
Turriff place TURIFFFN14DX
Crescent Town place CREOWNFN03IQ
Ferland place FERANDEO50SH
Monteagle place MONGLEFN15BF
Greater Napanee place GRENEEFN14MG
Bobcaygeon place BOBEONFN04RN
Cooksville place COOLLEFN03EN
Huff Wharf place HUFARFFN14LD
Kaladar place KALDARFN14KP
Thamesville place THALLEEN92AN
Kaszuby place KASUBYFN15FK
Depot Harbour place DEPOUREN95WH
Georgina Island place GEOANDFN04II
Foymount place FOYUNTFN15IK
Echo Bay place ECHBAYEN76XL
Moss Park place MOSARKFN03HP
Almonte place ALMNTEFN15VF
Clarkson part of place CLASONFN03EM
Snowball place SNOALLFN03FX
Kingsview Village place KINAGEFN03FQ
Huron Co place object_1306002
Huronian place HURIANEN48PR
Caledonia place CALNIAFN03AB
Riverdale place RIVALEFN03HQ
Riverside place RIVIDEEN82MI
Riverside place RIVIDEFN04CQ
Pottageville place POTLLEFN03EX
Lakefield place LAKELDFN04UK
Orange Corners place ORAERSFN04SH
Kagawong place KAGONGEN85VV
Lakeshore place LAKOREEN82QF
Sprucedale place SPRALEFN05GL
Forest Hill place FORILLFN03HQ
Bearskin Lake place BEAAKEEO43MW
Finland place FINANDEN38AU
St. George's Anglican Church & Cemetery cemetery STGERYFN03LU
Kearney place KEANEYFN05JN
Burnhamthorpe part of place BURRPEFN03EO
Shillington place SHITONEN98PM
Kent Co place object_1305979
Pointe au Baril Station place POIIONEN95TO
Kerwood place KEROODEN92DW
Keswick part of place KESICKFN04GG
Scarborough place SCAUGHFN03KS
Scarborough place SCAUGHFN03IS
New Hamburg place NEWURGEN93PJ
Haley Station place HALIONFN15ON
McGregor place MCGGOREN82MD
Jonesville place JONLLEEN69MQ
Paisley place PAILEYEN94IH
Wainfleet place WAIEETFN02HW
Baelstadt place BAEADTFN15HW
South Porcupine place SOUINEEN98JL
Parthia place PARHIAEN89JO
Seine River place SEIVEREN38SR
Cannington place CANTONFN04LI
Delamere place DELEREEN96PE
Delaware place DELAREEN92HW
CityPlace place CITACEFN03HP
Bruce Mines place BRUNESEN86CH
Henry Farm place HENARMFN03HS
Port Dalhousie place PORSIEFN03IE
Byng Inlet place BYNLETEN95RS
Hillcrest Village place HILAGEFN03HT
Chesterville place CHELLEFN25JC
Iroquois Falls place IROLLSEN98PS
McIntosh place MCIOSHEN39EX
Liberty Village place LIBAGEFN03GP
Macdiarmid place MACMIDEN59WK
Powassan place POWSANFN06HA
Crewsons Corners place CREERSEN93WP
Erindale Woodlands part of place ERINDSFN03EN
Dinner Point Depot place DINPOTEN95DX
Mississippi Mills place MISLLSFN15VF
Ley Family Cemetery & Potters Field (Pickering Village) cemetery LEYAGEFN03LU
McMurchy Settlement place MCMENTEN94UL
Bowesville place BOWLLEFN25EH
Denfield place DENELDEN93GC
Colchester place COLTEREN81MX
Seaforth place SEARTHEN93HN
Regent Park place REGARKFN03HP
Chelmsford place CHEORDEN96JO
Armstrong place ARMONGEO50LH
Blue Mountains place BLUINSEN94SN
Killean place KILEANEN93VK
Lake River place LAKVEREO84RI
Callander place CALDERFN06HF
Clarence-Rockland place CLAANDFN25IN
Sutherland place SUTANDEN82LH
Muskoka Falls place MUSLLSFN05IA
Washagami place WASAMIEN96SP
Foleyet place FOLYETEN88SF
Guildwood Village place GUIAGEFN03JR
Braund Port place BRAORTFN04UG
Dryden's Corner place DRYNEREN85UR
Sault Ste. Marie place SAURIEEN76UM
Harvie Settlement place HARENTFN04GO
Kemptville place KEMLLEFN25EA
Brownrigg place BROIGGEN99FQ
Caledon East place CALASTFN03BU
South Easthope place SOUOPEEN93NI
Belle River place BELVEREN82PH
Pakenham place PAKHAMFN15UI
Plympton-Wyoming place PLYINGEN83WA
Niagara Falls place NIALL1FN03LC
Brockville place BROLLEFN24DO
McNaught place MCNGHTEN93JP
Kimberley place KIMLEYEN94RJ
Glen Buell place GLEELLFN24BP
Glen Cross place GLEOSSEN93XX
Terrace Bay place TERBAYEN68KS
Montgomery Park place MONARKFN15VD
Vankleek Hill place VANILLFN25QM
St. Thomas place STTMASEN92JS
Owen Sound place OWEUNDEN94MN
Sachigo Lake place SACAKEEO33VU
Fauquier place FAUIEREN89XH
Midtown Toronto place MIDNTOFN03HQ
Spotswood place SPOOODFN15NV
Moxam's Landing place MOXINGEN96KI
The Elms place THELMSFN03FR
The Gore place THEOREEN92RX
Rivière des Français place RIVAISEN96SE
Utterson place UTTSONFN05IF
Bloomfield place BLOELDFN13JX
Clarks Corners place CLAERSFN03IT
Kaministiquia place KAMUIAEN58FM
The Golden Mile place THEILEFN03IR
Scotch Bush place SCOUSHFN15AF
Pigeon River place PIGVE1EN58DA
Centre Island place CENANDFN03HO
Bowmanville place BOWLLEFN03PW
Millhaven place MILVENFN14PE
Wilcox Lake place WILAKEEN94RF
Wallaceburg place WALURGEN82TO
Kossuth place KOSUTHEN93TK
Kowkash place KOWASHEO60JF
Nobleton place NOBTONFN03EV
Armstrong Station place ARMIONEO50LH
Port Colborne place PORRNEFN02JV
Bummers' Roost place BUMOSTFN05ET
Rutherglen place RUTLENFN06LG
Thedford place THEORDEN93BD
Eagle River place EAGVEREN39JT
Napanee Downtown part of place NAPOWNFN14MF
Enterprise place ENTISEFN14NL
Otter Lake place OTTAKEFN05AG
Erindale place ERIALEFN03EM
Erindale part of place ERIALEFN03EN
Eringate place ERIATEFN03FP
Hemstock Mills place HEMLLSEN94MK
Pickering Old Methodist Cemetery cemetery PICERYFN03LU
St. Wilfreds Roman Catholic Cemetery (Pickering) cemetery STWINGFN03LU
Playter Estates place PLATESFN03HQ
Smith's Landing place SMIINGFN06OK
Mountain Grove place MOUOVEFN14NR
Brantford place BRAORDEN93UD
Parkdale place PARALEFN03GP
Parkhill place PARILLEN93DD
Rathwell's Shore place RATOREFN15VC
Bowser's Corner place BOWNEREN85VU
Chatsworth place CHARTHEN94NK
Dome Extension place DOMIONEN98JL
Laurentian Hills place LAULLSFN15SX
Box Grove place BOXOVEFN03JU
Carleton Place place CARACEFN15WD
Madawaska place MADSKAFN15AM
Sellwood place SELOODEN96LU
Reid's Mill place REIILLEN93SH
Glen Robertson place GLESONFN25SI
Teeswater place TEETEREN93IX
Searchmont place SEAONTEN76XS
North Spirit Lake place NORAKEEO32LM
Morrisburg place MORURGFN24JV
Hink's Corners place HINERSEN92QX
Marsville place MARLLEEN93VT
Lafontaine Beach place LAFACHEN94WR
New Dundee place NEWDEEEN93RI
Pagwa River place PAGVEREO70JA
Barwick place BARICKEN38AP
Preston place PRETONEN93TJ
Montreal River place MONVEREN77QF
Centralia place CENLIAEN93GG
Belleville place BELLLEFN14HE
Belleville place BELLL1FN14HE
Morrison Lake place MORAKEFN04GU
Stamford place STAORDFN03KD
Kirk Cove place KIROVEFN14MT
Manitouwadge place MANDGEEN79BC
Bon Secours Beach place BONACHFN04FI
Dunkerron place DUNRONFN04EA
Shanty Bay place SHABAYEN96TE
Cody's Corners place CODERSEN93NC
Greater Sudbury place GREURYEN96ML
South Windsor place SOUSOREN82LG
Listowel place LISWELEN93MR
Listowel place LISWE1EN93MR
Milverton place MILTONEN93NN
Skatepark part of place SKAARKFN14MG
Connaught place CONGHTEN98MO
South Bruce Peninsula place SOUULAEN94JQ
Geraldton place GERTONEN69MR
Bedford place BEDORDFN14RO
Nayausheeng place NAYENGEN94LW
Belwood place BELOODEN93UT
Bendale place BENALEFN03JS
Midway Crossing place MIDINGFN15IW
Newburgh place NEWRGHFN14NH
Bethany place BETANYFN04RE
Kirkfield place KIRELDFN04MN
Hammertown place HAMOWNFN03DW
Apple Hill place APPILLFN25OF
Hay's Shore place HAYOREFN15WC
Ohsweken place OHSKENEN93WB
Thornloe place THOLOEFN07DQ
Thornton place THOTONFN04DG
Bellingham place BELHAMEN86IJ
Financial District place FINICTFN03HP
Wellington County place object_1306011
Vimy Ridge place VIMDGEEN98TL
Jackson's Point place JACINTEN96HG
North Toronto place NORNTOFN03HQ
Princess Margaret Gardens place PRIENSFN03FQ
Chapleau place CHAEAUEN87HU
Dunnville place DUNLLEFN02EV
Orchard Heights part of place ORCHTSFN03FO
New Tecumseth place NEWETHFN04DC
Wolford Centre place WOLTREFN24CT
Central Patricia place CENCIAEO41WM
Mooretown place MOOOWNEN82SU
Forks of the Credit place FORDITFN03AT
Princess Anne Manor place PRINORFN03FQ
Port Burwell place PORELLEN92OP
Bigwood place BIGOODEN96QA
Dufferin Grove place DUFOVEFN03GP
Algonquin Park East part of place ALGASTFN05UM
Algonquin Park West part of place ALGESTFN05OK
Hillcrest place HILESTFN03GQ
Cambridge place CAMDGEEN93UI
Hillsdale place HILALEFN04DO
Hillsport place HILORTEN79FK
LaSalle place LASLLEEN82LF
Stratford place STRORDEN93MI
Strathroy place STRROYEN92EW
Pikangikum place PIKKUMEO31AT
Bloordale Gardens part of place BLOENSFN03FP
Hawk Lake place HAWAKEEN39AT
West Humber Estates place WESTESFN03ER
Sydenham place SYDHAMEN94ON
Button's Corners place BUTERSFN07CL
South Lancaster place SOUTERFN25SD
Stirling place STIINGFN14FH
Cheminis place CHENISFN08FE
Lansing part of place LANINGFN03HS
Latimer place LATMERFN14RI
Parker Landing place PARINGEN95HW
West Lorne place WESRNEEN92EO
Wellington place WELTONFN13HW
Sahanatien place SAHIENFN04DX
Centreville place CENLLEEN94IW
Glen Williams place GLEAMSFN03AQ
Fashion District place FASICTFN03HP
Amherstburg place AMHURGEN82KC
Amherstburg place AMHURGEN82LC
Don Mills place DONLLSFN03IR
Zorra Station place ZORIONEN93NC
Hagles Corners place HAGERSEN93NA
Earlscourt place EARURTFN03GQ
Missanabie place MISBIEEN78XH
French River place FREVEREN96SE
Greenstone place GREONEEN69JR
Flanders place FLAERSEN38WR
Attawapiskat place ATTKATEO82SW
Gilmour place GILOURFN14ET
Centennial Park place CENARKFN03EP
Orrville place ORRLLEFN05CJ
Leaside place LEAIDEFN03HQ
Harriston place HARTONEN93NV
Leitrim place LEIRIMFN25EI
Combermere place COMEREFN15EI
Combermere place COMER1FN15EI
Applewood Heights part of place APPHTSFN03EO
Lambton County district object_278458
Head Lake place HEAAKEFN04MR
Chippawa place CHIAWAFN03LB
Bongard place BONARDFN14MB
Mount Forest place MOUESTEN93PX
Bourget place BOUGETFN25KK
Bourkes place BOUKESEN98VG
Huron East place HURASTEN93IO
Ryerson University place RYEITYFN03HP
Merrickville-Wolford place MERORDFN24CW
Leslieville place LESLLEFN03IQ
Sour Spring place SOUINGEN93VB
Leeville place LEELLEEN97WQ
Darbyville place DARLLEEN93XN
Kumpfville place KUMLLEEN93OQ
Campbellcroft place CAMOFTFN04TB
Cedar Mills place CEDLLSFN03CW
Glasgow place GLAGOWFN03CU
Glencoe place GLECOEEN92DS
Prince Edward place PRIARDFN14JA
McIntosh Springs place MCINGSEN98NP
Frenchman's Head place FREEADEO30VC
Port Maitland place PORANDFN02FU
Waterdown place WATOWNFN03BI
Waterford place WATORDEN92UW
Monteagle Valley place MONLEYFN15CE
Summerhill place SUMILLFN03HQ
Brechin place BREHINFN04JN
Upper Beaches place UPPHESFN03IQ
Sixty-Nine Corners place SIXERSEN93WA
Astorville place ASTLLEFN06IE
Hagersville place HAGLLEEN92XX
Behnke Wood place BEHOODFN15HW
Sheldon's Corners place SHEERSFN14XP
Dashwood place DASOODEN93EI
Juniper Island place JUNANDFN04WN
St.-Charles place STCLESEN96SI
Harry's Corner place HARNERFN04IO
Wilcox Corners place WILERSFN03EB
Limoges place LIMGESFN25JI
Lincoln place LINOLNFN03GE
Lindsay place LINSAYFN04PI
Haldimand County place HALNTYFN02BX
Mississippi Station place MISIONFN14PW
Tichborne place TICRNEFN14PQ
Mammamattawa place MAMAWAEO70TK
Camlachie place CAMHIEEN83WA
Mississauga Valley place MISLEYFN03EO
Schepeler place SCHLERFN04JN
Godfrey place GODREYFN14PM
Bergland place BERANDEN28TW
Squirrel Depot place SQUPOTFN15FU
Alliston place ALLTONFN04BD
Goderich place GODICHEN93DS
Greenwood Coxwell place GREELLFN03IQ
Wilson's Landing place WILINGFN06OJ
Crediton place CRETONEN93FG
Creemore place CREOREEN94WH
Burriss place BURISSEN38EQ
Vaughan place VAUHANFN03GU
Burwash place BURASHEN96NF
Stonecliffe place STOFFEFN16BF
Georgina place GEOINAFN04IG
Belfountain place BELAINEN93XT
Hillsburgh place HILRGHEN93WS
Cawaja Beach place CAWACHEN94XQ
Montgomery Crossing place MONINGFN15IW
Grafton place GRATONFN04XA
Granger place GRAGEREN94WB
Granton place GRATONEN93IF
Hutchins Corners place HUTERSFN24DW
Matachewan place MATWANEN97QW
Two Mile Corner place TWONEREN39NT
Grey Co place object_1306006
Lunge Lodge place LUNDGEEN96XE
Grimsby place GRISBYFN03FE
Achill place ACHILLFN04BA
Cold Springs place COLNGSEN85WU
Albion place ALBIONFN03BV
Albury place ALBURYFN14FC
Alcona place ALCONAEO40CB
Alfred place ALFREDFN25NN
Chinatown place CHIOWNFN03HP
Ameson place AMESONEN79RT
Tottenham place TOTHAMFN04CA
Sam Lake place SAMAKEEO30XC
Apsley place APSLEYFN04WS
Runnymede place RUNEDEFN03GP
Ardbeg place ARDBEGEN95XP
Arkell place ARKELLEN93VM
Arkona place ARKONAEN93BB
Arthur place ARTHUREN93RT
Lochalsh place LOCLSHEN78UI
Auburn place AUBURNEN93FS
Aurora place AURORAFN04GA
Lockerby place LOCRBYEN94JH
Aylmer place AYLMEREN92MS
Barrie place BARRIEFN04DJ
Barrie place BARRIEFN04EJ
Beeton place BEETONFN04CB
Berrys place BERRYSFN25AK
Smiths Falls place SMILLSFN14XV
Blount place BLOUNTEN93XX
Bolger place BOLGEREN95WQ
Bolkow place BOLKOWEN88BC
Bolton place BOLTONFN03DV
Borden place BORDENEN87JV
Bowker place BOWKEREN58QR
Brinka place BRINKAEO20UA
Brower place BROWEREN99OA
Burton place BURTONFN04PC
Burton place BURTONEN95VR
Butler place BUTLEREN49CL
Lockton place LOCTONFN03BW
Cadmus place CADMUSFN04OC
Carden place CARDENFN04LP
Cavers place CAVERSEN68DV
King City place KINITYFN03FW
Lone Pine place LONINEEN48ES
Lowther place LOWHEREN89LN
Anstruther Lake place ANSAKEFN04VR
Norembega place NOREGAEN98PX
Cobalt place COBALTFN07DJ
Cobden place COBDENFN15NP
Comber place COMBEREN82RF
Cottam place COTTAMEN82PD
Ridgetown place RIDOWNEN92BK
Ridgewood place RIDOODFN03ER
Crilly place CRILLYEN38UR
Crosby place CROSBYFN14UP
Lavant Station place LAVIONFN15PB
Cutler place CUTLEREN86SE
Bonarlaw place BONLAWFN14EK
Yankee Bonnet place YANNETFN04UG
Dalton place DALTONEN78XD
Hilton Beach place HILACHEN86BG
Gunters place GUNERSFN05XJ
Deloro place DELOROFN14EM
Delrex part of place DELREXFN03BP
Dornie place DORNIEFN25PH
Dorset place DORSETFN05NF
Downie place DOWNIEEN93LI
Aikensville place AIKLLEEN93VK
Parkview Hill place PARILLFN03IQ
Drefal place DREFALEN87XG
Drumbo place DRUMBOEN93RF
Dryden place DRYDENEN39NS
Dryden place DRYDENEN39OS
Pickle Crow place PICROWEO41XM
Pickle Lake place PICAKEEO41WL
Sandhill place SANILLFN03CT
Dublin place DUBLINEN93IM
Dugwal place DUGWALEN98LO
Sandwich place SANICHEN82LG
Dundas place DUNDASFN03AG
Durham place DURHAMEN94OE
Dyment place DYMENTEN39UO
Lorne Park part of place LORARKFN03EM
Mallorytown Landing place MALINGFN24BK
Michael's Bay place MICBAYEN85WO
Long Lake part of place LONAKEFN14OQ
Blandford Station place BLAIONEN93QF
Farmington place FARTONEN93VW
Elmira place ELMIRAEN93RO
Eloida place ELOIDAFN24AQ
Allenford place ALLORDEN94KN
Traverse Landing place TRAINGEN96GK
Ley Family Burial Ground (Ajax) cemetery LEYJAXFN03LU
Exeter place EXETEREN93GI
Florence place FLONCEEN92AP
Letterbreen place LETEENEN94OA
Wheatley place WHELEYEN82SC
Mount Slaven part of place MOUVENFN04GO
Fergus place FERGUSEN93TQ
Fergus place FERGU1EN93TQ
Fingal place FINGALEN92IR
Castlederg place CASERGFN03CW
Forest place FORESTEN93AC
Frater place FRATEREN77RI
Pukaskwa Depot place PUKPOTEN78AA
Grand Valley place GRALEYEN93UV
Rosedale Point place ROSINTEN69MQ
Garson place GARSONEN96NN
Sandy Lake place SANAKEEO33HB
Coulterville place COULLEEN93XT
Newmarket place NEWKETFN04GB
Gogama place GOGAMAEN97DQ
Graham place GRAHAMEN49RG
Birch Cliff place BIRIFFFN03IQ
Bedford Park place BEDARKFN03HR
Lorneville place LORLLEFN04MK
Guelph town GUELPHEN93VM
Guelph place GUELPHEN93VN
Gurney place GURNEYEN68BW

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	has external reference  geonames:6093943,
	has name (in deu) Ontario,
	is (in deu) Provinz,
	is part of object_277497;
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