Berlin II, Tempelhof, Tempelhof-Kreuzberg, Kreuzberg


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GOV id
  • Berlin II (deu)
  • Tempelhof (deu) (1899 - 1945) Source 1899 S.391 Nr.10121
  • Tempelhof-Kreuzberg (deu) (1945 - 2021)
  • Kreuzberg (deu) (2021 -)
  • Magistrates' Court
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Geographic Position
  • 52.4897°N 13.4003°E calculated center position of the place
  • Number of the German 1:25,000 map sheet: 3546

Superordinate objects


 political administration

Superordinate objects

Superordinate objects

name Timespan type Source
Berlin II, Berlin Landgericht

Subordinate objects

name type GOV-Id Timespan
Düppel Gutsbezirk object_1188525 (1895-12-02)
Mahlow rural municipality municipality MAHLOWJO62QI (1895-12-02)
Groß Mutzer Rohrlakswiesen rural municipality object_1177440 (1895-12-02)
Pankow rural municipality Ortsteil object_333293 (1895-12-02)
Lübars rural municipality Ortsteil object_333305 (1895-12-02)
Dalldorf, Wittenau rural municipality Ortsteil object_333752 (1895-12-02)
Weißensee rural municipality Ortsteil object_333549 (1879 - 1906)
Malchow rural municipality Ortsteil object_333307 (1895-12-02)
Malchow Gutsbezirk object_333556 (1895-12-02)
Teltow Stadt TELTOWJO62PJ (1879 - 1945)
Marzahn rural municipality Ortsteil object_333303 (1895-12-02)
Groß Ziethen, Großziethen rural municipality municipality GROHENJO62RJ (1895-12-02)
Zehlendorf rural municipality Ortsteil object_333448 (1895-12-02)
Marienfelde rural municipality Ortsteil object_333486 (1895-12-02)
Lichtenberg Gutsbezirk object_1185942 (1895-12-02)
Lichtenberg rural municipality Stadt object_320197 (1879 - 1906)
Lichtenrade rural municipality Ortsteil object_333487 (1895-12-02)
Falkenberg rural municipality Ortsteil object_333298 (1895-12-02)
Falkenberg Gutsbezirk object_333553 (1895-12-02)
Lankwitz rural municipality Ortsteil object_333483 (1895-12-02)
Großbeeren, Groß Beeren rural municipality municipality GRORENJO62PI (1895-12-02)
Arensfelde, Ahrensfelde rural municipality municipality AHRLDEJO62SN (1895-12-02)
Boxhagen-Rummelsburg rural municipality object_333312 (1895-12-02)
Kaulsdorf rural municipality Ortsteil object_333304 (1895-12-02)
Tegel, Oberförsterei, Königlich Tegeler Forst Jungfernheide Forstgutsbezirk object_1185980 (1895-12-02)
Französisch Buchholz, Berlin-Buchholz, Französisch Buchholz rural municipality Ortsteil object_333285 (1895-12-02)
Waßmannsdorf rural municipality municipality WASORFJO62RI (1895-12-02)
Waßmannsdorf Gutsbezirk object_1188967 (1895-12-02)
Groß Ziethen Gutsbezirk object_1188538 (1895-12-02)
Wilmersdorf, Deutsch Wilmersdorf rural municipality Stadt Ortsteil object_320199 (1895-12-02)
Selchow rural municipality municipality SELHOWJO62RI (1895-12-02)
Selchow Gutsbezirk object_1188961 (1895-12-02)
Schildow rural municipality municipality SCHDOWJO62QP (1895-12-02)
Groß Lichterfelde, Lichterfelde rural municipality Ortsteil object_333482 (1879 - 1906)
Tempelhof rural municipality Ortsteil object_333485 (1895-12-02)
Tempelhof borough object_320792 (1920 -)
Groß Beeren Gutsbezirk object_1188535 (1895-12-02)
Stralau rural municipality Ortsteil object_333536 (1895-12-02)
Klein Beeren Gutsbezirk object_1188737 (1895-12-02)
Hallesches Tor, Kreuzberg borough object_320790 (1945 -)
Dahlewitz rural municipality municipality DAHITZJO62RI (1895-12-02)
Dahlewitz Gutsbezirk object_1188521 (1895-12-02)
Hermsdorf rural municipality Ortsteil object_333301 (1895-12-02)
Hermsdorf Gutsbezirk object_1185935 (1895-12-02)
Rosenthal rural municipality Ortsteil object_333295 (1895-12-02)
Rosenthal Gutsbezirk object_333547 (1895-12-02)
Treptow, Alt-Treptow Gutsbezirk rural municipality Ortsteil object_333499 (1895-12-02)
Karow rural municipality Ortsteil object_333302 (1895-12-02)
Rudow rural municipality Ortsteil object_333497 (1895-12-02)
Rudow Gutsbezirk object_1188916 (1895-12-02)
Tegel rural municipality Ortsteil object_1184127 (1895-12-02)
Nieder Schönhausen, Niederschönhausen rural municipality Ortsteil object_333292 (1895-12-02)
Nieder Schönhausen, Niederschönhausen Gutsbezirk object_333546 (1895-12-02)
Blankenburg rural municipality Ortsteil object_333297 (1895-12-02)
Blankenburg Gutsbezirk object_333537 (1895-12-02)
Klein Ziethen Gutsbezirk object_1188848 (1895-12-02)
Hohenschönhausen, Alt-Hohenschönhausen rural municipality Ortsteil object_333290 (1895-12-02)
Schönerlinde rural municipality municipality SCHNDEJO62RP (1895-12-02)
Blankenfelde rural municipality Ortsteil object_333539 (1895-12-02)
Blankenfelde Gutsbezirk object_333540 (1895-12-02)
Blankenfelde rural municipality municipality BLALDEJO62QI (1895-12-02)
Blankenfelde Gutsbezirk object_1188506 (1895-12-02)
Wartenberg rural municipality Ortsteil object_333309 (1895-12-02)
Wartenberg Gutsbezirk object_333558 (1895-12-02)
Schönwalde, Oberförsterei Forstgutsbezirk object_1185976 (1895-12-02)
Tegel, Schloß Gutsbezirk object_1185981 (1895-12-02)
Biesdorf Gutsbezirk object_333524 (1895-12-02)
Biesdorf rural municipality Ortsteil object_333296 (1895-12-02)
Friedenau colony rural municipality Ortsteil object_333447 (1895-12-02)
Ruhlsdorf rural municipality municipality RUHORFJO62PI (1895-12-02)
Ruhlsdorf Gutsbezirk object_1188926 (1895-12-02)
Friedrichsfelde rural municipality Ortsteil object_333288 (1895-12-02)
Schmargendorf rural municipality Ortsteil object_333439 (1895-12-02)
Reinickendorf rural municipality Ortsteil object_333294 (1895-12-02)
Heiligensee rural municipality Ortsteil object_333300 (1895-12-02)
Mariendorf rural municipality Ortsteil object_333484 (1895-12-02)
Hasenheide, Hasenhaide Gutsbezirk object_333493 (1895-12-02)
Schöneberg rural municipality Stadt Ortsteil object_320198 (1879 - 1906)
Schönefeld rural municipality municipality SCHELDJO62SJ (1895-12-02)
Schönefeld Gutsbezirk object_1188959 (1895-12-02)
Lindenberg rural municipality municipality LINERGJO62SO (1895-12-02)
Schönwalde rural municipality municipality SCHLDEJO62RQ (1895-12-02)
Malsdorf, Mahlsdorf rural municipality Ortsteil object_333306 (1895-12-02)
Malsdorf, Mahlsdorf Gutsbezirk object_1185954 (1895-12-02)
Steglitz rural municipality Ortsteil object_333481 (1895-12-02)
Heinersdorf rural municipality Ortsteil object_333289 (1895-12-02)
Jühnsdorf rural municipality municipality JUHORFJO62QH (1895-12-02)
Jühnsdorf Gutsbezirk object_1188723 (1895-12-02)
Kleinbeeren, Klein Beeren rural municipality municipality KLERENJO62QI (1895-12-02)
Osdorf, Heinersdorf Gutsbezirk rural municipality municipality HEIORFJO62QJ (1895-12-02)
Hohenschönhausen Gutsbezirk object_1185938 (1895-12-02)
Buckow rural municipality Ortsteil object_333496 (1895-12-02)
Dahlem Gutsbezirk Ortsteil object_333520 (1895-12-02)
Diedersdorf rural municipality municipality DIEORFJO62QI (1895-12-02)
Diedersdorf Gutsbezirk object_1188523 (1895-12-02)
Weißensee, Neu Weißensee Gutsbezirk rural municipality object_1183375 (1895-12-02)
Glasow rural municipality municipality GLASOWJO62RI (1895-12-02)

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	has from 1899 until 1945 name (in deu) Tempelhof says source_1331545 (1899 S.391 Nr.10121),
	has from 1945 until 2021 name (in deu) Tempelhof-Kreuzberg,
	has from 2021 name (in deu) Kreuzberg,
	has name (in deu) Berlin II,
	is (in deu) Amtsgericht,
	is part of object_285350;
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