Mobile County


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GOV id
  • Mobile County (deu)
  • county (generic)
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Geographic Position
  • 30.6861°N 88.1768°W calculated center position of the place
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Superordinate objects


 political administration

Superordinate objects

Superordinate objects

name Timespan type Source
Alabama state

Subordinate objects

name type GOV-Id Timespan
Wildwood Heights part of place WILHTSEM50WP
Saraland place SARANDEM50XT
Indian Springs Cemetery cemetery INDERYEM50VS
Mount Vernon place MOUNONEM51XC
Robinwood part of place ROBOODEM50VO
Cold Springs Cemetery cemetery COLERYEM50WK
Calvert place CALERTEM51XD
Whistler place WHILEREM50WS
Edgefield part of place EDGELDEM50VP
Acropolis Heights part of place ACRHTSEM50VR
CNA Estates Mobile Home Park place CNAARKEM50VK
Bear Fork Cemetery cemetery BEAERYEM50VR
Kushla place KUSHLAEM50WT
Pala Verdes Mobile Home Park place PALARKEM50WO
English Cemetery cemetery ENGERYEM50WJ
Lloyds place LLOYDSEM50WO
Fellowship Baptist Church Cemetery cemetery FELERYEM50UX
Greendale Mobile Home Park place GREAR1EM50VN
Allentown Cemetery cemetery ALLERYEM50US
Mobile place MOBILEEM50XQ
Moffet place MOFFETEM50TU
Movico place MOVICOEM51XB
Celeste place CELSTEEM50WV
Nelson place NELSONEM50VJ
Countryside Mobile Home Park place COUARKEM50UR
Log Cabin Trailer Court place LOGURTEM50XO
Pierce Cemetery cemetery PIEERYEM50UR
El Monte part of place ELMNTEEM50WP
Hatters place HATERSEM50XV
Georgetown place GEOOWNEM50UV
Whistler Cemetery cemetery WHIER1EM50WS
Burma Hills part of place BURLLSEM50WP
Blakeley Island island BLAANDEM50XR
Rolling Acres part of place ROLRESEM50VP
Southside Mobile Home Park place SOUARKEM50UM
Trade Winds Trailer Park place TRAARKEM50WG
Piner McGrew Cemetery cemetery PINER1EM50UK
Pine Hill Cemetery cemetery PINERYEM50UK
Magnolia Mobile Home Park place MAGARKEM50VN
Semmes place SEMMESEM50US
Sibert place SIBERTEM50XR
Sidney place SIDNEYEM51VB
Cottage Park Estates part of place COTTESEM50UP
Jewish Cemetery cemetery JEWERYEM50XQ
Mackies place MACIESEM50XT
C and M Mobile Home Park place CANARKEM50VN
Lambert Grove place LAMOVEEM51WB
Canebrake part of place CANAKEEM50VP
Goat Island island GOAANDEM50WK
Wilmer Oaks Trailer Park place WILARKEM50VO
Mon Louis place MONUISEM50WK
Catholic Cemetery cemetery CATERYEM50VJ
Gulf Dale part of place GULALEEM50XO
Warley place WARLEYEM50TT
Dead Lake Mobile Home Park place DEAARKEM60AV
Wilmer place WILMEREM50TT
Summit Mobile Home Park place SUMARKEM50UK
Pleasanton Hills Trailer Park place PLEARKEM50VQ
Lawn Haven Memorial Gardens cemetery LAWENSEM50UM
Cloverdale place CLOALEEM50TM
Baldwin Cemetery cemetery BALERYEM50XV
Prichard Memorial Cemetery cemetery PRIERYEM50WS
Yonder Wood Mobile Home Park place YONARKEM50US
Scoutshire Woods part of place SCOODSEM51VB
Granato Estates part of place GRATESEM50VR
Gulfcrest place GULESTEM50VX
Ford Cemetery cemetery FORERYEM50TU
Copeland Island island COPANDEM50TO
Oddfellows Cemetery cemetery ODDERYEM50VK
Smithfield part of place SMIELDEM50VP
Earlville place EARLLEEM50TX
Alabama Port place ALAORTEM50WI
Creola Mobile Home Park place CREARKEM50XV
Dixon Corner place DIXNEREM50VK
Creekwood part of place CREOODEM50VP
Green Oak Village Mobile Home Park place GREARKEM50VS
Park Forest part of place PARESTEM50VQ
Sam Acre Island island SAMANDEM50XT
Griffith Mobile Home Park place GRIARKEM50WP
Regency part of place REGNCYEM50VP
Lott Cemetery cemetery LOTERYEM50UX
Lott Cemetery cemetery LOTERYEM50UW
Irvington place IRVTONEM50VM
Northwood Estates part of place NORTESEM50WU
Union Baptist Church Cemetery cemetery UNIERYEM50TO
Old Spring Hill Cemetery cemetery OLDERYEM50WQ
Cambridge Estates part of place CAMTESEM50WP
Southridge part of place SOUDGEEM50VP
Meadow Lake part of place MEAAKEEM50VO
Maddox Mobile Home Park place MADARKEM50WW
Tanner Williams place TANAMSEM50TR
Red Creek Heights part of place REDHTSEM50VS
Sand Town Cemetery cemetery SANERYEM50WQ
Juniper Creek Mobile Home Park place JUNARKEM50UU
Gaillard Island island GAIANDEM50XM
Crawford Chapel Cemetery cemetery CRAERYEM50VS
Baker Cemetery cemetery BAKERYEM50VQ
Seven Hills Mobile Home Park place SEVARKEM50UP
Rabbit Creek Estates part of place RABTESEM50VO
Mauvilla Cemetery cemetery MAUERYEM50VU
Mauvilla Cemetery cemetery MAUER1EM50VU
Chapel of Praise Cemetery cemetery CHAERYEM50UT
Mount Zion Cemetery cemetery MOUERYEM50UP
Sullivans Mobile Home Park place SULARKEM50WT
The Palms Trailer Park place THEARKEM50WP
Big Island island BIGANDEM50TJ
Churchill Downs part of place CHUWNSEM50US
Saint Annes Cemetery cemetery SAIERYEM51VA
Macy Trailer Park place MACARKEM50VQ
Old Government Mobile Home Park place OLDARKEM50VQ
Sugar Creek part of place SUGEEKEM50VP
Eight Mile place EIGILEEM50WS
Reeds Cemetery cemetery REEERYEM50WI
Tanner Cemetery cemetery TANERYEM50UR
Crestview part of place CREIEWEM50WO
Catholic Cemetery of Mobile cemetery CATILEEM50XR
Nix Mobile Home Park place NIXARKEM50WP
Park Place of West Mobile Trailer Park place PARARKEM50VQ
Indian Hills part of place INDLLSEM50VT
South Orchard place SOUARDEM50WL
Moffetville Cemetery cemetery MOFER1EM50TU
Union Church place UNIRCHEM50TN
Skyland Park Estates part of place SKYTESEM50WP
Kali-Oka Springs part of place KALNGSEM50WU
Pine Oaks Mobile Home Park place PINARKEM50VR
Prichard place PRIARDEM50XR
Cedar Island island CEDANDEM50WG
Morris Cemetery cemetery MORERYEM50TU
Irene Hoffman Trailer Park place IREARKEM50VN
Russell place RUSELLEM51VB
Roberts Cemetery cemetery ROBERYEM50WK
Long Island island LONANDEM50TJ
Isle aux Dames island ISLMESEM50UI
Magnolia Pointe Manufactured Home Community place MAGITYEM50VP
Parkview Estates part of place PARTESEM50VR
Grand Bay Cemetery cemetery GRAERYEM50TL
Mon Louis Island island MONANDEM50WI
Dawes Cemetery cemetery DAWERYEM50UO
Charmingdale part of place CHAALEEM50VS
Pretty Branch Estates part of place PRETESEM50VS
Cottage Hill place COTILLEM50WP
Mobile Memorial Gardens Cemetery cemetery MOBERYEM50VO
Scenic West Estates part of place SCETESEM50VP
Green Park West Mobile Home Park place GREARKEM50VQ
Seymour Bluff Cemetery cemetery SEYERYEM51XA
Visitation Monastery Cemetery cemetery VISERYEM50WQ
Pinto Island island PINANDEM50XQ
Tates Cemetery cemetery TATERYEM50TN
Ponderosa part of place PONOSAEM50UR
Smithport place SMIORTEM50WL
Smithtown place SMIOWNEM50VU
Mount Nebo Cemetery cemetery MOUERYEM51VB
Oakway Trailer Park place OAKARKEM50VS
Pine Haven Mobile Home Park place PINARKEM50VT
Alderbrook part of place ALDOOKEM50UP
Country Club Village place COUAGEEM50WQ
Pine Acres Trailer Park place PINARKEM50VQ
Joyner Cemetery cemetery JOYERYEM50TR
Neshota place NESOTAEM50WP
Serenity Memorial Gardens cemetery SERENSEM50UN
Turnerville place TURLLEEM50WX
Satsuma place SATUMAEM50XU
McDuffie Island island MCDANDEM50XP
Meinhardt Cemetery cemetery MEIERYEM51VC
Cochran Place Mobile Home Park place COCARKEM50UO
Moffet Cemetery cemetery MOFERYEM50TU
Fort Gaines place FORNESEM50XF
Dauphin Island place DAUANDEM50WG
Dauphin Island island DAUANDEM50VF
Cottage Hill Estates part of place COTTESEM50VP
Jesuit Cemetery cemetery JESERYEM50WQ
De La Be Forrest Mobile Home Park place DELARKEM50VN
Saint Edwards Cemetery cemetery SAIERYEM50VQ
New Hope Cemetery cemetery NEWERYEM51UC
Pass Road Mobile Home Park place PASARKEM50VN
Lambert Cemetery cemetery LAMERYEM51VA
Lambert Cemetery cemetery LAMER1EM51VA
Beverly Cemetery cemetery BEVERYEM50UM
Hillview Trailer Park place HILARKEM50VN
University Baptist Church Cemetey cemetery UNITEYEM50VQ
Sunset Mobile Home Park place SUNARKEM50XT
Sherwood part of place SHEOODEM50XO
Cox Beach place COXACHEM50XU
Faustinas place FAUNASEM50WK
Cooper Mobile Home Park place COOARKEM50XO
Sand Island (historical) island SANCALEM50XE
Junior Acres part of place JUNRESEM50XU
Norwood part of place NOROODEM50WS
Clarke Gardens part of place CLAENSEM50WN
Pine Grove place PINOVEEM50WR
Semmes Cemetery cemetery SEMERYEM50US
Semmes Cemetery cemetery SEMER1EM50US
Lansdowne part of place LANWNEEM50WO
Robbers Island island ROBANDEM50WS
Howells Ferry Heights part of place HOWHTSEM50UR
Lady Island island LADANDEM50VH
Stringfellow Cemetery cemetery STRERYEM50TU
Eau Claire Estates part of place EAUTESEM50WQ
Spring Valley part of place SPRLEYEM50WP
Western Hills Trailer Park place WESARKEM50UQ
Little Magnolia Cemetery cemetery LITERYEM50XQ
Todd Acres part of place TODRESEM50WN
Old Lewis Cemetery cemetery OLDERYEM50WR
Pine Run part of place PINRUNEM50VQ
West Hill place WESILLEM50VQ
Turnerville Cemetery cemetery TURERYEM50WX
Hollingers Island island HOLANDEM50WN
Fowl River place FOWVEREM50VL
Suburban Heights part of place SUBHTSEM50VO
Wards Mobile Home Park place WARARKEM50XV
Summerville place SUMLLEEM50XR
Chunchula place CHUULAEM50VW
Nix Trailer Park place NIXARKEM50VO
Seven Hills place SEVLLSEM50UP
Le Moyne place LEMYNEEM50XW
Princeton Woods part of place PRIODSEM50VR
Wilmer Cemetery cemetery WILERYEM50TT
Park Place Mobile Home Park part of place PARARKEM50VS
Little Saint Louis Church Cemetery cemetery LITERYEM50XW
Baileys Cemetery cemetery BAIERYEM50WT
Mathis Cemetery cemetery MATERYEM50WL
Frazier Cemetery cemetery FRAERYEM51WC
Wandas Mobile Home Park place WANARKEM50VN
Little Sand Island island LITANDEM50XP
Toulminville place TOULLEEM50WR
Country Estates Trailer Park place COUAR1EM50VN
Gunn Place Trailer Park place GUNARKEM50VO
Bellefontaine place BELINEEM50WL
Myles Manor Trailer Park place MYLARKEM50US
Whistler Colored Cemetery cemetery WHIER2EM50WS
Rosehaven part of place ROSVENEM50WS
Boothetown place BOOOWNEM50TW
Camelia Trace Mobile Home Park place CAMARKEM50VR
Huntleigh Woods part of place HUNODSEM50VQ
Magazine place MAGINEEM50XR
Roper Cemetery cemetery ROPERYEM51XB
Cox place COXCOXEM50XP
Akka place AKKKKAEM50XS
Axis place AXIXISEM50XW
Dees place DEEEESEM50TN
Lott place LOTOTTEM50UT
Mann place MANANNEM50WO
Heron Bay place HERBAYEM50WI
Baxter Will Cemetery cemetery BAXERYEM51UC
Mobile National Cemetery cemetery MOBERYEM50XQ
Ridgewood Trailer Park place RIDARKEM50VQ
Oakwood Estates part of place OAKTESEM50VP
Dawes Point part of place DAWINTEM50UP
Carlow Cemetery cemetery CARERYEM51WD
Riverchase Mobile Home Park place RIVARKEM50WN
Bucks place BUCCKSEM51XA
Coden place CODDENEM50VJ
Dawes place DAWWESEM50UO
Mertz place MERRTZEM50WP
Navco place NAVVCOEM50WP
Neely place NEEELYEM50WR
Salco place SALLCOEM50XX
Bridlewood part of place BRIOODEM50WP
Tacon place TACCONEM50WQ
Turtleback Island island TURANDEM50VH
Morning Star Cemetery cemetery MORERYEM50WO
College Woods part of place COLODSEM50WT
Pecan Lane Mobile Home Park place PECARKEM50VO
Allenville place ALLLLEEM50XQ
Hamilton Cemetery cemetery HAMERYEM50TM
Shady Grove Cemetery cemetery SHAERYEM50TP
Gunnison Mobile Home Park place GUNARKEM50XU
Plantation Square Estates Mobile Home Park place PLAAR1EM50VN
Ward Cemetery cemetery WARERYEM50TT
Dorlan Community Cemetery cemetery DORERYEM50WI
Browns Recreational Vehicle and Mobile Home Park place BROARKEM50VR
Ramada Estates part of place RAMTESEM50VP
Barry Village place BARAGEEM50XX
Meadow Lane Estates part of place MEATESEM50VS
Fernland place FERANDEM50UL
Pine Crest Cemetery cemetery PINERYEM51VC
Pine Crest Cemetery cemetery PINERYEM50WP
Katherine Hankins Trailer Park place KATARKEM50VN
Old Providence Cemetery cemetery OLDERYEM50UX
Wolf Ridge Cemetery cemetery WOLERYEM50WR
Ponderosa Trailer Park place PONARKEM50VN
Whisper Oaks Trailer Park place WHIARKEM50WO
Keithley Mobile Home Park place KEIARKEM50US
Hillsdale Heights part of place HILHTSEM50VQ
Round Island island ROUANDEM50XS
Timbers part of place TIMERSEM50VQ
Overlook Estates part of place OVETESEM50VR
Jackson Heights place JACHTSEM50WQ
Myers Cemetery cemetery MYEERYEM50WS
Forest Highlands part of place FORNDSEM50VR
Mule Island island MULANDEM50TO
Bayou La Batre place BAYTREEM50VJ
Ahavas Chesed Cemetery cemetery AHAERYEM50XQ
Mauvilla place MAULLAEM50VU
Terrapin Island island TERANDEM50UI
Shiloh Cemetery cemetery SHIERYEM50XR
Little Dauphin Island island LITANDEM50WG
Orchard place ORCARDEM50VR
Little Sacred Heart Cemetery cemetery LITERYEM50WP
Aces Trailer Park place ACEARKEM50WR
Mount Vernon Cemetery cemetery MOUERYEM51XC
Valhalla Gardens Cemetery cemetery VALERYEM50VT
Chas Bon Trailer Court place CHAURTEM50WO
Oaklawn Cemetery cemetery OAKERYEM50XR
Curve Mobile Home Park place CURARKEM50XO
Country Mobile Home Park place COUARKEM50VN
Quail Ridge Park Mobile Home Park place QUAARKEM50TM
Petaluma part of place PETUMAEM50UR
Millertown place MILOWNEM50UT
Mauvilla Forest Estates part of place MAUTESEM50WS
Powell Cemetery cemetery POWERYEM50UT
C J Trailer Court place CJTURTEM50WN
Farnell place FARELLEM50WP
Shelton Beach Estates part of place SHETESEM50WT
Dogwood Mobile Home Park place DOGARKEM50WU
Citronelle place CITLLEEM51VC
Sunny Cove place SUNOVEEM50WL
Barnes Road Trailer Park place BARARKEM50VN
Indian Springs place INDNGSEM50VS
Magnolia Springs Cemetery cemetery MAGERYEM50VN
Chesterfield Estates part of place CHETESEM50WR
Noel Cemetery cemetery NOEERYEM50VP
Coffee Island (historical) island COFCALEM50XE
Little Pines part of place LITNESEM50XU
Quail Run part of place QUARUNEM50VN
Country Squire Estates part of place COUTESEM50VP
Henry Road Estates part of place HENTESEM50WS
Green Acres Trailer Park place GREARKEM50VN
Shady Acres Mobile Home Court place SHAURTEM50WP
Deerwood part of place DEEOODEM50WR
Mobile County Farm (historical) Farm MOBCALEM50VM
Williams Heights part of place WILHTSEM50XU
Fairview place FAIIEWEM50UT
Dauphin Island Cemetery cemetery DAUERYEM50WG
Grand Bay place GRABAYEM50TL
Little Bay Island island LITANDEM50TJ
White Oak Mobile Home Park place WHIARKEM50VO
Smiths Cemetery cemetery SMIERYEM60AW
Citronelle Methodist Church Cemetery cemetery CITERYEM51VC
Brookwood part of place BROOODEM50WQ
Nenemoosha place NENSHAEM50XT
Evans Trailer Park place EVAARKEM50WO
Forest Hill place FORILLEM50WR
Forest Park place FORARKEM50WP
Miller Trailer Park place MILARKEM50VN
Alabama Port Cemetery cemetery ALAERYEM50WI
Alpine Hills part of place ALPLLSEM50VR
Byrd Cemetery cemetery BYRERYEM51WD
Spring Hill place SPRILLEM50WQ
Dees Cemetery cemetery DEEERYEM50TR
Semmes Mobile Home Park place SEMARKEM50US
Morningstar Cemetery cemetery MORERYEM61AC
San Souci Beach place SANACHEM50UJ
North Mobile place NORILEEM50WS
Ebenezer Cemetery cemetery EBEERYEM50WP
Casher Cemetery cemetery CASERYEM50WO
Pennsylvania place PENNIAEM50XU
Belle Chene part of place BELENEEM50WP
Rebecca Hills Trailer Park place REBARKEM50VS
Green Mount Cemetery cemetery GREERYEM50WR
Glen Acres part of place GLERESEM50VR
Raccoon Island island RACANDEM50VH
Sand Island island SANANDEM50XE
Shepherds Mobile Home Park place SHEARKEM50VN
Creola Cemetery cemetery CREERYEM50XV
Hidden Meadows Mobile Home Park place HIDARKEM50VN
Sisco Mobile Home Park place SISARKEM50XT
Pineola place PINOLAEM51WB
Church Street Cemetery cemetery CHUERYEM50XQ
Reformed Temple Jewish Cemetery cemetery REFERYEM50XQ
Bayleys Corner place BAYNEREM50WL
Level Green Mobile Home Park place LEVARKEM50UR
Double L Trailer Court place DOUURTEM50WO
Plateau place PLAEAUEM50XR
Theodore place THEOREEM50VN
Bill Herod Trailer Park place BILARKEM50VN
Pleasant Valley Cemetery cemetery PLEERYEM50WP
Spanish Trace part of place SPAACEEM50WT
Spanish Burial Grounds cemetery SPANDSEM50XQ
Ashley Oaks part of place ASHAKSEM50WS
Twelvemile Island island TWEANDEM50XT
Grand Oaks Mobile Home Court place GRAURTEM50WP
Pilgrims Rest Cemetery cemetery PILERYEM51VB
Parkwood part of place PAROODEM50WS
Spring Hill Memorial Gardens cemetery SPRENSEM50UQ
Gulf Crest Cemetery cemetery GULERYEM50VX
Sunset Ranch part of place SUNNCHEM50WP
Kirewakra place KIRKRAEM50VK
Elam Cemetery cemetery ELAERYEM50WS
Carmelite Monastery Cemetery cemetery CARERYEM50WP
Cat Island island CATANDEM50VH
Pecan Grove Trailer Park place PECARKEM50WL
Stage Coach Woods part of place STAODSEM51XA
Shady Oaks Mobile Home Park place SHAARKEM50UM
Meadows Trailer Park place MEAARKEM50VN
Byrd Memorial Cemetery cemetery BYRERYEM50UW
Lundy Cemetery cemetery LUNERYEM50VL
Belvedere part of place BELEREEM50WP
Harrison Trailer Park place HARARKEM50VN
Brills Trailer Court place BRIURTEM50XO
Williams Cemetery cemetery WILERYEM50TR
Oakleigh Estates part of place OAKTESEM50WT
Sea Pines Mobile Home Park place SEAARKEM50XO
Winthrop Square part of place WINAREEM50VQ
Chastang place CHAANGEM51XA
Pine Wood part of place PINOODEM50XT
Country Club Estates place COUTESEM50WQ
Grande Batture Islands island GRANDSEM50TI
Michele Estates part of place MICTESEM50WO
Pinecrest part of place PINESTEM50TL
Nicholson Trailer Park place NICARKEM50VN
Delchamps place DELMPSEM50WJ
Laws Landing Trailer Park place LAWARKEM50UO
Lambert place LAMERTEM51VA
Whatley Holiness Cemetery cemetery WHAERYEM51UA
L and M Trailer Park place LANARKEM50VN
Bassenger Trailer Park place BASARKEM50VN
Fig Tree Island island FIGANDEM50XU
Stevensons Trailer Court place STEURTEM50VN
Chickasaw place CHISAWEM50XS
Pine Crest West Cemetery cemetery PINERYEM50UP
Pleasant Mobile Home Park place PLEAR1EM50VQ
Canterbury Heights part of place CANHTSEM50WO
Forest Lawn Cemetery cemetery FORERYEM50WV
Bellwood part of place BELOODEM50WR
Jamar Mobile Home Park place JAMARKEM50UM
Miller Cemetery cemetery MILERYEM50UT
Miller Cemetery cemetery MILERYEM50WQ
Alexis Place Trailer Park place ALEARKEM50VS
Newell Family Cemetery cemetery NEWERYEM50WR
Tillmans Corner place TILNEREM50VO
Pelican Island island PELANDEM50WF
Brannon Cemetery cemetery BRAERYEM51UB
Windcrest part of place WINESTEM50VO
Crawford place CRAORDEM50VS
Gethsemane Cemetery cemetery GETERYEM50WR
Southern Breeze Mobile Home Park place SOUARKEM50VM
Watson Place Trailer Park place WATARKEM50VN
West Gethsemane Cemetery cemetery WESERYEM50WS
Laurendine place LAUINEEM50VL
Lebaron Woods part of place LEBODSEM50WR
Tabor Trailer Park place TABARKEM50WO
South Rigolets Island island SOUANDEM50TI
Gull Island island GULANDEM50WH
Shady Grove Mobile Home Park place SHAARKEM50VM
Marsh Island island MARANDEM50TJ
Marsh Island island MARANDEM50VH
Bryson Acres Trailer Park place BRYARKEM50VR
Barton Island island BARANDEM50TJ
Oak Grove place OAKOVEEM50VU
Scenic Hills part of place SCELLSEM50UR
Whispering Pines Cemetery cemetery WHIERYEM50WS
Wheelerville place WHELLEEM50VQ
Nature's Way Mobile Home Park place NATARKEM50UT
Coronado Estates part of place CORTESEM50VP
Crichton place CRITONEM50WQ
Saint Austin Cemetery cemetery SAIERYEM50XR
Lartigue Cemetery cemetery LARERYEM50XO
Woodland Oaks Mobile Home Park place WOOARKEM50VN
Creola place CREOLAEM50XV
Plantation Trailer Park place PLAARKEM50VN
Boudans Cemetery cemetery BOUERYEM50WL
Satsuma Cemetery cemetery SATERYEM50XU
Carriage Hills part of place CARLLSEM50VP
Isle aux Herbes island ISLBESEM50UI
Plateau Cemetery cemetery PLAERYEM50XR
Fort Stoddard place FORARDEM61AC
Saraland Cemetery cemetery SARERYEM50WT
Theodore Mobile Home Park place THEARKEM50VN
Saint Elmo place SAILMOEM50UM

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	is (in deu) Kreis,
	is part of object_276608;
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