Montgomery County


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GOV id
  • Montgomery County (deu)
  • county (generic)
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Geographic Position
  • 32.2863°N 86.2354°W calculated center position of the place
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Superordinate objects


 political administration

Superordinate objects

Superordinate objects

name Timespan type Source
Alabama state

Subordinate objects

name type GOV-Id Timespan
Lagos del Sol part of place LAGSOLEM62TG
Hunter place HUNTEREM62TJ
Saint James Cemetery cemetery SAIERYEM62XI
Green Acres part of place GRERESEM62VI
Hardt Cemetery cemetery HARERYEM62XG
Woodley Park part of place WOOARKEM62UH
Shepherd Hill place SHEILLEM62XE
Bellwood Estates part of place BELTESEM62VH
Davis Crossroads place DAVADSEM62VD
Gay Meadows part of place GAYOWSEM62UI
Lapine place LAPINEEM61UX
Powelldale part of place POWALEEM62UH
London place LONDONEM62XG
Rosemond Estates part of place ROSTESEM62UI
McDade place MCDADEEM62XH
Sunshine Village part of place SUNAGEEM62VJ
Naftel place NAFTELEM62UA
Halcyon part of place HALYONEM62VI
Boylston place BOYTONEM62UK
Antioch Cemetery cemetery ANTERYEM62WI
Georgetown part of place GEOOWNEM62VI
Eastwood Memorial Gardens cemetery EASENSEM62WJ
Pisgah place PISGAHEM61WX
Sharp Cemetery cemetery SHAERYEM62UD
Hope Hull place HOPULLEM62TG
Rolling Acres part of place ROLRESEM62TF
Lincoln Cemetery cemetery LINERYEM62UI
Clisby Park part of place CLIARKEM62UJ
Rolling Hills part of place ROLLLSEM62VF
Rolling Lakes part of place ROLKESEM62VF
Roxana place ROXANAEM62UE
Stones place STONESEM62SI
Strata place STRATAEM62UA
Madison place MADSONEM62VK
Taylor place TAYLOREM61VX
Tharin place THARINEM62UE
Mayfair part of place MAYAIREM62UI
Village West part of place VILESTEM62TH
Gibson Hill part of place GIBILLEM62VF
Oakwood Cemetery cemetery OAKERYEM62UJ
Druid Hills part of place DRULLSEM62UH
Young Place part of place YOUACEEM62VI
Pecan Grove Estates part of place PECTESEM62UJ
Lynndale place LYNALEEM62UH
Underwood Cemetery cemetery UNDERYEM62VD
Cloverdale part of place CLOALEEM62UI
Cloverland part of place CLOANDEM62UI
Lucas Hill Cemetery cemetery LUCERYEM62XI
Jackson Cemetery cemetery JACERYEM62VD
Olde Acres part of place OLDRESEM62VI
Orange Cemetery cemetery ORAERYEM62XE
Ridgecrest part of place RIDESTEM62UI
Ridgefield part of place RIDELDEM62UI
Ball Cemetery cemetery BALERYEM62TD
Bethel Cemetery cemetery BETERYEM62TE
Wareingwood part of place WAROODEM62UJ
Hickory Bend Cemetery cemetery HICERYEM62XJ
Wescott Cemetery cemetery WESERYEM62VJ
North Pass part of place NORASSEM62UK
Freeport part of place FREORTEM62XI
Hillwood part of place HILOODEM62UI
Center Point place CENINTEM61WX
Hillwood West part of place HILESTEM62UI
Ray Cemetery cemetery RAYERYEM62WI
Cantelous place CANOUSEM62SH
Cross Creek part of place CROEEKEM62UH
Hobbie Farm place HOBARMEM62VE
Carters Hill place CARILLEM62WE
Virginia Estates part of place VIRTESEM62VH
Taylor Cemetery cemetery TAYERYEM62VI
Pike Road place PIKOADEM62WG
Sunset Park Estates part of place SUNTESEM62UJ
Pine Needles part of place PINLESEM62UE
Bell Cemetery cemetery BELERYEM62UC
Mitylene place MITENEEM62VJ
Wildwood part of place WILOODEM62UI
Kendal Cemetery cemetery KENERYEM62TI
Ashurst Cemetery cemetery ASHERYEM62WI
Knollwood part of place KNOOODEM62XI
Windwood part of place WINOODEM62TH
Prairie View Estates part of place PRATESEM62TI
Woodley Meadows part of place WOOOWSEM62VH
Teasleys Mill place TEAILLEM62WD
Woodcrest Estates part of place WOOTESEM62TH
Shackelford Cemetery cemetery SHAERYEM62TE
Regency Forest part of place REGESTEM62VH
Executive Park part of place EXEARKEM62VH
Fair Prospect Cemetery cemetery FAIERYEM62UA
Landmarks part of place LANRKSEM62VJ
Meriwether Cemetery cemetery MERERYEM62XF
Barnett Cemetery cemetery BARERYEM62XF
Barnett Cemetery cemetery BARERYEM62XG
Forest Hills part of place FORLLSEM62UJ
Joseph Cemetery cemetery JOSERYEM62UH
Barachias place BARIASEM62VH
Downing place DOWINGEM62XD
Morningview part of place MORIEWEM62UJ
Oak Park part of place OAKARKEM62UI
Davenport place DAVORTEM62TB
Washington Park part of place WASARKEM62UI
Hills Chapel Cemetery cemetery HILERYEM62WA
Jones Cemetery cemetery JONERYEM62VH
Eastmont part of place EASONTEM62VJ
Frazer-McLeod Cemetery cemetery FRAERYEM62WB
Brookwood Estates part of place BROTESEM62VI
Wiggins Farms Farm WIGRMSEM61VX
Cantelous Cemetery cemetery CANERYEM62SI
Sellers place SELERSEM62UB
Sherwood part of place SHEOODEM62UJ
Ganey Cemetery cemetery GANERYEM62TD
Grove Hill part of place GROILLEM62UI
Bethesda Cemetery cemetery BETERYEM72AB
Strokes Cemetery cemetery STRERYEM62TF
Ranchette Estates part of place RANTESEM62WI
Pine Acres part of place PINRESEM62UB
Pine Level place PINVELEM62XB
Garner Cemetery cemetery GARERYEM61VX
Westview Gardens part of place WESENSEM62TI
Valley Whispers part of place VALERSEM62UH
Bethlehem place BETHEMEM62TB
Regency Park part of place REGARKEM62VH
Maxwell Heights part of place MAXHTSEM62TI
Gibbs Village part of place GIBAGEEM62TI
Freeman Cemetery cemetery FREERYEM62VI
Spring Valley part of place SPRLEYEM62UH
Greater Washington Park part of place GREARKEM62TI
Twin Gates Estates part of place TWITESEM62TH
Pinedale place PINALEEM62VH
Pintlala place PINALAEM62TE
Manning Springs/McDade Cemetery cemetery MANERYEM62XI
Sprague place SPRGUEEM62UD
Flora Cemetery cemetery FLOERYEM62VI
Bell Meadows part of place BELOWSEM62VI
Lynwood Terrace part of place LYNACEEM62UH
Orion Cemetery cemetery ORIERYEM61XX
Seth Johnson Estates part of place SETTESEM62UH
Le Grand place LEGANDEM62UD
Green Cemetery cemetery GREERYEM62VI
Highland Gardens part of place HIGENSEM62UJ
Montwood Estates part of place MONTESEM62VH
Arlington part of place ARLTONEM62UH
Steiner place STENEREM62UI
Brookview Manor part of place BRONOREM62UK
Eastwood Farms part of place EASRMSEM62VI
Eastwood Villa part of place EASLLAEM62XI
Murrell Cemetery cemetery MURERYEM62TD
McGehee Estates part of place MCGTESEM62UI
Mathis Cemetery cemetery MATERYEM62XG
Mathis Cemetery cemetery MATERYEM62WG
Sentell Cemetery cemetery SENERYEM62VA
Possum Trot Cemetery cemetery POSERYEM62XC
Sankey Cemetery cemetery SANERYEM62UE
West End part of place WESENDEM62TI
Mount Meigs Cemetery cemetery MOUERYEM62WI
Westgate part of place WESATEEM62TI
Perrys Mill place PERILLEM62WG
Mosswood part of place MOSOODEM62VH
Dannley Pines part of place DANNESEM62TH
Birch Hill Cemetery cemetery BIRERYEM62XI
Mitchell Cemetery cemetery MITERYEM62WI
Lakeview Heights part of place LAKHTSEM62UI
Rosemary part of place ROSARYEM62VI
Ada place ADAADAEM62UC
Zion place ZIOIONEM62TC
English Village part of place ENGAGEEM62TH
Brassell place BRAELLEM62XJ
Canty place CANNTYEM62XD
Cecil place CECCILEM62XH
Cooks place COOOKSEM62WJ
Fleta place FLEETAEM62TC
Grady place GRAADYEM61VX
Kilby place KILLBYEM62UJ
Warrenton Estates part of place WARTESEM62VH
Mamie place MAMMIEEM62XE
Merry place MERRRYEM62WI
Hunters Point part of place HUNINTEM62VH
Ramer place RAMMEREM62VB
Waugh place WAUUGHEM62XI
Wiley place WILLEYEM62UH
College Grove part of place COLOVEEM62VJ
Stones Cemetery cemetery STOERYEM62SI
Panhandle Cemetery cemetery PANERYEM62XE
Brighton Estates part of place BRITESEM62VI
Augusta Cemetery cemetery AUGERYEM62WJ
Memorial Heights part of place MEMHTSEM62TI
Friendship place FRIHIPEM62WA
Gilder Cemetery cemetery GILERYEM62WI
Highpoint Estates part of place HIGTESEM62UJ
Larkin Cemetery cemetery LARERYEM62VI
Grace Cemetery cemetery GRAERYEM62WI
Cleveland Meadows part of place CLEOWSEM62UH
Kennedy Cemetery cemetery KENERYEM62VD
Carver Park part of place CARARKEM62UI
Hickory Grove Cemetery cemetery HICERYEM62TB
Timbers part of place TIMERSEM62VJ
Montgomery place MONERYEM62UI
Pine Forest Estates part of place PINTESEM62VH
Southlawn part of place SOUAWNEM62TH
Southmont place SOUONTEM62UH
Matthews place MATEWSEM62XG
Highland Village part of place HIGAGEEM62TI
Lee Farms part of place LEERMSEM62TI
Capitol Heights part of place CAPHTSEM62UJ
Gunter Grove part of place GUNOVEEM62VJ
Johnstown East part of place JOHASTEM62VJ
Elsmeade part of place ELSADEEM62UH
Sheridan Heights part of place SHEHTSEM62UK
Macedonia place MACNIAEM62XA
Macedonia place MACNIAEM62VH
Brentwood part of place BREOODEM62UI
Southlawn East part of place SOUASTEM62UH
Gormley Farm Farm GORARMEM62UE
Garden Square part of place GARAREEM62UJ
Park Manor part of place PARNOREM62UK
Chesser Cemetery cemetery CHEERYEM62VC
Grovewood part of place GROOODEM62TI
Foxwood Trace part of place FOXACEEM62WI
Brewer Estates part of place BRETESEM62TH
Country Estates part of place COUTESEM62TI
Doral Estates part of place DORTESEM62VF
Orme Cemetery cemetery ORMERYEM62VD
Carol Villa part of place CARLLAEM62VI
Timberlane part of place TIMANEEM62WI
Johnstown part of place JOHOWNEM62VJ
Brickdale Estates part of place BRITESEM62TI
Buzzard Island island BUZANDEM62UJ
Remount Park Cemetery cemetery REMERYEM62UI
Foxchase part of place FOXASEEM62WH
North Montgomery place NORERYEM62UJ
Normandale part of place NORALEEM62UI
Fairview part of place FAIIEWEM62SI
Snowdoun place SNOOUNEM62UF
Philadelphia Cemetery cemetery PHIERYEM61UX
Monterey Park part of place MONARKEM62VH
Antioch place ANTOCHEM62SI
Westcott Cemetery cemetery WESERYEM62TI
Open Acres part of place OPERESEM62UK
McGehees place MCGEESEM62TG
Spring Park part of place SPRARKEM62UH
Governors Estates part of place GOVTESEM62UH
Sunshine Acres part of place SUNRESEM62UH
Vaughan Meadows part of place VAUOWSEM62UI
Brighter Cemetery cemetery BRIERYEM62XH
Arrowhead part of place ARREADEM62WJ
Woodland Hills Cemetery cemetery WOOERYEM62UF
Hunting Downs part of place HUNWNSEM62TF
Foxwood part of place FOXOODEM62WH
Marshall Cemetery cemetery MARERYEM62VK
Heatherton Heights part of place HEAHTSEM62VI
Pinkston Cemetery cemetery PINERYEM62WI
Montgomery East part of place MONASTEM62VJ
Eastern Meadows part of place EASOWSEM62UJ
Holt Cemetery cemetery HOLERYEM62VI
Sprague Cemetery cemetery SPRERYEM62UD
Bell Station place BELIONEM62VH
Woodley East Estates part of place WOOTESEM62UH
Urquhart Cemetery cemetery URQERYEM62WC
Bellwood Plantation part of place BELIONEM62VI
Selbrook part of place SELOOKEM62SI
Brassell Bottom place BRATOMEM62VJ
Troy Chapel Cemetery cemetery TROERYEM62UH
Scott Cemetery cemetery SCOERYEM62XJ
Mount Meigs place MOUIGSEM62WI
Mount Sinai place MOUNAIEM62SH
Perrys Mill Cemetery cemetery PERERYEM62WH
Bellehurst part of place BELRSTEM62VJ
Bellemeade part of place BELADEEM62UH
Meadville place MEALLEEM62WB
Fannin Cemetery cemetery FANERYEM61VX
New Town part of place NEWOWNEM62UJ
Rosemont Heights part of place ROSHTSEM62UJ
Howell Cemetery cemetery HOWERYEM62WF
Gilmer Cemetery cemetery GILERYEM62XG
Southern Meadows part of place SOUOWSEM62UI
Hillcrest part of place HILESTEM62UJ
Red Level place REDVELEM62VD
New Center Cemetery cemetery NEWERYEM62TD
Mount Carmel place MOUMELEM62TB
Gladlane Estates part of place GLATESEM62UI
Dalraida part of place DALIDAEM62VJ
Mosleys Cemetery cemetery MOSERYEM62TD
Western Hills part of place WESLLSEM62UI
Flatwood place FLAOODEM62UK
Judkins Cemetery cemetery JUDERYEM62XI
Chisholm place CHIOLMEM62UK
Cedar Point place CEDINTEM62SI
Mountain View Estates part of place MOUTESEM62VJ
Edgemont Heights part of place EDGHTSEM62UI
Perry Hills part of place PERLLSEM62UI
Clubview Estates part of place CLUTESEM62UH
Young Forte Village part of place YOUAGEEM62TI
Woodland Hills part of place WOOLLSEM62VH
Hill Cemetery cemetery HILERYEM62XH
Greenwood Cemetery cemetery GREERYEM62UI
Canaan place CANAANEM62UE
Catoma place CATOMAEM62SH
King Hill part of place KINILLEM62UJ
Robinson Crossroads place ROBADSEM62VD
Currys place CURRYSEM62XA
Muklassa (historical) abandoned place MUKCALEM62WK
Dublin place DUBLINEM62WA
Mobile Heights part of place MOBHTSEM62TI
Carriage Hills part of place CARLLSEM62VH
Robinson Cemetery cemetery ROBERYEM62VK
Gibson place GIBSONEM62WC
Mount Meigs Station place MOUIONEM62WJ

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