Rensselaer County


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GOV id
  • Rensselaer County (deu)
  • county (generic) (1791 -)
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Geographic Position
  • 42.6937°N 73.5677°W calculated center position of the place
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Superordinate objects


 political administration

Superordinate objects

Superordinate objects

name Timespan type Source
New York (1791 -) colony country state

Subordinate objects

name type GOV-Id Timespan
East Nassau place EASSAUFN32FM
Luther place LUTHERFN32EO
Hoag Corners place HOAERSFN32FN
Defreestville place DEFLLEFN32DP
Nassau place NASSAUFN32EM
Tarbox Farms Farm TARRMSFN32ES
Sherwood Park place SHEARKFN32DO
New Mount Ida Cemetery cemetery NEWERYFN32ER
Petersburg place PETURGFN32HR
Schaghticoke place SCHOKEFN32EV
Saint Josephs Cemetery cemetery SAIERYFN32HN
Hillside Cemetery cemetery HILERYFN32GO
Hillside Cemetery cemetery HILERYFN32FQ
Brunswick Center place BRUTERFN32ES
Columbia Hill Farm Farm COLARMFN32FQ
Woodside Cemetery cemetery WOOERYFN32GV
Oakwood Cemetery cemetery OAKERYFN32ES
Clinton Heights place CLIHTSFN32DO
Adams Island island ADAANDFN32DR
Melrose place MELOSEFN32EU
Mull Platt island MULATTFN32CL
Dunham Hollow place DUNLOWFN32GO
Frear Park place FREARKFN32DR
Bethel Cemetery cemetery BETERYFN32EQ
Clarks Chapel Cemetery cemetery CLAERYFN32EN
East Poestenkill place EASILLFN32GQ
Best Berry Farm Farm BESARMFN32EO
Moses Cemetery cemetery MOSERYFN32HS
Cow Island island COWANDFN32CM
Garfield place GARELDFN32HM
South Troy place SOUROYFN32DQ
Averill Park place AVEARKFN32FP
Hoosick place HOOICKFN32IU
Saint Johns Cemetery cemetery SAIERYFN32EV
North Petersburg place NORURGFN32IT
East Greenbush place EASUSHFN32DO
Hoosick Cemetery cemetery HOOERYFN32IU
Wynantskill place WYNILLFN32EQ
Snyders Corner place SNYNERFN32EQ
Rivers Mobile Home Park place RIVARKFN32DM
Rosemont Park place ROSARKFN32DP
Center Berlin Cemetery cemetery CENERYFN32HQ
North Stephentown place NOROWNFN32HO
Morey Park place MORARKFN32EN
West Stephentown place WESOWNFN32GN
Pittstown place PITOWNFN32GU
Factory Hollow place FACLOWFN32GU
Bonesteel Cemetery cemetery BONERYFN32FR
Raymertown place RAYOWNFN32FT
Liberty Ridge Farm Farm LIBARMFN32EW
Petersburg Junction place PETIONFN32IU
North Schodack place NORACKFN32EO
Lower Schodack Island island LOWANDFN32CL
Miller Farms Farm MILRMSFN32ER
Gooseberry Honey And Herb Farm Farm GOOARMFN32ET
Lincolnville place LINLLEFN32FT
Stephentown Center place STETERFN32HN
Snyder Cemetery cemetery SNYERYFN32GR
Taborton place TABTONFN32GP
Warren Cemetery cemetery WARERYFN32GU
Morrison Cemetery cemetery MORERYFN32FR
Hoosick Junction place HOOIONFN32HW
Saint Jean Cemetery cemetery SAIERYFN32ER
Valley Falls place VALLLSFN32FV
Castleton-on-Hudson place CASSONFN32CM
Tomhannock place TOMOCKFN32FU
Sand Lake place SANAKEFN32FP
East Buskirk place EASIRKFN32GW
Pine Haven Motor Home Park place PINARKFN32DM
East Grafton place EASTONFN32HS
Meadow Lawn Cemetery cemetery MEAERYFN32HR
Gem Farms Farm GEMRMSFN32DM
North Hoosick place NORICKFN32HW
Tamarack place TAMACKFN32FS
Muitzes Kill place MUIILLFN32DL
Sliters place SLIERSFN32EO
Campbell Island island CAMANDFN32CN
Campbell Island island CAMANDFN32ET
Grant Hollow place GRALOWFN32ET
Prospect Heights place PROHTSFN32DO
West Hoosick place WESICKFN32GV
Quackenkill place QUAILLFN32FS
Misty Hills Farm Farm MISARMFN32ES
Maplewood Cemetery cemetery MAPERYFN32ET
Viewmere Farm Farm VIEARMFN32EU
Mull Island island MULANDFN32CL
Eastmor place EASMORFN32EQ
Rensselaer place RENAERFN32DP
Adams Crossing Mobile Home Park place ADAARKFN32GL
Lakeside Grove Mobile Home Park place LAKARKFN31EP
Saint Marys Cemetery cemetery SAIER1FN32ER
Saint Marys Cemetery cemetery SAIERYFN32HV
Engelke Farms Farm ENGRMSFN32ER
Brookside Cemetery cemetery BROERYFN32FQ
Center Berlin place CENLINFN32HP
Sacred Heart Cemetery cemetery SACERYFN32HN
Reynolds place REYLDSFN32EV
Mountain Gardens Tree Farm Farm MOUARMFN32FS
Sycaway place SYCWAYFN32ER
Methodist Farm Farm METARMFN32FO
Best place BESESTFN32EO
Troy place TROROYFN32DR
Braeside place BRAIDEFN32EM
Brainard place BRAARDFN32FL
Albia place ALBBIAFN32EQ
Couse place COUUSEFN32DO
Hoosick Falls place HOOLLSFN32HV
East Hoosick place EASICKFN32IV
Beverwyck Cemetery cemetery BEVERYFN32DP
Brookins Cemetery cemetery BROERYFN32ET
Diamondwood Estates place DIATESFN32GV
Larkin Cemetery cemetery LARERYFN32FN
Mountain View place MOUIEWFN32EQ
Haynersville place HAYLLEFN32FS
Johnsonville place JOHLLEFN32FV
Stephentown place STEOWNFN32HN
Saint Peters Cemetery cemetery SAIER1FN32ES
Walloomsac place WALSACFN32IW
Stony Point place STOINTFN32DN
Hudson River Mobile Home Park place HUDARKFN32DS
Millertown place MILOWNFN32FV
Presbyterian Hill Cemetery cemetery PREERYFN32HM
Southwest Hoosick place SOUICKFN32HU
Maple Grove place MAPOVEFN32FO
Hemstreet Park place HEMARKFN32DV
West Sand Lake place WESAKEFN32EP
Chuckleberry Mobile Home Park place CHUARKFN32HO
Blooming Grove Cemetery cemetery BLOERYFN32DP
Hillside Organic Farm Farm HILARMFN32FS
East Schodack place EASACKFN32EN
Wyomanock place WYOOCKFN32HM
Van Allen Park place VANARKFN32DP
Brookview place BROIEWFN32DM
Forest Hills Cemetery cemetery FORERYFN32ER
Saint John Cemetery cemetery SAIERYFN32ES
Glass Lake place GLAAKEFN32FP
Hampton Park place HAMARKFN32DO
Cedar Acres Mobile Home Park place CEDARKFN32EN
Mount Ida Cemetery cemetery MOUERYFN32DR
Bucks Corner place BUCNERFN32GQ
Greenbush Cemetery cemetery GREERYFN32DO
North Nassau place NORSAUFN32FN
Saint Joseph Cemetery cemetery SAIERYFN32DR
Nassau-Schodack Cemetery cemetery NASERYFN32EM
Pleasantdale place PLEALEFN32DT
Sugar Bush Farm Farm SUGARMFN32HO
Saint Nicholas Cemetery cemetery SAIER1FN32DQ
Pine View Estates place PINTESFN32DS
South Schodack place SOUACKFN32DM
Millers Corners place MILERSFN32FO
Denault Corners place DENERSFN32FO
Schodack Center place SCHTERFN32DN
Eagle Mills place EAGLLSFN32ER
Pleasant Valley Cemetery cemetery PLEERYFN32HR
Bornt Family Farms Farm BORRMSFN32FT
Speigletown place SPEOWNFN32ET
Poestenkill place POEILLFN32FQ
Schodack Landing place SCHINGFN32CL
Collins Island island COLANDFN32ET
Fiona Island island FIOANDFN32ET
Garfield Cemetery cemetery GARERYFN32HN
Herrington Farms Farm HERRMSFN32FS
Rainbow Mobile Home Park place RAIARKFN32EM
Goose Pond Christmas Tree Farm Farm GOOARMFN32DL
Ives Corner place IVENERFN32FQ
Albany–Rensselaer train station ALBAERFN32DP
Lansingburgh place LANRGHFN32DS
Rosecrans Park place ROSARKFN32EM
Little Shodack Island island LITANDFN32CL
Brookside Farm And Greenhouses Farm BROSESFN32EN
Potter Hill place POTILLFN32HU
Clums Corner place CLUNERFN32FS
Cherryplain place CHEAINFN32HP
Yoder Farms Farm YODRMSFN32DQ
Stillham place STIHAMFN32HS
Pixtaway Island island PIXANDFN32DN
Eagle Bridge place EAGDGEFN32HW
Schaghticoke Hill place SCHILLFN32EV
Maple Grove Cemetery cemetery MAPERYFN32HV
Barberville place BARLLEFN32FQ
Passing Fancy Farm Farm PASARMFN32GV
Elmwood Cemetery cemetery ELMERYFN32EP
Elmwood Cemetery cemetery ELMERYFN32EV
Fifty Six Cemetery cemetery FIFERYFN32GQ
Witenagemot Farm Farm WITARMFN32EV
Brunswick place BRUICKFN32FR
East Pittstown place EASOWNFN32GV
Terrace Haven Mobile Home Park place TERARKFN32FT
Buskirk place BUSIRKFN32GW
Grafton place GRATONFN32GS
Hampton Manor place HAMNORFN32DO
Upper Shodack Island island UPPANDFN32CM
Bon Acre place BONCREFN32FP
Berlin place BERLINFN32HQ
Woodlawn Cemetery cemetery WOOERYFN32EN
Rensselaer Rural Cemetery cemetery RENERYFN32DP
Babcock Lake place BABAKEFN32HT
Cropseyville place CROLLEFN32FR
Clinton Park place CLIARKFN32DO
Creekside Mobile Home Park place CREARKFN32DN
Boyntonville place BOYLLEFN32GU
Stone Wall Hill Farm Farm STOARMFN32HM

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	has name (in deu) Rensselaer County,
	is from 1791 (in deu) Kreis,
	is from 1791 part of object_276683;
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