Washington County


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  • Washington County (deu)
  • county (generic) (1772 -)
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Geographic Position
  • 43.2916°N 73.4227°W calculated center position of the place
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Superordinate objects


 political administration

Superordinate objects

Superordinate objects

name Timespan type Source
New York (1772 -) colony country state

Subordinate objects

name type GOV-Id Timespan
West Granville place WESLLEFN33HK
Union Cemetery cemetery UNIERYFN33FG
Vaughns Corners place VAUERSFN33FI
Argyle Cemetery cemetery ARGERYFN33GF
The Plains place THEINSFN33HB
Skiff Farm Farm SKIARMFN33GB
Hampton place HAMTONFN33IM
Porter place PORTERFN33IH
Putnam place PUTNAMFN33HR
Barkers Grove place BAROVEFN32FX
Windy River Farm Farm WINARMFN33HB
Orcutt Cemetery cemetery ORCERYFN33FK
Maple Bend Island island MAPANDFN33GP
Low Hampton place LOWTONFN33IO
Holy Cross Cemetery cemetery HOLERYFN33HD
Saint Josephs Cemetery cemetery SAIERYFN33FC
Clemons place CLEONSFN33GP
Brookefield Farm Farm BROARMFN33HJ
Wright place WRIGHTFN33HT
North Granville Cemetery cemetery NORERYFN33HK
Archdale place ARCALEFN33GA
Whitehall Mobile Home Park place WHIARKFN33HM
Adamsville place ADALLEFN33GH
Spraguetown place SPROWNFN33GD
Milton Farms Farm MILRMSFN33HJ
Braymer Cemetery cemetery BRAERYFN33IH
Fly Summit place FLYMITFN33GA
Hogtown place HOGOWNFN33FM
Battenkill Railroad Station train station BATIONFN33IE
Middle Falls place MIDLLSFN33FC
Rosewood Cemetery cemetery ROSERYFN32IX
East Greenwich place EASICHFN33HD
Putnam Station place PUTIONFN33HR
Center Falls place CENLLSFN33GC
Dix Mobile Home Park place DIXARKFN33EH
West Cambridge place WESDGEFN32GX
Baker Cemetery cemetery BAKERYFN33GK
Woodland Cemetery cemetery WOOERYFN33HA
Adamsville Cemetery cemetery ADAERYFN33GH
Glenburnie place GLENIEFN33GS
Lick Springs place LICNGSFN33FE
Williams Street Cemetery cemetery WILERYFN33HN
Hooker Cemetery cemetery HOOERYFN33IM
Camden Cemetery cemetery CAMERYFN33IC
Big Island island BIGANDFN33GF
Durkeetown place DUROWNFN33FF
Tanner Cemetery cemetery TANERYFN33II
Beech Hill Farm Farm BEEARMFN33GD
Pattens Mills place PATLLSFN33EJ
River Edge Farm Farm RIVARMFN32EW
Rainbows End Farm Farm RAIARMFN33GB
Crandall Corners place CRAERSFN32FW
Mount Hope place MOUOPEFN33FL
Chubbs Dock place CHUOCKFN33GP
Dresden Center place DRETERFN33GP
Galusha Island island GALANDFN33FE
South Granville place SOULLEFN33II
West Hebron place WESRONFN33HF
Goodmanor Farms Farm GOORMSFN33FK
Slateville place SLALLEFN33IH
Anaquassacook place ANAOOKFN33IB
King Edward Knolls place KINLLSFN33FG
East Whitehall place EASALLFN33IM
Fort Ann Village Cemetery cemetery FORERYFN33GJ
Middle Granville place MIDLLEFN33IK
Warren Cemetery cemetery WARERYFN33IM
B and C Farms Farm BANRMSFN33GJ
Oak Hill place OAKILLFN32HX
White Creek place WHIEEKFN32IX
Fort Edward place FORARDFN33EG
Burch Cemetery cemetery BURERYFN33HI
Clarks Mills place CLALLSFN33FC
Grays Corner place GRANERFN33HM
Cossayuna Cemetery cemetery COSERYFN33HF
Walker Farms Farm WALRMSFN33FI
Happy Hill Farm Farm HAPARMFN33GC
Battenville place BATLLEFN33GC
Dresden place DREDENFN33HQ
Rogers Island island ROGANDFN33EG
Eagleville place EAGLLEFN33IC
Greenmont Cemetery cemetery GREERYFN33HM
New England Farms Farm NEWRMSFN33IJ
Center Cambridge place CENDGEFN32GX
Gillette Cemetery cemetery GILERYFN33GQ
Mettawee Valley Cemetery cemetery METERYFN33IK
Shushan place SHUHANFN33HC
Comstock place COMOCKFN33GK
Fort Miller place FORLERFN33FD
Slyboro place SLYOROFN33IJ
Flying Pigs Farm Farm FLYARMFN33HC
Griswold Cemetery cemetery GRIERYFN33FJ
Prospect Hill Cemetery cemetery PROERYFN33GF
Brownell Cemetery cemetery BROERYFN32FX
Hemlock Grove Farm Farm HEMARMFN33HC
Welch Hollow Cemetery cemetery WELERYFN33GL
Greenwich place GREICHFN33GC
South Cambridge place SOUDGEFN32GX
Rexleigh place REXIGHFN33HD
Moses Creek Farm Farm MOSARMFN33FF
North Greenwich place NORICHFN33GD
Fitch Point place FITINTFN33HD
Smith Cemetery cemetery SMIERYFN33IH
Revolutionary War Cemetery cemetery REVERYFN33IE
Lee place LEELEEFN32GW
Raceville place RACLLEFN33IL
Sciota Cemetery cemetery SCIERYFN33HO
Chambers Valley Farms Farm CHARMSFN33IE
Coila place COIILAFN33HA
Salem place SALLEMFN33IE
Center White Creek place CENEEKFN32HX
Manx Station Farm Farm MANARMFN33GB
Ash Grove place ASHOVEFN33IA
MacClan Farms Farm MACRMSFN33HF
Hartford place HARORDFN33HI
Thomson place THOSONFN33FD
Comstock Cemetery cemetery COMERYFN33GK
South Argyle Cemetery cemetery SOUERYFN33GE
Whitehall place WHIAL1FN33HN
Tiplady place TIPADYFN33IG
Moss Street Cemetery cemetery MOSERYFN33FH
South Bay place SOUBAYFN33FM
Baldwin Corner place BALNERFN33GJ
Quaker Cemetery cemetery QUAERYFN32IX
Quaker Cemetery cemetery QUAERYFN33IJ
Pine Meadow Farm Farm PINARMFN33FF
Saint Pauls Cemetery cemetery SAIERYFN33FH
Fort Ann place FORANNFN33GJ
Tripoli place TRIOLIFN33FJ
North Argyle place NORYLEFN33GG
Edgewood Farm Farm EDGARMFN33FB
South Argyle place SOUYLEFN33GE
Meadow Knoll Cemetery cemetery MEAERYFN33HS
Mount Carmel Cemetery cemetery MOUERYFN33IK
Holstein Heaven Farm Farm HOLARMFN33GL
White Feather Farm Farm WHIARMFN33FC
Bald Mountain place BALAINFN33FD
North Easton place NORTONFN33FA
Goose Island Farm Farm GOOARMFN33HG
South Easton place SOUTONFN32FX
Granville place GRALLEFN33IJ
Mapleland Farm Farm MAPARMFN33HF
North Hebron place NORRONFN33IH
Pumpkin Hook place PUMOOKFN33IA
R And R Farms Farm RANRMSFN33FC
Glasier Cemetery cemetery GLAERYFN33IH
North Granville place NORLLEFN33HK
Butternut Ridge Farms Farm BUTRMSFN33GE
Sunny Crest Tree Farm Farm SUNARMFN33FI
Elm Spring Farm Farm ELMARMFN32IX
Hudson Falls place HUDLLSFN33EH
Sheldon Cemetery cemetery SHEERYFN33FJ
Highland Maple Farm Farm HIGARMFN33GF
Hampton Flats Cemetery cemetery HAMERYFN33IN
Reynolds Cemetery cemetery REYERYFN33HI
Moorehouse Cemetery cemetery MOOERYFN33IH
Greenwich Junction place GREIONFN33HD
Elihu Farm Farm ELIARMFN32FW
Cleveland Cemetery cemetery CLEERYFN33IF
Huletts Landing place HULINGFN33FP
M And A Farm Farm MANARMFN33FF
Brown Cemetery cemetery BROERYFN33FJ
Congregational Cemetery cemetery CONERYFN33II
Goose Island place GOOANDFN33GG
Old North Argyle Cemetery cemetery OLDERYFN33GG
West Fort Ann place WESANNFN33FJ
Ravenwood Estates place RAVTESFN33HA
Our Lady of Angels Cemetery cemetery OURERYFN33HN
Belcher place BELHERFN33HG
Evergreen Cemetery cemetery EVEERYFN33HD
Yorkmont Farm Farm YORARMFN33IM
Neddo Cemetery cemetery NEDERYFN33HN
Truthville place TRULLEFN33IK
East Hartford place EASORDFN33HI
Cambridge place CAMDGEFN33HA
Hillsdale place HILALEFN33IJ
Birch Hill Farm Farm BIRARMFN33IH
Pleasant Valley Farm Farm PLEARMFN33FE
Taylor Hill Cemetery cemetery TAYERYFN33II
Iron Furnace place IROACEFN33FL
Ewetopia Farm Farm EWEARMFN33IM
Binninger Cemetery cemetery BINERYFN33IB
East Hebron Cemetery cemetery EASERYFN33IG
Cossayuna place COSUNAFN33GE
Boardman Cemetery cemetery BOAERYFN33HN
North Cambridge place NORDGEFN33GA
Miller Cemetery cemetery MILERYFN33IO
Elmwood Cemetery cemetery ELMERYFN33IK
Greenwich Protestant Cemetery cemetery GREERYFN33FC
Rodd-Elbow Cemetery cemetery RODERYFN33HN
Juniper Island island JUNANDFN33GT
Country Acres place COURESFN33FH
South Hartford place SOUORDFN33HI
Argyle place ARGYLEFN33GF
Putnam Cemetery cemetery PUTERYFN33GQ
Happenchance Farm Farm HAPARMFN32HX
Turtle Rocks island TURCKSFN33GT
Easton place EASTONFN32FX
East Hebron place EASRONFN33IG
Mettawee Valley Farm Farm METARMFN33IK
Kingsbury place KINURYFN33FI
Star Ridge Farm Farm STAARMFN33GF
Parish Cemetery cemetery PARERYFN33IF
Silver Eagles Farm Farm SILARMFN33GG
Stannard Farm Farm STAARMFN32GX

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	has name (in deu) Washington County,
	is from 1772 (in deu) Kreis,
	is from 1772 part of object_276683;
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