Marion County


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GOV id
  • Marion County (deu)
  • county (1843 -)
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Geographic Position
  • 44.9624°N 122.8518°W calculated center position of the place
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Superordinate objects


 political administration

Superordinate objects

Superordinate objects

name Timespan type Source
Oregon (1843 -) state

Subordinate objects

name type GOV-Id Timespan
Idanha place IDANHACN84XQ
Elkhorn Woods place ELKODSCN84TT
Keizer place KEIZERCN84LX
Lone Oak Cemetery cemetery LONERYCN84OT
Jawbone Flats (historical) abandoned place JAWCALCN84VU
Hayesville Cemetery cemetery HAYERYCN84MX
Browns Island island BROANDCN84LW
Marion place MARIONCN84MR
Mehama place MEHAMACN84QS
Beilke Family Farm Farm BEIARMCN85MB
Sublimity place SUBITYCN84OT
Cole Island island COLANDCN84KS
Cannon Farm Farm CANARMCN84KU
Pratum place PRATUMCN84NX
Chemawa place CHEAWACN85MA
Sidney place SIDNEYCN84KS
Macleay place MACEAYCN84NV
Talbot place TALBOTCN84KS
Saint Boniface Cemetery cemetery SAIERYCN84OT
Turner place TURNERCN84MU
Marion Friends Cemetery cemetery MARERYCN84MS
Eoff Cemetery cemetery EOFERYCN84NW
Hobson-Whitney Cemetery cemetery HOBERYCN84OT
Jefferson place JEFSONCN84LR
Hazel Green place HAZEENCN85MA
Mount Calvary Cemetery cemetery MOUER2CN85OB
Hayesville place HAYLLECN84MX
Middle Grove place MIDOVECN84MX
Fox Valley Cemetery cemetery FOXERYCN84QS
Oakley Farms Farm OAKRMSCN84OT
Hullt (historical) abandoned place HULCALCN84QV
Pioneer Cemetery cemetery PIOERYCN84LW
Monitor place MONTORCN85PC
Hubbard place HUBARDCN85OE
Haury Farms Farm HAURMSCN84MX
Badger Corner place BADNERCN84MW
Claggett Cemetery cemetery CLAERYCN85LA
Stipp Memorial Cemetery cemetery STIERYCN84NV
Minto Island island MINANDCN84LW
Fruitland place FRUANDCN84MW
Dominic (historical) abandoned place DOMCALCN85OC
J and J Farms Farm JANRMSCN85OB
Essen Family Cemetery cemetery ESSERYCN85NB
Wiseman Island island WISANDCN84MR
Kimsey-Walker Cemetery cemetery KIMERYCN84NV
Detroit place DETOITCN84WR
Drake Crossing place DRAINGCN84QW
Bethel Gospel Park place BETARKCN85MB
Goschie Farms Farm GOSRMSCN85PB
Lonely Lane Farms Farm LONRMSCN85OB
Butteville Cemetery cemetery BUTERYCN85OG
Aurora Cemetery cemetery AURERYCN85OF
Silverton place SILTONCN85OA
Labish Center place LABTERCN85NA
Oak Park place OAKARKCN84MX
Belle Passi (historical) abandoned place BELCALCN85NC
Niagara place NIAARACN84TS
Willard (historical) abandoned place WILCALCN84OW
Saint Lukes Cemetery cemetery SAIERYCN85ND
Mount Angel Cemetery cemetery MOUER1CN85OB
Independent Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery cemetery INDERYCN84MT
Lee Mission Cemetery cemetery LEEERYCN84LW
Belle Passi Cemetery cemetery BELERYCN85ND
Lewis Cemetery cemetery LEWERYCN84PW
Looney Cemetery cemetery LOOERYCN84LS
Saint Mary Cemetery cemetery SAIERYCN85OB
Herron Cemetery cemetery HERERYCN84MU
Saint Louis Cemetery cemetery SAIERYCN85MC
Labish Village place LABAGECN85MA
Dickens Cemetery cemetery DICERYCN84NV
Aumsville Cemetery cemetery AUMERYCN84NU
Skunkville Cemetery cemetery SKUERYCN85MA
Geren Island island GERANDCN84OT
Piety Knob island PIENOBCN84VR
Pratum Cemetery cemetery PRAERYCN84NW
Four Corners place FOUERSCN84MW
Union Hill Cemetery cemetery UNIERYCN84PV
Breitenbush place BREUSHCN94AS
Stayton place STATONCN84OT
Mater Dolorosa Cemetery cemetery MATERYCN84OT
Masonic Cemetery cemetery MASERYCN85NC
Sacred Heart Cemetery cemetery SACERYCN85NC
Jefferson Cemetery cemetery JEFERYCN84MR
Halls Ferry Cemetery cemetery HALERYCN84KU
Rosedale place ROSALECN84LU
Shaw place SHAHAWCN84NU
Elkhorn place ELKORNCN84TU
Woodburn place WOOURNCN85ND
Downs place DOWWNSCN85OB
Gates place GATTESCN84SS
McKee place MCKKEECN85OC
Salem place SALLEMCN84LW
Saint Paul Cemetery cemetery SAIERYCN85MF
Young place YOUUNGCN84NT
Coffee Island island COFANDCN85LE
Champoeg Cemetery cemetery CHAERYCN85NF
Hopewell Cemetery cemetery HOPERYCN85OE
Sunnyside place SUNIDECN84LU
Glover Cemetery cemetery GLOERYCN84OU
Breitenbush Hot Springs place BRENGSCN94AS
Belcrest Memorial Park cemetery BELARKCN84LV
Clymer (historical) abandoned place CLYCALCN84OV
McLain Island island MCLANDCN84LX
Silverton Cemetery cemetery SILERYCN85OA
Mountain View Cemetery cemetery MOUERYCN84QW
Salem Station (historical) abandoned place SALCALCN84LW
Rosedale Friends Cemetery cemetery ROSERYCN84LU
Mount Angel Abbey Cemetery cemetery MOUERYCN85OB
Simmons Cemetery cemetery SIMERYCN85OC
Mount Hope Cemetery cemetery MOUERYCN84OW
Bethany Pioneer Cemetery cemetery BETERYCN85OA
Saint Barbara Cemetery cemetery SAIERYCN84LV
Five Islands island FIVNDSCN85LE
Grabenhorst Corner place GRANERCN84LV
Weston Cemetery cemetery WESERYCN85NF
Lakebrook place LAKOOKCN85LA
Twin Oaks Cemetery cemetery TWIERYCN84MU
Pleasant Grove Cemetery cemetery PLEERYCN84NT
North Howell place NORELLCN85NA
Anderson Lone Fir Pioneer Cemetery cemetery ANDERYCN84OU
Dencer (historical) abandoned place DENCALCN84LU
Penitentiary Annex Cemetery cemetery PENERYCN84MU
West Woodburn place WESURNCN85ND
West Stayton place WESTONCN84NS
Chemawa Cemetery cemetery CHEERYCN84MX
Campbell-Grier Cemetery cemetery CAMERYCN84OT
Scotts Mills place SCOLLSCN85PB
Pioneers Cemetery cemetery PIOERYCN85NB
Apostolic Cemetery cemetery APOERYCN84NX
Hubbard Cemetery cemetery HUBERYCN85OE
Lachmund (historical) abandoned place LACCALCN84MW
Shaw Catholic Cemetery cemetery SHAERYCN84NU
Clear Lake place CLEAKECN85LA
Fairfield Cemetery cemetery FAIERYCN85MD
Old Colony Cemetery cemetery OLDERYCN85OF
Mount Angel place MOUGELCN85OB
Hunsaker Cemetery cemetery HUNERYCN84MS
Valley View Cemetery cemetery VALERYCN85PA
Howell Cemetery cemetery HOWERYCN84MX
Noble (historical) abandoned place NOBCALCN85QA
Bethany place BETANYCN85OA
Champoeg place CHAOEGCN85NF
City View Cemetery cemetery CITERYCN84LW
Gervais place GERAISCN85NC
Fairfield place FAIELDCN85LD
MacLaren Cemetery cemetery MACERYCN85OD
Ale (historical) abandoned place ALECALCN84NS
Jory Cemetery cemetery JORERYCN84LU
Miller Cemetery cemetery MILERYCN85PA
Highland Station (historical) abandoned place HIGCALCN84LW
Cox Cemetery cemetery COXERYCN84LT
Liberty place LIBRTYCN84LV
Saint Paul Catholic Cemetery cemetery SAIERYCN85OA
Aumsville place AUMLLECN84NU
Santiam City (historical) abandoned place SANCALCN84LR
Holy Rosary Cemetery cemetery HOLERYCN84QX
Aurora place AURORACN85OF
Windsor Island island WINANDCN85LB
Brooks place BROOKSCN85MB
Donald place DONALDCN85NF
Butteville place BUTLLECN85NG
Saint Louis place SAIUISCN85MC
Lazy 54 Farm Farm LAZARMCN85OE
Saint Paul place SAIAULCN85MF
Trinity Lutheran Cemetery cemetery TRIERYCN85OB

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	gehört ab 1843 zu object_276688,
	heißt  (auf deu) Marion County,
	ist ab 1843 (auf deu) Kreis;
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