Places that are approx. 5 km away from Apollensdorf (APOORFJO61GU)

name type GOV-Id
St.Nikolai/Coswig church object_149656
Siedlung Eigenheim settlement SIEEIMJO61FV
Schönitz settlement SCHITZJO61FU
Hohe Mühle settlement HOHHLEJO61FV
Siedlung Ratskiefern settlement SIEERNJO61FV
Lughaus settlement LUGAUSJO61FU
Griebo settlement GRIEBOJO61GV
St. Johannes/Griebo church object_149630
Hubertusberg settlement HUBERG_O4501
Heinrichswalde settlement HEILDEJO61GU
Möllensdorf settlement MOLORFJO61GW
Dorfkirche/Möllensdorf church DOROR1JO61GW
Apollensdorf church object_160208
Apollensdorf settlement APOORFJO61GU
Seegrehna church object_160194
Bodemar settlement BODMARJO61GU
Seegrehna settlement SEEHNAJO61GU
Seegrehna manor (building) SEEHNAJO61GT
Bleesern settlement BLEERNJO61GU
Apollensberg place APOERGJO61GV
Apollensdorf Nord part of place APOORD_O4601
Piesteritz settlement PIEITZJO61HU
Elbtor settlement ELBTORJO61HU
Hohenroda settlement HOHODAJO61HU
Werkssiedlung settlement WERUNGJO61HU
Braunsdorf, Reinsdorf West settlement BRAORFJO61HW
Volkspark settlement VOLARKJO61HV
Piesteritz (Heilige Familie) Nebenkirche church Nebenkirche PIELIEJO61HU
Reinsdorf settlement REIORFJO61HV
Neumühle settlement NEUHLEJO61HV
Rothemark settlement ROTARKJO61HV
Dobien, Reinsdorf Nord settlement DOBIENJO61HV
Dobien church object_160195
Wittenberg-West settlement WITESTJO61HU
Tonmark settlement TONARKJO61HV
Kienberge settlement KIERGEJO61HU
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