Places that are approx. 5 km away from Ballstädt (BALADT_O5801)

name type GOV-Id
Henningsleben church object_160675
Henningsleben municipality part of place HENBEN_O5821
Goldbach church object_183210
Goldbach village part of place GOLACHJO50HX
Hochheim village part of place HOCEIMJO51HA
Eckardtsleben church object_184000
Eckardtsleben municipality part of place ECKBEN_O5821
Aschara municipality part of place ASCARA_O5821
Aschara church object_183996
Westhausen village part of place WESSENJO51IA
Warza village part of place WARRZAJO50IX
Warza church object_183204
Westhausen church object_184606
Ballstädt church object_183208
Friedhof Ballstädt cemetery FRIADTJO51IA
Ballstädt village part of place BALADTJO51IA
Pfullendorf village part of place PFUORFJO51IA
Burgtonna municipality part of place BURNNA_O5821
Burgtonna church object_183222
Hausen village part of place HAUSE1JO51IA
Bufleben village part of place BUFBENJO50IX
Bufleben church object_182574
Eschenbergen municipality ESCGEN_O5801
Molschleben municipality MOLBEN_O5801
Molschleben/St.Peter und Paul church object_182552
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