Places that are approx. 5 km away from Affoltern (CH_adm0101)

name type GOV-Id
Mühlau municipality object_193037
Rickenbach part of place object_194322
Ottenbach municipality object_191272
Jonen municipality object_192917
Hagnau part of place object_194171
Maschwanden municipality object_191269
Obfelden municipality object_191271
Hedingen municipality object_191266
Knonau municipality object_191268
Affoltern am Albis municipality object_191263
Mettmenstetten municipality object_191270
Götschihof hamlet GOTHOFJN47FG
Aeugst, Aeugst am Albis municipality object_191261
Herferswil Ortschaft HERWILJN47FG
Rifferswil municipality object_191273
Kappel am Albis municipality object_191267
Hausen am Albis municipality object_191265
Rüschlikon place object_191363
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