Places that are approx. 5 km away from Friemar (FRIMAR_O5801)

name type GOV-Id
Gotha town GOTTH1JO50IW
Gotha/Margarethenkirche church object_182566
Pfullendorf municipality part of place PFUORF_O5801
Hausen municipality part of place HAUSENJO51IA
Bufleben part of place BUFBENJO50IX
Bufleben church object_182574
Siebleben/St.Helena church object_182576
Siebleben part of town SIEBENJO50IW
Kindleben settlement KINBEN_O5801
Molschleben municipality MOLBEN_O5801
Molschleben/St.Peter und Paul church object_182552
Friemar municipality FRIMAR_O5801
Friemar/St.Veit church object_182580
Tüttleben municipality TUTBEN_O5801
Tüttleben/St. Viti church object_182556
Tröchtelborn municipality TROORN_O5801
Tröchtelborn church object_161076
Pferdingsleben municipality PFEBEN_O5801
Grabsleben part of place GRABENJO50KW
Nottleben/St.Peter und Paul church object_161060
Nottleben municipality NOTBEN_O5101
Bienstädt municipality BIEADT_O5101
Bienstädt church object_183226
Zimmernsupra, Oberzimmern place object_1143928
Zimmern supra municipality ZIMPRA_O5101
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