Places that are approx. 5 km away from Großensee (GROSEE_O5901)

name type GOV-Id
Machtlos part of place MACLOS_W6441
Hönebach part of place HONACH_W6441
Bellers Farm BELERS_W6444
Großensee municipality GROSEE_O5901
Liebenz settlement LIEENZJO40XX
Kleinensee part of town KLESEE_W6441
Raßdorf part of place RASORF_W6441
Bengendorf part of town BENORF_W6431
Bosserode part of place BOSODE_W6441
Almushof Farm ALMHOFJO40XX
Richelsdorf part of place RICORFJO50AX
Widdershausen part of town WIDSENJO50AW
Schildhof Farm SCHHOFJN76VR
Dankmarshausen municipality DANSEN_O5901
Dankmarshausen/St. Kilian church object_182530
Leimbach part of town LEIACHJO50AV
Wildeck municipality WILECKJO50AW
Wildeck settlement WILEC1JO50AW
Obersuhl part of place OBEUHL_W6444
Dippach municipality DIPACH_O5901
Gasteroda municipality part of place GASODA_O5901
Untersuhl municipality part of place UNTUHLJO50AW
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