Places that are approx. 5 km away from Hausbay (HAUBAY_W5449)

name type GOV-Id
Olbermannsmühle place OLBHLE_W5449
Beltheim part of place BELEI1JO30RC
Gödenroth Ortsgemeinde GODOTHJO30RC
Gödenroth village GODOTHJO30RB
Beltheim-Sevenich (St. Nikolaus) church object_1276023
Sevenich place SEVICHJO30RD
Hollnich Ortsgemeinde HOLICHJO30RB
Hollnich village HOLIC1JO30RB
Frankweiler part of place FRALERJO30RC
Gödenroth church object_162297
Sonntagsmühle place SONHLE_W5449
Schultheisermühle place SCHHLE_W5449
Laubach church LAUAC2JO30SB
Schnellbach part of place SCHACHJO30SC
Braunshorn Ortsgemeinde BRAORN_W5448
Braunshorn part of place BRAORNJO30SB
Ebschied part of place EBSIE1JO30SB
Bickenbach (St Stephan) church object_1275985
Bickenbach Ortsgemeinde BICACH_W5449
Thörlingen Ortsgemeinde THOGEN_W5449
Thörlingen village THOGENJO30SD
Bickenbach part of place BICACHJO30SC
Dudenroth Ortsgemeinde DUDOTHJO30SC
Dudenroth place DUDOT1JO30SC
Layenmühle place LAYHLE_W5449
Bubach Ortsgemeinde BUBACHJO30SB
Hausbay Ortsgemeinde HAUBAY_W5449
Leiningen place LEIEIDJO30SD
Niedert Ortsgemeinde NIEERTJO30SC
Bubach village BUBAC1JO30SB
Hausbay village HAUBAYJO30SC
Niedert village NIEER1JO30SC
Mühlpfad part of place MUHFA1JO30SC
Bubach church BUBAC2JO30SB
Kehlenmühle place KEHHLE_W5449
Reifenthal place REIHAL_W5449
Lingerhahn (St. Sebastian) church object_1276061
Ostersmühle place OSTHLE_W5449
Leiningen, Leiningen-Lamscheid, Leiningen Ortsgemeinde LEIGEN_W5449
Lingerhahn Ortsgemeinde LINAHN_W5449
Lingerhahn village LINAHNJO30SC
Lamscheid place LAMEI1JO30SD
Klumpenmühle place KLUHLE_W5449
Pfalzfeld church object_162478
Norath village NORATHJO30SC
Norath (St. Nikolaus) church object_1275986
Dörth Ortsgemeinde DORRTHJO30TD
Dörth village DORRTHJO30SD
Pfalzfeld part of place PFAELDJO30SC
Maisborn Ortsgemeinde MAIORNJO30TB
Maisborn village MAIORNJO30SB
Riegenroth church RIEOTHJO30SB
Hungenroth Ortsgemeinde HUNOTH_W5401
Nenzhäuserhof place NENHOF_W5449
Hungenroth village HUNOTHJO30TD
Pfälzisch Laudert place object_1282786
Trierisch Laudert place object_1282784
Laudert Ortsgemeinde LAUERTJO30TB
Birkheim Ortsgemeinde BIREIM_W5449
Birkheim village BIREIMJO30TC
Gringsmühle settlement GRIHLEJO30TB
Badenhard Ortsgemeinde BADARD_W5449
Utzenhain Ortsgemeinde UTZAIN_W5449
Wiebelsheim Ortsgemeinde WIEEIM_W5449
Badenhard village BADARDJO30TC
Utzenhain village UTZAINJO30TD
Wiebelsheim part of place WIEEIMJO30TB
Borbach place BORACH_W5449
Badenhard church BADAR1JO30TC
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