Places that are approx. 5 km away from Nickern (NICERNJO60VX)

name type GOV-Id
Wilmsdorf part of place WILORFJO60UX
Cunnersdorf municipality part of place CUNORFJO61UA
Neuwelschhufe part of place NEUUFEJO60UX
Untere Poisenhäuser part of place POISERJO60UX
Plauen part of place PLAUENJO61UA
Possendorf church object_174475
Possendorf village POSORFJO60UX
Boderitz part of place BODITZJO61UA
Hänichen municipality part of place HANHEN_O8211
Dresden-Plauen (St. Paulus) church object_383720
Dresden/Zion church object_174555
Welschhufe part of place WELUFEJO61UA
Bannewitz part of place BANITZJO60UX
Kaitz part of town KAIITZJO61UA
Bannewitz church object_175999
Südvorstadt part of town SUDADTJO61UA
Eutschütz rural municipality part of place EUTUTZJO60UX
Nöthnitz part of place NOTITZJO61UA
Kleincarsdorf municipality part of place KLEORF_O8211
Rosentitz part of place ROSITZJO61UA
Rippien part of place RIPIENJO60UX
Räcknitz place part of town RACITZJO61UA
Dresden/Lukaskirche church object_174561
Kleinpestitz place part of town KLEIT1_O8010
Hornschänke place HORNKE_O8211
Mockritz place part of town MOCITZJO61VA
Brösgen, Bröschen municipality part of place BROGENJO60UX
Zschertnitz place part of town ZSCITZ_O8010
Kleinkleba settlement KLEEBAJO60UX
Gostritz part of town GOSITZJO61UA
Golberode municipality part of place GOLODEJO60VX
Theisewitz municipality part of place THEITZ_O8211
Zscheckwitz manor (building) ZSCITZJO60UW
Kleba municipality part of place KLEEBAJO60VX
Seevorstadt-Ost part of town SEEOSTJO61VA
Goppeln municipality part of place GOPELN_O8211
Babisnau place part of place BABNAU_O8211
Strehlen part of town STRLENJO61VA
Gaustritz municipality part of place GAUITZ_O8211
Neuostra place NEUTRAJO61VA
Dresden-Strehlen/Christuskirche church object_174533
Kautzsch rural municipality part of place KAUSCH_O8211
Leubnitz place LEUITZJO61VA
Bärenklause rural municipality part of place BARUSE_O8211
Leubnitz-Neuostra settlement LEUTRA_O8010
Leubnitz-Neuostra church object_174535
Kauscha municipality part of place KAUCHA_O8211
Hummelmühle place HUMHLE_O8211
Gombsen municipality part of place GOMSENJO60VW
Dresden-Gruna/Thomaskirche church object_174547
Torna part of town TOMOMAJO61VA
Sobrigau municipality part of place SOBGAUJO60VX
Gruna place part of town GRUUNAJO61VA
Burgstädtel municipality part of place BURTEL_O8301
Nickern part of town NICERNJO60VX
Dresden-Prohlis church object_174523
Reick part of town REIICKJO61VA
Neuborthen part of place NEUHENJO60VW
Prohlis village part of town PROLISJO61VA
Kleinborthen part of place rural municipality part of place KLEHENJO60VX
Borthen municipality part of place BORHENJO60VX
Seidnitz place part of town SEIITZ_O8010
Dresden-Seidnitz/Nazarethkirche church object_174529
Lockwitz part of town LOCITZJO60WX
Dresden-Lockwitz/Schloßkirche church object_174527
Röhrsdorf village part of place ROHORFJO60VX
Röhrsdorf church object_176290
Neuseidnitz part of town NEUITZJO61VA
Dobritz part of town DOBITZJO61VA
Tolkewitz place part of town TOLITZJO61VA
Dresden-Tolkewitz/Bethlehemkirche church object_174525
Niedersedlitz Hauptort part of town object_1346024
Dresden-Leuben/Himmelfahrtskirche church object_174539
Kleinluga part of town KLEUGAJO60VX
Gorknitz municipality part of place GORITZJO60WW
Bosewitz municipality part of place BOSITZ_O8301
Wölkau municipality part of place WOLKAUJO60VX
Wachwitz place part of town WACITZJO61WA
Großluga part of town GROUGAJO60VX
Leuben place part of town LEUBENJO61VA
Laubegast place part of town LAUASTJO61WA
Gamig manor (building) GAMMIGJO60WW
Großzschachwitz, Zschachwitz village part of town ZSCITZJO61WA
Gommern part of place GOMERNJO60WX
Niederpoyritz part of place NIEITZJO61WA
Sporbitz village part of town SPOITZJO61WA
Zschachwitz/Stephanuskirche church object_177160
Pappritz municipality part of place PAPITZJO61WA
Zscheisewitz, Kleinzschachwitz village part of place KLEITZJO61WA
Dohna/St. Marienkirche church object_175551
Meußlitz part of town MEUITZJO61WA
Dresden-Hosterwitz /Maria am Wasser, Hosterwitz/Maria am Wasser church object_174543
Dohna town DOHHNAJO60WW
Hosterwitz village part of town HOSIT1JO61WA
Helfenberg part of place HELERG_O8101
Mügeln village part of place MUGEL1JO60WX
Rockau municipality part of place ROCKAU_O8101
Hosterwitz (Maria am Wege) chapel HOSEGEJO61WA
Heidenau part of place town HEINA1JO60WX
Heidenau-Nord/Christuskirche, Heidenau-Mügeln/Christuskirche church object_175555
Heidenau (St. Georg) church object_383729
Zschieren place part of town ZSCRENJO60WX
Heidenau-Süd/Lutherkirche church object_175553
Pillnitz village part of town PILITZJO61WA
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