Places that are approx. 5 km away from Niebel (NIEBELJO62LD)

name type GOV-Id
Kirchhof Schlalach cemetery KIRACHJO62KD
Schlalach village part of place SCHAC1JO62KD
Schlalach church object_165037
Friedhof Schlalach cemetery FRIACHJO62KD
Deutsch Bork village part of place DEUORKJO62KD
Deutsch Bork church DEUOR1JO62KD
Friedhof Deutsch Bork cemetery FRISCHJO62KE
Friedhof Treuenbrietzen cemetery FRIZENJO62KC
Treuenbrietzen (St. Nikolai) church object_384180
Treuenbrietzen town TREZE1JO62KC
Treuenbrietzen/St.Marien church object_165027
Friedhof Brachwitz cemetery FRIITZJO62KD
Brachwitz village part of place BRAIT1JO62KD
Brachwitz church BRAIT2JO62KD
Berliner Siedlung settlement BERUNGJO62KC
Niebel village part of place NIEBE1JO62LD
Niebel church NIEBE2JO62LD
Friedhof Niebel cemetery FRIBELJO62LD
Buchholz bei Treuenbrietzen, Buchholz bei Beelitz village part of place BUCITZJO62LD
Buchholz church object_165043
Kirchhof Buchholz (Beelitz) cemetery KIRITZJO62LD
Buchholzer Mühle settlement BUCHLEJO62LE
Friedhof Niebelhorst cemetery FRIRSTJO62LD
Niebelhorst village part of place NIERSTJO62LD
Friedhof Lühsdorf cemetery FRIORFJO62LD
Lühsdorf church LUHOR2JO62LD
Lühsdorf village part of place LUHOR1JO62LD
Wittbrietzen church object_165023
Kolonie colony KOLNIEJO62LC
Kemnitz church KEMIT2JO62LD
Kemnitz village part of place KEMIT1JO62LD
Friedhof Kemnitz cemetery FRIITZJO62LD
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