Places that are approx. 5 km away from Terres (TERRESJN56MH)

name type GOV-Id
Mechel place MECHELJN56MI
Tuenno place TUENNOJN56MH
Terres place TERRESJN56MH
Flavon place FLAVONJN56MH
Cunevo place CUNEVOJN56MG
Termon part of place TERMONJN56MG
Pavillo place PAVLLOJN56MH
Rallo place RALLLOJN56MI
Nanno place NANNNOJN56MH
Denno place DENNNOJN56MG
Tassullo place TASLLOJN56MI
Dermulo place DERULOJN56MI
Taio place TAIAIOJN56MH
Torra place TORRRAJN56MH
Ton place TONTONJN56NG
Coredo place COREDOJN56NI
Tres place TRERESJN56NH
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