Places that are approx. 5 km away from Wölfershausen (WOLSE1_O6101)

name type GOV-Id
Unterharles municipality part of place UNTLESJO50EL
Henneberg village part of place HENERGJO50EL
Sülzfeld municipality SULELD_O6101
Sülzfeld church object_182830
Oberharles municipality part of place OBELES_O6101
Einödhausen municipality part of place EINSEN_O6101
Schwickershausen village part of place SCHSENJO50EK
Bauerbach village part of place BAUACHJO50EL
Nordheim village part of place NOREIMJO50EK
Nordheim church object_184266
Untermaßfeld municipality UNTELD_O6101
Untermaßfeld church object_182848
Ritschenhausen municipality RITSEN_O6101
Ritschenhausen church object_182854
Wölfershausen village part of place WOLSENJO50FL
Rentwertshausen village part of place RENSENJO50FK
Bibra village part of place BIBBR1JO50FL
Bibra/St.Leo church object_184270
Obermaßfeld municipality part of place OBEELD_O6101
Obermaßfeld church object_184286
Grimmenthal municipality part of place GRIHAL_O6101
Queienfeld/Zur Hilfe Gottes church object_182838
Queienfeld village part of place QUEELDJO50FK
Einhausen municipality EINSE1_O6101
Neubrunn municipality NEUUNN_O6101
Belrieth church object_184280
Belrieth municipality BELETH_O6101
Jüchsen/St.Peter und Paul church object_182870
Jüchsen village part of place JUCSENJO50GL
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