Places that are approx. 5 km away from Groß Muckrow (object_1088075)

name type GOV-Id
Friedhof Weichensdorf cemetery FRIORFJO72EC
Planheide settlement PLAIDEJO72EC
Ullersdorf, Ullerojce village part of place ULLOR1JO72EA
Leeskow, Łazk village part of place LEEKO1JO72EA
Leeskow church LEEKOWJO72EA
Klein Muckrow church KLEROWJO72FA
Friedhof Klein Muckrow  cemetery FRIROWJO72FA
Klein Muckrow village part of place KLEROWJO72FB
Chossewitz village part of place CHOIT2JO72FC
Chossewitz church CHOIT1JO72FC
Groß Muckrow village part of place GROROWJO72FB
Groß Muckrow church GRORO1JO72FB
Reicherskreuz, Rychartojce village part of place REIEU2JO72FA
Reicherskreuz church REIEU1JO72FA
Kirchhof Reicherskreuz cemetery KIREUZJO72FA
Kirchhof  Reicherskreuz cemetery KIREU1JO72FA
Forsthaus Wirchensee settlement WIRSEEJO72FC
Schlaubemühle settlement SCHHLEJO72FC
Waldseehotel settlement WALTELJO72FB
Henzendorf village part of place HENOR2JO72GA
Heidehof settlement HEIHOFJO72GA
Henzendorf church HENOR1JO72GA
Kirchhof Henzendorf  cemetery KIRORFJO72GA
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