Places that are approx. 5 km away from Dortmund (object_1143724)

name type GOV-Id
Cochem-Sehl (St. Antonius) filial church object_1275871
Sehl municipality SEHEHL_W5590
Sehl place part of place SEHEHLJO30OD
Illerich (St. Vinzenz) church object_1275808
Illerich Ortsgemeinde ILLICH_W5591
Illerich part of place ILLICHJO30OE
Klotten (St. Maximin) church object_1275867
Klotten Ortsgemeinde KLOTENJO30OE
Wirfus Ortsgemeinde WIRFUS_W5591
Klotten village KLOTE1JO30OE
Wirfus village WIRFUSJO30OE
Valwig village VALWIGJO30OD
Valwig (St. Martin) church object_1275854
Valwig Ortsgemeinde VALWIG_W5591
Ernst (Verklärung des Herrn) church object_1275855
Bruttig-Fankel Ortsgemeinde BRUKELJO30OD
Bruttig Ortsgemeinde object_300281
Bruttig village part of place object_1282672
Ernst Ortsgemeinde ERNNST_W5591
Kail Ortsgemeinde KAIAIL_W5593
Ernst village ERNNSTJO30OD
Kail village KAIAILJO30OE
Bruttig-Fankel (St. Margaretha) church object_1275856
Kail (St. Bartholomäus) church object_1275824
Binningen Ortsgemeinde BINGEN_W5441
Binningen village BINGENJO30PE
Brieden Ortsgemeinde BRIDEN_W5593
Brieden village BRIDENJO30PE
Pommern (St. Stephanus) church object_1275825
Pommern Ortsgemeinde POMERN_W5593
Pommern village POMERNJO30PE
Schleuse Müden place SCHDEN_W5402
Treis-Karden Ortsgemeinde TREDENJO30PE
Treis-Karden/Georgskapelle church TRELLEJO30PE
Treis-Karden (St. Kastor) church object_1275823
Treis-Karden (St. Johannes der Täufer) church object_1275826
Pilligerheck place PILECK_W5441
Rotherhof, Roterhof place ROTHOFJO30PE
Müdenerberg place MUDERG_W5401
Burg Eltz place BURLTZJO30QE
Müden (St. Stephanus) church object_1275822
Oesterhof place OESHOFJO30QE
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