Places that are approx. 5 km away from Groß Schönebeck (object_1150261)

name type GOV-Id
Forsthaus Prötze forester's house FORTZEJO62RW
Kappe village KAPPP1JO62RX
Friedhof Kappe cemetery FRIPPEJO62RX
Forsthaus Uhlenhof forester's house FORHOFJO62RW
Trämmersee settlement TRASEEJO62RW
Forsthaus Tremmersee, Trämmersee forester's house FORSEEJO62RW
Friedhof Liebenthal cemetery FRIHALJO62RV
Uhlenhof settlement UHLHOFJO62RW
Klein Böhmerheide settlement KLEIDEJO62RV
Liebenthal village part of place LIEHA2JO62RV
Liebenthal church LIEHA1JO62RV
Schluft village part of place SCHUF1JO62RW
Friedhof Schluft cemetery FRIUFTJO62RW
Böhmerheide part of place BOHIDE_O1294
Forsthaus Rehluch forester's house FORUCHJO62SW
Rehluch settlement REHUCHJO62SW
Döllner Siedlung settlement DOLUNG_O1294
Dölln-See settlement DOLSEEJO62SW
Lotzin, Forsthaus Lotzin forester's house LOTZIN_O2091
Altlotzin settlement ALTZINJO62SX
Groß Schönebeck church object_165217
Groß Schönebeck village SCHECKJO62SV
Friedhof Groß Schönebeck cemetery FRIECKJO62SV
Sperlingsaue Gemeindeteil SPEAUEJO62SV
Forsthaus Hirschberg forester's house FORERGJO62SW
Grahsee settlement GRASEEJO62SV
Sarnow Gemeindeteil SARNOWJO62TV
Forsthaus Wildfang forester's house FORANGJO62TW
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