Places that are approx. 5 km away from Finsterwalde (object_1151227)

name type GOV-Id
Eichholz village part of place EICOL2JO61TO
Eichholz church EICOL1JO61TO
Friedhof Eichholz cemetery FRIOLZJO61TO
Drězg, Dŕazg, Drössigk, Drößig village part of place DROSI2JO61UO
Drößig church DROSI1JO61UO
Friedhof Drößig cemetery FRISIGJO61UO
Heinrichsruh settlement HEIRUHJO61UP
Friedhof Ponnsdorf cemetery FRIORFJO61UP
Ponnsdorf village part of place PONORFJO61UP
Forsthaus Nehesdorf forester's house FORORFJO61UO
Pechhütte, Nehesdorfer Pechhütte village part of place PECTTEJO61UO
Naundorf village settlement NAUORFJO61UP
Finsterwalde town FINLD1JO61UP
Finsterwalde/Trinitatiskirche church object_165479
Friedhof Gröbitz cemetery FRIITZJO61UP
Finsterwalde (St. Maria Mater Dolorosa) church FINOSAJO61UP
Gröbitz village part of place GROITZJO61UP
Schiemenzmühle settlement SCHHLEJO61UO
Nehesdorf, Finsterwalde-Süd church object_165481
Nehesdorf village settlement NEHOR1JO61UO
Hintermühle settlement HINHLEJO61UO
Margarethenhof settlement MARHOFJO61UO
Massen village part of place MASSE2JO61UP
Massen church object_165461
Tanneberg village part of place settlement TANERGJO61UP
Friedhof Tanneberg cemetery FRIERGJO61UP
Friedhof Massen cemetery FRISENJO61UP
Friedhof Schacksdorf cemetery FRIORFJO61VO
Schacksdorf village part of place SCHOR1JO61VO
Buschmühle settlement BUSHLEJO61VP
Betten church object_165491
Betten, Butyń village part of place BETTE1JO61VP
Friedhof Betten cemetery FRITENJO61VO
Lichterfeld village part of place LICEL1JO61VO
Friedhof Lichterfeld cemetery FRIELDJO61VO
Lindthal village part of place LINHA1JO61VP
Friedhof Lindthal cemetery FRIHALJO61VP
Siedlung Erika settlement SIEIKAJO61VP
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