Places that are approx. 5 km away from Dorfkirche/Redlin (object_166649)

name type GOV-Id
Neu Mühle, Ausbau Thalmühle settlement AUSHLEJO53XH
Mooster part of place MOOTERJO53XI
Dorfkirche/Groß Pankow church object_169672
Groß Pankow municipality part of place PANKOWJO53XJ
Dorfkirche/Burow church object_169718
Burow municipality part of place BURROWJO63AJ
Klein Pankower Niedermühle, Pankower Mühle settlement KLEHLEJO63AJ
Dorfkirche/Redlin church object_166649
Redlin, Reddelin municipality part of place REDLI1JO63AI
Klein Pankow church KLEKOWJO63AJ
Klein Pankow village part of place KLEKO1JO63AJ
Neu Redlin part of place Gemeindeteil NEULINJO63AI
Kreien municipality part of place KREIENJO63AJ
Dorfkirche/Kreien church object_169686
Jännersdorf village part of place JANORFJO63AH
Ev. Kapelle/Wilsen church EVKSENJO63AJ
Wilsen municipality part of place WILSENJO63AI
Kuwalk settlement Gemeindeteil KUWALKJO63AI
Kreien Ausbau part of place KREBAUJO63BJ
Wahlstorf village part of place WAHOR2JO63BI
Darß part of place DARARSJO63BI
Dorfkirche/Darß church EVKRSSJO63BI
Karbow Ausbau settlement KARBAUJO63BJ
Hof Karbow municipality part of place HOFBOWJO63BJ
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