Places that are approx. 5 km away from Herbsleben/St.Trinitatis (object_183212)

name type GOV-Id
Großurleben municipality part of place GROBENJO51JD
Kleinurleben municipality part of place KLEBENJO51JD
St.Marien church object_160539
Großvargula church object_160548
Großvargula municipality GROULA_O5821
Kleinvargula church object_160549
Kleinvargula municipality part of place KLEULA_O5821
Döllstädt municipality DOLADT_O5101
Döllstädt church object_183214
Bad Tennstedt/St.Trinitatis church object_160534
Herbsleben/St.Trinitatis church object_183212
Bad Tennstedt town TENEDTJO51KD
Herbsleben part of place HERBENJO51KC
Zum Heiligen Geist church object_398756
Dachwig municipality DACWIG_O5101
Dachwig church object_161098
Kleinballhausen church object_160173
Klein Ballhausen municipality part of place KLESENJO51KD
Groß Ballhausen municipality part of place GROSENJO51KD
Großballhausen church object_160166
Schwerstedt municipality SCHEDTJO51LD
Schwerstedt church object_160156
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