Places that are approx. 5 km away from Kleinfahner (object_183229)

name type GOV-Id
Molschleben municipality MOLBEN_O5801
Molschleben/St.Peter und Paul church object_182552
Döllstädt municipality DOLADT_O5101
Döllstädt church object_183214
Gierstädt village GIENERJO51KB
Großfahner municipality GRONER_O5101
Großfahner church object_183218
Kleinfahner municipality part of place KLENER_O5101
Bienstädt municipality BIEADT_O5101
Kleinfahner/St.Veit church object_183230
Bienstädt church object_183226
Dachwig municipality DACWIG_O5101
Dachwig church object_161098
Töttelstädt municipality part of place TOTADT_O5101
Witterda municipality WITRDA_O5101
Friedrichsdorf municipality part of place FRIORF_O5101
Schaderode part of place SCHODEJO51LA
Andisleben church object_161087
Andisleben municipality ANDBEN_O5101
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