Places that are approx. 5 km away from Breitenbach (object_272144)

name type GOV-Id
Istha part of town ISTTHA_W3501
Balhorn municipality part of place BALORN_W3501
Offenhausen place OFFSEN_W3501
Sand municipality object_284867
Sand village SANAND_W3501
Oelshausen part of town OELSEN_W3501
Burghasungen part of town BURGEN_W3501
Martinhagen part of place MARGEN_W3501
Großenhof Höfe object_277813
Ropperode Farm abandoned place ROPODE_W3501
Ehlen part of place EHLLEN_W3501
Breitenbach part of place object_272144
Elmshagen part of place ELMGEN_W3501
Hoof part of place HOOOOF_W3501
Schauenburg municipality SCHURGJO41QG
Elgershausen part of place ELGSEN_W3501
Großenritte part of town GROTTEJO41QG
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