Places that are approx. 5 km away from Naumburg (object_285330)

name type GOV-Id
Ringfurth manor (building) RINRT1JO52WJ
Ringfurth settlement RINRTHJO52WJ
Ihleburg settlement IHLURGJO52XI
Ihleburg church object_161507
Polte part of place POLLTE_O3511
Ihleburger Schleuse settlement IHLUSEJO52XH
Zerben filial church ZERBE1JO52XI
Zerben settlement ZERBENJO52XI
Zerben manor (building) ZERBE2JO52XI
Siedlung Parey settlement SIEREYJO52XJ
Schleuse Zerben settlement SCHBENJO52XI
Westkolonie settlement WESNIEJO52XI
Pennigsdorf forester's house PENORFJO52XH
Güsen settlement GUSSENJO52XI
Bahnhof Güsen settlement BAHSENJO52XI
Güsen church object_161508
Parey, Parey an der Elbe settlement PARREYJO52XJ
Parey/Heilige Dreifaltigkeit church object_161320
Parey manor (building) PARRE1JO52XJ
Hohenseeden church object_161506
Hohenseeden settlement HOHDENJO62AH
Bergzow manor (building) BERZO1JO62AJ
Waldhof settlement WALHOFJO62AJ
Schattberge settlement SCHRGEJO62AH
Am Bahnhof Bergzow-Parchen settlement BERHENJO62AI
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