Places that are approx. 5 km away from Naumburg (object_285330)

name type GOV-Id
Wilhelmshof part of place WILHOF_O3501
Bahnhof Uchtspringe settlement BAHNGEJO52TM
Modderkuhl, Uchtspringe settlement UCHNGEJO52TM
Schnöggersburg settlement abandoned place SCHURGJO52TM
Uchtspringe church object_161144
Friedhof Uchtspringe cemetery FRINGEJO52TN
Wilhelmseiche settlement WILCHEJO52TN
Wendisch Börgitz settlement WENITZJO52TN
Siedlung settlement SIEUNGJO52TM
Börgitz settlement BORITZJO52TM
Staats settlement STAATSJO52TM
Staats church object_161137
Ziegelei settlement ZIELEIJO52TN
Kirchhof Volgfelde cemetery KIRLDEJO52TN
Volgfelde filial church VOLLD1JO52TN
Volgfelde settlement VOLLDEJO52TN
Deetzer Warthe, Deetzerwarthe settlement DEETHE_O3501
Käthen settlement KATHENJO52TO
Käthen, Kaethen church object_161142
Friedhof Käthen cemetery FRIHENJO52TN
Vollenschier filial church VOLIE1JO52TM
Vinzelberg settlement VINERGJO52TN
Kirchhof Vinzelberg cemetery KIRERGJO52TN
Deetz filial church DEEET1JO52TO
Friedhof Deetz cemetery FRIETZJO52TO
Deetz settlement DEEETZJO52TO
Vollenschier settlement VOLIERJO52TM
Bahnhof Vinzelberg settlement VINERGJO52UN
Krüppelwarte building KRURTEJO52UN
Kröpelwarthe settlement KROTHEJO52UN
Ziegelei settlement ZIELEIJO52UN
Wittenmoor settlement WITOORJO52UM
Wittenmoor church filial church WITOORJO52UN
Wittenmoor manor (building) WITOO1JO52UN
Ottersburg settlement OTTURGJO52UM
Brunkau settlement BRUKAUJO52UM
Friedhof Ottersburg cemetery FRIURGJO52UM
Brunkau manor (building) BRUKA1JO52UM
Nahrstedt manor (building) NAHEDTJO52UN
Nahrstedt church object_160518
Nahrstedt settlement NAHEDTJO52UO
Windberge manor (building) WINRG2JO52UM
Windberge filial church WINRG1JO52UM
Windberge settlement WINRGEJO52UM
Schleuß settlement SCHEUSJO52UM
Schleuß filial church SCHUSSJO52UM
Kirchhof Lüderitz cemetery KIRITZJO52UM
Lüderitz/Mariae Beatae Virginis church object_160520
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