Places that are approx. 5 km away from Hartenstein (object_387757)

name type GOV-Id
Randsiedlung settlement RANUNGJO60FQ
Marienthal part of place MARHALJO60FR
Zwickau-Marienthal/St. Pauluskirche church object_175913
Neuplanitz settlement NEUITZ_O9502
Zwickau-Neuplanitz/Versöhnungskirche church object_175907
Wendischrottmannsdorf, Rottmannsdorf church object_175889
Wendischrottmannsdorf, Rottmannsdorf village part of place ROTORFJO60FP
Zwickau-Planitz/Schloßkirche church object_175903
Niederplanitz rural municipality part of place NIEITZ_O9502
Oberplanitz rural municipality part of place OBEITZ_O9502
Zwickau (Heilige Familie) church object_384148
Zwickau-Planitz (St. Franziskus) church object_384150
Zwickau/Lutherkirche church object_175899
Cainsdorf village part of place CAIORFJO60FQ
Schedewitz (Geinitzsiedlung) settlement SCHUNGJO60FQ
Cainsdorf church object_175929
Zwickau/Domkirche St.Marien church object_175873
Niedercrinitz municipality part of place NIEITZJO60GP
Zwickau town ZWIKAUJO60GR
Zwickau-Schedewitz/St. Markuskirche church object_175917
Bockwa part of place Gemeindeteil BOCKWA_O9502
Schedewitz part of place SCHITZJO60GQ
Bockwa/St. Matthäuskirche church object_177535
Zwickau /St. Katharinenkirche church object_175863
Zwickau (St. Johann Nepomuk) church object_384149
Culitzsch village part of place CULSC1JO60GP
Culitzsch/St. Laurentiuskirche church object_175911
Wilkau rural municipality part of place WILKAUJO60GQ
Wilkau-Haßlau/Michaeliskirche church object_175897
Wilkau-Haßlau town WILLA1JO60GQ
Cunersdorf municipality part of place CUNORFJO60GP
Oberhohndorf rural municipality part of place OBEORFJO60GQ
Niederhaßlau village part of place NIELA1JO60GQ
Rosenthal rural municipality part of place ROSHALJO60GQ
Niederhaßlau/Lutherkirche, Wilkau-Haßlau/Lutherkirche church object_175881
Haara rural municipality part of place HAAARAJO60GP
Vielau/Peter-Paulkirche church object_175919
Vielau village part of place VIELA1JO60GQ
Pöhlau municipality part of place POHLAUJO60GR
Oberhaßlau rural municipality part of place OBELAUJO60GQ
Scharfrichterei settlement SCHREIJO60GP
Auf dem Berg part of place AUFERGJO60GQ
Silberstraße municipality part of place SILASE_O9525
Wiesen municipality part of place WIESEN_O9529
Reinsdorf village part of place REIOR2JO60GQ
Reinsdorf/St.Jakobuskirche church object_175901
Friedrichsgrün village part of place FRIRU1JO60GQ
Friedrichsgrün church object_175945
Wiesenburg municipality part of place WIEURGJO60GP
Schönau village part of place SCHNAUJO60GP
Schönau/Rochuskirche church object_175865
Mülsen St Niclas village part of place MULLA1JO60HR
Mülsen St.Niclas/St. Niclas church object_175885
Friedrichsthal settlement FRIHALJO60HQ
Neue Sorge settlement NEURGEJO60HQ
Neudörfel part of place NEUFELJO60HP
Wildenfels church object_175883
Grünau municipality part of place GRUNAUJO60HP
Härtensdorf village part of place HAROR1JO60HQ
Härtensdorf/zu den Drei Marien - Kirche church object_175947
Wildenfels town WILELSJO60GP
Charlottenhof Vorwerk CHAHOFJO60HQ
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