Erbach, Odenwaldkreis


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GOV id
  • Erbach (deu) (- 1972)
  • Odenwaldkreis (deu) (1972 -)
  • county (generic) (1852 - 1938-12-31)
  • rural county (rural) (1939-01-01 -)
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area (km²)
external id
  • NUTS1999:DE71B
  • NUTS2003:DE71B
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Geographic Position
  • 49.6703°N 8.9616°E calculated center position of the place
  • Number of the German 1:25,000 map sheet: 6319
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Superordinate objects


 political administration

Superordinate objects

Superordinate objects

name Timespan type Source
Hessen, Volksstaat Hessen (1937-04-01 - 1945) grand duchy free state
Starkenburg (1852 - 1937-03-31) principality province Source
Darmstadt (1945 -) administrative district

Subordinate objects

name type GOV-Id Timespan
Ober-Sensbach, Sentzenbach, Ober-Sentzelspach, Sentzelspach, Obern Senspach, Obern Senßbach, Obernsenßbach village part of place part of town SENAC1_W6121
Affhöllerbach municipality AFFACHJN49KR (1877)
Reichelsheim (Odenwald) municipality REIEIMJN49KR
Falken-Gesäß, Valkengesezze, Valkengesesse, Valkengesezze, Walkengesesse, Falckengeseße, Falkengeseß, Falkengeseß village part of town FALSAS_W6121
Etzen-Gesäß Stadtteil ETZSASJN49LS
Haingrund part of place HAIUNDJN49NS
Hainstadt village part of town HAIADT_W6129 (1874 - 1971-09-30)
Momart Stadtteil MOMARTJN49MR
Ober-Kainsbach part of place OBEACHJN49KR
Lützel-Wiebelsbach part of place LUTACH_W6129
Nieder-Kinzig Stadtteil KINZI2JN49LS
Gammelsbach, Gaminesbach, Gamenesbach, Gammelspach, Gamelspach, Gammelsbach, Gamelspach, Gampelspach village part of town GAMACHJN49LM
Haisterbach part of town HAIACHJN49LO
Brombachtal municipality BROTALJN49LR
Hebstahl, Hebestal, Hebstal, Hebstal, Hebstall, Hebstahl village part of place part of town HEBAHLJN49MM
Rehbach part of town REHACHJN49LQ
Mühlhausen hamlet object_282026
Rimhorn part of place RIMORNJN49MS
Olfen, Olffen, Ulfen, Olffen, Ulffen, Alffen, Alue, Olffen village part of town OLFFENJN49KO
Dorf-Erbach part of town DORACH_W6121
Güttersbach part of place GUTACHJN49KO
Klein-Gumpen part of place KLEPENJN49JQ
Lützelbach (Odenwald) municipality LUTACHJN49MS
Hetschbach part of place HETACH_W6129
Beerfelden Stadt object_1333192 (1821 - 1848-07-30)
Beerfelden Stadt object_1333192 (1852-05-11 - 2017-12-31)
Seckmauern part of place SECERNJN49NS
Steinbach part of town STEACHJN49LQ
Steinbuch part of town STEUCHJN49LQ
Mümling-Grumbach part of place MUMACHJN49LS
Fürstengrund Stadtteil FURUNDJN49MS
Stockheim part of town STOEIMJN49MQ
Ober-Hiltersklingen place HILGENJN49KP
Rothenberg municipality ROTERGJN49LL (1971-07-01 - 2017-12-31)
Unter-Mossau part of place UNTSAUJN49LP
Unter-Ostern part of place UNTERNJN49KQ
Unter-Sensbach, Senczelsbach, Sentzenbach, Nieder-Sentzelspach, Senczelspach, Sentzelspach, Nidern Senßbach, Nydernsentzelbach, Nydern Sentzelsbach, Nydern Senczelspach, Nydder Sentzelbach, Nydder Sentzelbach, Nydern Sentzelspach, Senzespach, Nyddern Senspach, Niddernsenßbach, Nieder-Sensbach village part of place part of town SENACH_W6121
Schönnen part of town SCHNENJN49LO
Asselbrunn part of town ASSUNNJN49MQ
Hummetroth part of place HUMOTHJN49LS
Rohrbach part of place ROHACHJN49KQ
Wald-Amorbach part of town WALACH_W6129
Sensbachtal municipality SENTALJN49MM (1971-02-01 - 2017-12-31)
Eberbach part of place EBEACHJN49JR
Pfaffen-Beerfurth place PFARTH_W6101
Kailbach, Keilbach, Keilbach, Kielbach village part of place part of town KAIACHJN49MM
Annelsbach part of place ANNACHJN49LS
Rothenberg, Rodenberg, Rodenberg, Rotenberg, Rodemberg uff dem Odenwalde, Rottenberg, Rodenberkh, Rothenberg village part of town ROTERGJN49LM (1821 - 1847)
Rothenberg, Rodenberg, Rodenberg, Rotenberg, Rodemberg uff dem Odenwalde, Rottenberg, Rodenberkh, Rothenberg village part of town ROTERGJN49LM (1852 - 1971-06-30)
Zell Stadtteil ZELELLJN49MQ
Elsbach part of town ELSACHJN49LP
Oberzent Stadt object_1162681 (2018-01-01 -)
Hassenroth part of place HASOTHJN49LS
König, Bad König municipality KONNIGJN49MS
Höllerbach part of place HOLACHJN49KS
Gumpen, Groß-Gumpen part of place GROPENJN49JQ
Vielbrunn part of town VIEUNNJN49NQ
Breuberg Stadt BREERGJN49MT
Ober-Kinzig Stadtteil OBEZIGJN49LS
Erzbach part of place ERZACHJN49KQ
Mittel-Kinzig, Mittelkinzig place MITZIGJN49LS
Ober-Mossau part of place OBESAUJN49LQ
Höchst im Odenwald municipality HOCHSTJN49MT
Ober-Ostern part of place OBEERNJN49KQ
Kirch-Brombach, Kirchbrombach part of place KIRACHJN49LR
Wallbach part of place WALACHJN49KS
Böllstein part of place BOLEINJN49LR
Brensbach municipality BREACHJN49KS (1977-01-01 -)
Michelstadt Stadt object_1333349
Hessisch-Schöllenbach, Schöllenbach, Schellinbach, Schellenbuch, Schellinbuch, Schelnbuch, Schelinbach, Schelmbach, Schelnbach, Schelnpach, Schelnbach village part of place part of town SCHACHJN49MN
Würzberg part of town WURERGJN49MP
Gumpersberg place GUMERGJN49LS
Breitenbrunn part of place BREUNNJN49MS
Mossautal municipality MOSTALJN49LP
Günterfürst part of town GUNRSTJN49LO
Kimbach part of town KIMACHJN49MR
Hetzbach, Hetzelbach, Hetzpach, Hetzspach, Heczelspach, Hettzspach, Hetzelßpach, Hetzlspach, Hetspach village part of town HETACHJN49LO
Forstel part of place FORTELJN49LS
Erlenbach part of town ERLACHJN49MP
Hesseneck municipality HESECK_W6121 (1971-10-01 - 2017-12-31)
Lauerbach part of town LAUACHJN49LP
Erbach (Odenwald) Stadt ERBACHJN49MQ
Fränkisch-Crumbach municipality FRAACHJN49KR (1977-01-01 -)
Ernsbach place ERNACHJN49MP
Dusenbach part of place DUSACH_W6128
Etzean, Etzelshan, Etzelshan, Etzelßhan, Echtelßheyn, Etzhan village part of town ETZEANJN49LO
Airlenbach, Erlebach, Erlebach, Erlebach, Erlenbach, Eerlenbach, Eyrlenbach, Ayrlenbach, Erlebach village part of town AIRACHJN49LO (1852 - 1971-06-30)
Raubach, Ruhebuch village part of place part of town RAUACHJN49KN
Birkert part of place BIRERTJN49LR
Pfirschbach part of place PFIACHJN49LS
Ebersberg part of town EBEERGJN49LO
Affolterbach municipality Ortsteil AFFACHJN49KO
Hüttenthal part of place HUTHALJN49LO
Nieder-Kainsbach part of place NIEACHJN49KR
Neustadt, Nuwenstaat town part of town object_214025
Hesselbach, Heselbuch, Heselbuch, Heselbuche, Haselbuch, Heselbach village part of place part of town HESACHJN49NN
Kirch-Beerfurth place KIRRTH_W6101
Gersprenz part of place GERENZJN49KR
Bockenrod part of place BOCRODJN49KQ
Bullau part of town BULLAUJN49MO
Sandbach part of town SANACH_W6129
Erbuch place ERBUCHJN49MP
Rai-Breitenbach part of town RAIACH_W6129

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	has 1861-12-03 population 22994 says source_292503,
	has 1910 area 593.1 says source_1341051 (Tab. III S. 55),
	has 1910 population 48426 says source_1341051 (Tab. III S. 54),
	has 1925 area 593.11 says source_1341056 (p. 78),
	has 1925 population 48660 says source_1341056 (p. 78),
	has 1933 population 49968 says source_1267338 (p. 15),
	has 1939 population 49619 says source_298730 (p. 18),
	has 1941 area 592.99 says source_298730 (p. 18),
	has 1950-09-13 area 593.0 says source_385289 (p. 5),
	has 1950-09-13 households 19927 says source_385289 (p. 5),
	has 1950-09-13 population 67038 says source_385289 (p. 5),
	has 1995 population 98305 says source_284814,
	has 2000 population 99667 says source_284814,
	has 2005 population 100174 says source_284814,
	has URL,
	has URL,
	has external reference  NUTS1999:DE71B,
	has external reference  NUTS2003:DE71B,
	has from 1972 name (in deu) Odenwaldkreis,
	has until 1972 name (in deu) Erbach,
	is from 1852 until 1937-03-31 part of object_280026 says source_292503,
	is from 1852 until 1938-12-31 (in deu) Kreis,
	is from 1937-04-01 until 1945 part of object_218147,
	is from 1939-01-01 (in deu) Landkreis,
	is from 1945 part of adm_369064;
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